Football scores: the last round of UEFA Champions League.

Football scores: the last round of UEFA Champions League.

This week we have the last group games in UEFA Champions League and Europa League. Some of the top clubs are already safe and can take the 6th round with a relaxed mood. There are some clubs which were expected to perform much better, as always, but have enourmous pressure in their last round game. We could see some historical moments during this week's games and football scores! We could see also some managers jobless by the weekend! I can also safely say, there will be some angry Fantasy Football managers due to rotations.  

Expect rotations for the teams who are already qualified, especially in teams who are for sure to finish the group as the first place. Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Porto, Liverpool, Chelsea, Sevilla, Dortmund, Barcelona and Juventus are safe and will play in the playoffs.
Bayern and Liverpool will finish the groups as the first team even if they lose the next game.
In Europa League we have Roma, Arsenal, Slavia Prague, Leverkusen, Rangers, Benfica, Granada, PSV, Leicester, Braga, Lille, Milan, Villarreal, Antwerpen, Tottenham, Zagreb, Hoffenheim and Crvena zvezda as the playoff teams.

Champions League groups A and B

Bayern has won group A for sure. Athletico Madrid and Salzburg are playing for the second spot in Austria. Athletico won 3-2 at home, and this shows that the Austrian super club shouldn't be a pushover at home. The Spanish team is favourite with around 2.1 odds in bookmakers, and these odds should represent the reality. They should be favourites and Salzburg should take third place. Even when Bayern will use a heavy rotation, they should beat the Lokomotiv in Germany and balance restored, and both teams who were expected will go to playoffs.

Some surprise football scores and there will be riots in either Madrid or Milan. Borussia has 8, Donetsk has 7, Real Madrid has 7 and Inter has 5 points. Some surprise football scores and there will be riots in either Madrid or Milan. Borussia has 8, Donetsk has 7, Real Madrid has 7 and Inter has 5 points. Call me a flat earther if you want, but if Inter is leading against Donetsk, Real and Borussia can just roll the ball and play it safe for a draw here. Real and Inter will be both on 8 points then, and there will be H2H points calculation, and Real won both games against Inter.

Champions League groups C and D

Manchester City as the number 1 in the group with only one goal conceded shouldn't be a surprise. When the groups were drawn, much more were expected from Marseilles. Porto plays their last game against Olympiacos and takes the 2nd place. Europa League spot will be decided between Olympiacos and Marseilles. Both are playing against top 2 teams, so probably edge on the team who plays against a more rotated team. For some reason, I guess that Porto takes this game more relaxed, especially due to long travel to Greece.

Liverpool won the group. Not a big surprise, but..they have had enormous issues with players and injuries, for these reasons I would say that they did very very well to catch the first place with one game in hand. Atalanta is in second place with 8 points and leading ahead of Ajax with only 1 point. Danish club Midtjylland have 1 point and plays for 'fun'. The most decisive game is played in Netherlands and Ajax is a small favourite on odds in this match. The most decisive game is played in Netherlands and Ajax is a small favourite on odds in this match. In Italy, this fixture finished with 2-2 football score. Ajax was leading with 0-2 football score, but a brace from Zapata meant a shared point for the teams.

football scores

Champions League groups E and F football scores

Chelsea and Sevilla finished the job with five rounds, and this is not a surprise. Krasnodar will continue in Europa League, and Rennes can concentrate on the home league. 4 points apart from Monaco who holds the first Europa League spot at the moment. 
Chelsea cruised through so far with only one goal conceded.

In group F, the situation is much more thrilling except maybe for Lazio and Brugge fans. Going through to playoffs should have been more convincing for Lazio. To leave it late might cause some extra heart attacks or grey hairs and one needs this in these already challenging times. Lazio is playing at home against Brugge and is quite a heavy favourite when checking the odds. That's a fair and same fixture in Belgium finished with 1-1 football scores. Correa, Lulic, Caicedo and Muriqi are unlikely to start in this game, although Caicedo came in as a sub in last league game and Correa was sitting on the bench.

Champions League groups G and H

The only team in the group stage with 5 wins from 5 games is Barcelona. Their league form is terrible so far but prevailed in the CL. Well, against Dynamo and Feren it shouldn't be much of a challenge anyway. They managed to beat the current second position, Juventus, 0-2 in Italy. Dynamo and Feren will decide the third place in the group in Ukraine, and due to home advantage, I guess the Dynamo is able to beat them. The same fixture in Hungary finished 2-2.

Group H is another one where we can see a giant club to finish their season this week or continue in Europa League. Don't get me wrong, RB Leipzig is not a pushover as they have proved so far, but Manu and PSG haven't been impressive also. PSG's life, on paper, is much easier at the moment. They need to win against Turkish Basaksehir in France. They won the same fixture 0-2, two goals from Moise Kean.
Manu, PSG and Leipzig are all on 9 points. PSG's life, as I mentioned, should be the easiest. In case of a win, they will have 13 points. Leipzig and Manu are playing in Germany, and the home team is a slight favourite due to new injuries for Manu. In case of a draw, Manu will edge Leipzig due to hammering them 5-0 at home. So, Manu will be happy with a draw also, while Leipzig needs to win the game. IF PSG fails to take any point in Turkey, a surprise football score, then Leipzig will be happy with a draw also.


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