How to use Live Games page

Main features

This is our main page where you can see all inplay games with current stats and odds. Let me show you what kind of information we can provide here! Clicking on LIVE GAMES we can see all inplay games where we are able to show you current inplay stats with lines and odds. We are also able to check some important pre game information with one click.


Lets take one game for example to show you what and how we are able to check on the site. Some things should be pretty clear here. We can see current game time, home team, current score and away team. Infront of teams we have yellow cards count and after team names we can see league position before the game. You can also sort the games by statistics. Important here is that the site sorts statistics putting the games with highest difference of actions on top and to get maximum out of it, click on REMOVE LABELS. This takes out the league name rows and enables you to have better overwiev of sorted statistics.


Corners & Shots on/off target

Now the interesting part. In first column we can see current corners count. Top row shows full game corner count and under that we can see the momentum corners.
Momentum you can add on the main page and set it as you prefer personally. Last 5 minutes, last 10 minutes, last 15 minutes etc.


Second column shows you shots on target count. Again the logic in same as with corners. First row shows you current stats and second row shows the momentum shots. Third column shows shots off target. Same logic as before.

Red = Corners, Green = Shots on-targets, Blue = Shots off-targets


Attacks & Dangerous attacks

Last column in this list shows dangerous attacks and again same logic as in previous columns.

Brown = Attacks, Yellow = Dangerous attacks



Also Asian Handicap section shows INPLAY LINE! An important thing to remember.
Last but not least, Goal Line sections. Also current line and odds inplay, odds and lines same as in Bet365.
Small star behind the games is for adding the games into your favourites.
Clicking it brings the game on top of the page, so all games you are interested in to follow more closely are on top of the page.


Historical data

Next trick! Clicking on the icon (plus & minus) before the game name opens up some interesting statistics.

First part of the information provided! Pos column shows us the position on teams in league table BEFORE the game. Also we can quickly see both teams last 5 games, how many games they have played in league, points gained, wins, draws, losses, goals scored, goals conceded and goal difference - in same order.

Now probably more confusing part, Average Stats section:

  • G (All) shows us average amount of goals this team have scored in the league playing at home and at away grounds.
  • G (Home) shows us average goals for home team scored on their own ground.
  • G (Away) shows us average goals for away team scored on away ground.
  • Corners shows teams average corners. Important here is that here we can see average corners totals, home and away.
  • STS shows us average shots. Here we can see shots off and on target at home and away overall.
  • STS (On Target) shows us teams shots only ON TARGET. This number shows shots on target on both, at home and away.
  • STS (Off Target) shows us teams shots only OFF TARGET. This number shows shots off target on both, at home and away.
  • ATS shows us attacks average on home and away ground.
  • DATS shows us dangerous attacks average on home and away ground.

Also when clicking on the button after the game name, we can see team/league notes. These notes all private and every user can write their own notes regarding team news, mutual matches and particular league.


Latest goals

On the main page theres also possibility to open a window where all latest goals are shown!

On the main page we can also check all finished games. All games there are in order by the time they finished.

Clicking on Finished favourites we can see all finished games which were in our favourites list



Now our search engine! Type in team name and tool gives you at first all recent games with similar team names. To see certain team, click on Show more results. This leads us to TEAM PAGE. To the TEAM PAGE we can get also when clicking on any team name in main page. Information provided there and how to find it we will cover in next video.