ListList of things to do before the football season

Everything starts with choosing the right leagues to follow throughout the season. The more you concentrate on the same leagues and teams, the more you know about them and this can give you a necessary advantage ahead of bookies.

There are several things that affect the teams and games you should look into. For example, lower leagues in Germany are known for their strong attackers but weak defenders. Meaning that if you like to bet on the number of goals, over lines could be a good place to start.

Or you can consider Bolivia because of its unusual altitude, (more than 3000 km above sea level) which gives its teams an advantage in home games. It is not the case when both teams are local but the altitude might affect games to which the foreign team has arrived a short time before the game.

Second, since major changes in a team’s line up of players and coaches are made before the next season starts, you should be aware of who moved where and how it could affect the gameplay. For example, see if there are any new players from the lower league who have been extraordinarily good and will possibly turn around this year’s results. 

It is mostly time-consuming handwork, meaning that you choose a minor league from some country and just start looking into their last season and news that are important for the next season. The chance of finding good opportunities among these changes against bookies who can’t keep up with all the changes in every league might again give you an advantage.

This background information is important when you have to make quick calls during the games. You are mostly looking at situations where odds are in your favour, meaning that the bookie is offering a better award (believing that the odds for the outcome are bad) for your bet (you believe that the odds are better than the bookie). So the more you know about the teams playing, the better. 

Of course, you can (and sometimes must) check important data during the game (we will cover this in our next e-mails), but it could lose you important time.

In conclusion:

  1. choose your main leagues (3-5)
  2. learn their peculiarities
  3. make sure you know important changes of players and coaches compared to last season
  4. start to follow the games and teams to find good opportunities