ListList of things to remember before making a stake

Here are things to remember before making a stake:

1. Focus. Always bet on your predefined terms. For example, only bet on games where attacks, dangerous attacks, shots on target, and shots off target are all in one team’s favor 65% to 35%.

2. Check the league table to see if the numbers match the case. Maybe the team currently leading is in 16th place and their opponent is in the third. It could mean that team A will strive at the beginning, but will get tired and the statistics might change soon.

3. Check the number of games played in the current league. A low number of games might also give you the wrong impression.

4. Remember the quality of the team and league. In lower leagues, there is usually more play in midfield, passing and shooting are not the best, meaning that a low number of goals per certain amount of shots is normal.

5. Every game starts differently. The team dominating the game in the first half might be the losing side in the second half. Keep your eye on the Game Flow and wait for the second half to make a safer bet.

6. Players. Are there any good players missing from this game? Maybe the main attacker is not with the team and that could affect the number of goals a lot.

7. Head-to-head. How have their games ended with each other and with the same opponents? Who has been the stronger one between the two?

8. Home and away. Are the teams playing differently when at home or away? For example, if team A is winning a lot at home and team B is losing a lot while visiting, then team A has a significant advantage.