One of the few tipsters out there who I really recommend! I have been in his group for over a year now easily and I'm impressed! Mario's tipping service is for those who prefer quality over quantity. You could expect around 20 tips per month all with great previews and from these, you can already see how dedicated he is and how much effort there is in these tips. I'm also lucky enough to know him personally and he is honest and genuine. 6 months in profits to start the 2018 and some very impressive months with ROI of 23% to 35% in his last 3 months with 2 of them over 21 tips.



A trading tool and tips from the industry insider with great knowledge and experience trading on betting exchanges. This project is in Italian language only, but you can use his correct scores trading tool and tips from another site. Trading on exchanges is becoming more and more popular and here you can find also good starting point information.



Great service to grow your bank steadily and consistently. The same owner runs soccerinplay website and he has proven record of being a successful trader on betting exchanges. There's also great Skype support and community where you can have answers to all of your questions.



Trademate Sports is a value betting tool for professional sports bettors. Essentially they are exploiting the mistakes made by bookmakers when their odds deviate too much from the market. Unlike arbitrage betting where one bet on all sides of the game. In value betting, you only bet on one side of the game. Value bets occur more frequently than arbs, have higher expected ROIs, and are more difficult for the bookies to spot.



Another great tipster I can suggest without any doubts and hesitations is FBI, Football Betting Info. You can expect between 10 and 15 tips per month, but it's really quality before quantity. Price is very cheap compared with most tipsters with lower quality, 10 pounds per month only! Most of the tips are from Finnish lower leagues and only in-play tips. A very clever way of betting due to higher limits and odds staying a little bit longer. 10 months in pure profit out of 12 I have staked on his tips and mostly more money in my pocket compared with some tipsters who offer 30-40 or more tips per month. Less work and more money in my pocket!


Since 2001 has been providing historical football results, match statistics and betting odds data to help punters develop quantitative forecasting systems to beat bookmaker and make profit. Its owner, Joseph Buchdahl, has been analysing data for predicting rating systems for over 20 years. Over that time, he has also written three well-reviewed books on sports betting and gambling and written many articles about betting markets. In addition to providing data for betting analysis, Football-Data offers an odds comparison, details of the best bookmaker free bet offers, live score service, betting advice, a true odds calculator to remove the bookmaker’s margin, football and betting newsand a proven betting system methodology (Wisdom of the Crowds) which has been profitable since 2015 with a 4% ROI from over 6,000 bets. Within the betting advice section users will find learning materials about fixed odds betting, the over round, value betting, arbitrage, ratings and probability, risk analysis, staking and money management. Betting articles include subjects like the favourite-longshot bias, the importance of closing odds, analysing betting records, spotting fake tipsters, betting market efficiency, the hot hand fallacy and lots more. Joseph Buchdahl also tweets regularly via his twitter feed@12Xpert and writes articles for the online sportsbook Pinnacle.



Have a quick look on recent games performances, home and away tables and odds movements. They offer also you can also check the lineups for all bigger leagues and One of the oldest and most reliable live scores site, which offers odds and live scores for most of the sports. Interested in MMA, golf, handball, volleyball or badminton scores? covers all of them and many more. Flashscores have also a great and easy to use mobile app in order to follow your favourite teams and their final scores. Through the app or website, goal and final score notifications easy to follow when on the go.


Betvirus is one of the very first football stats website and perhaps the only one with continuous presence in this “field” since 2005. The design and presentation of Betvirus sophisticated statistics have helped millions all these years in their betting “studies”. From 2015 Betvirus introduces a subscription service to some of its most important statistical data as well as the VIP tips service with a *very low monthly subscription* for his faithful friends. Continuing a great tradition in his field with uninterrupted consistency and professionalism but also with respect and honesty for his faithful friends, Betvirus will be in the future the best guide and consultant for any serious betting player who has realized that it only way to stay in profit, in the long run, is to find possibilities in Value. Continuing a great tradition in his field with uninterrupted consistency and professionalism but also with respect and honesty for his faithful friends, betvirus will be in the future the best guide and consultant for any serious betting player who has realized that only way to stay in profit, in the long run, is to find possibilities in *Value.


Betportal is a website running on the betting worlds scenes since 2006. Betportal offers different information and statistics for starters and more advanced punters.  From the site, you can find the latest news and game previews. Also odds comparison, bookmakers rating and bonus offers and promotions. There's a small prediction monthly tournament ongoing for punters including latest videos of the highlights of the games. Additionally to that, Betportal offers information about lottery and sportoto. Overall, a website which offers strategies, odds, league tables and automated betting tips all in one place with the latest news mainly about football.



One of the few tipsters I strongly recommend to follow. Tipster service Bask Tipping has been on the market for long enough time to gain my trust and I have been following him from the January of 2017. Throughout this period I have had only 2 negative months with him and even these have been with only 1-2 stakes, so basically minimum losing months.
You should expect around 15-20 bets per month average, fewer bets when there are no leagues playing where he is concentrating. All best are live bets due to higher limits and odds staying a bit longer compared with pre-game bets. 
Most of the bets are from South American leagues, so mainly at evening or night time when you live in Europe and this is definitely an advantage for some people due to not being able to bet during the daytime.
Good results, trustworthy and tested tipster, strongly recommended!


  As the name suggests, free bets guide offers you all the latest free bets from different bookmakers. There's much more than just that tough. You can check for your favourite bookmaker's free bets and also, for example, casino offers. There are different sections for golf free bets and also information about exchanges and spread betting offers. You can find also important glossary and tutorials needed to make the most out of free bets.
Free bets website allows you also to check for the best odds for particular games and markets through their odds comparison tool.


Bettips is focused on Sweden market and although no multi-language, there's a lot of good information and offers for everyone.
Bettips covers a lot of different bookmakers and their bonuses, including casino sites.
From the site, you can also find a lot of different articles about betting and sports in general.
The main feature which I find to be useful is a lot of different betting tips from various professionals.
In order to find the best tips and tipsters, this site also shows you the records of previous tips of particular tipsters.


  Acebets is a newcomer as tipster verifying site and tipsters selling portal. Don't get me wrong though, the tipsters in their portfolio are all long-term successful and proven.
Big advantage with Acebets tipsters is that you can choose the right ones for you in case you are not interested in all of the tipsters.
All tipsters have their own ways and methods, also different leagues and sports they cover.
There's currently 6 different tipsters and also a Telegram group for in-play tips. Why in-play tips? Better value and odds with lines are staying longer.
Highly recommend to get in touch with them, choose the right tipster or tipsters for you, read the feedback
of the tipsters from their page and start earning some extra income.
Acebets website is publishing also some great value content on their website which is free for everyone.