About Us

StatisticSports (formerly rBallDB) operated by Ardevos Ltd was established as a result of football fans’ own interest in betting.

Four years ago, we decided to start collecting some football statistics to simplify making personal bets. However, the further the project developed, the more the authors became fond of the idea to share this valuable information with others across the globe.

StatisticSports, just like many other undertakings, started out as a mere hobby project of people seriously interested in a certain topic.

Nevertheless, the development of this portal has not been easy. Over the years, we have encountered a number of challenges which have jeopardised the portal's future existence. For example, this user interface was to be launched back in summer 2016.
But if your goal is clear and you strive for it passionately, there is no mountain too high to climb.

So, this devotion has brought us to 2017, and after four years we have something to show. Nonetheless, this is only the tip of the iceberg - at best, only 10% of our development ideas have realised.



StatisticSports is a pioneer in its field. Today, several questionable copies of this portal have been launched but this has not discouraged the StatisticSports team in striving to make the portal recognised worldwide in all “football countries” and creating the best possible environment for football fans so that they could get their hands on unprecedented statistical data.

We are glad to welcome you as you have taken the time to read this introduction. If you are a registered customer, be sure to look out for news in the near future.