Customizable notifications

Create your own personal or use preset notifications.

Don't miss a bet

With our mobile app, you can get the notifications anytime anywhere without a fear to miss any bets.
Our mobile app delivers notifications with any weather and in all time zones!

Save time

Using our preset or creating your own notifications allows you to get good alerts of value bets on the go.
Doesn't matter if you have to spend the weekend with girlfriends parents or you are in the pub with friends, let the tool work for you and enjoy the weekend while getting value bets in your phone!
You can get the notifications with alerts on your phone and also on your computer/laptop desktop.


Superior customizable notifications system

Our industry-leading notifications system allows you to create notifications combining :

  • Pre-game odds and lines movements.
  • Particular leagues.
  • In-play odds and lines movements.
  • Momentum change.
  • Game time.
  • All in-play stats including shots, corners, dangerous attacks etc.
  • Cards.
  • Underdog team stats and favourite team stats.
  • Ball possession.

and every important statistics you can ever imagine of.
There's a total of over 100.000 different combinations possible to test and find the best ones to start earning easy extra income.
You can also use our preset notifications to start but keep in mind that the higher are criteria set, the more quality notifications you will get!

Raise your winnings

Bank in with our pre-set or test your own notifications before you start earning money!
Share your successful notification settings with friends and change their lives and yours with our market-leading tool!

Notification example

  • Game clock (>) More than 15 min AND

  • Game clock (<) Less than 30 min AND

  • Pregame - Any team line - Goal Line (>=) Equals or more than 4 sum AND

  • Current - Any team - Goal Line (>=) Equals or more than 1 sum AND

  • Last 35 minutes - Any team - Goals (<) Less than 1 sum AND

  • Last 20 minutes - Home + Away team (sum) - Shots (on + off) (>=) Equals or more than 15 sum.

    Here I have a simple notification where I expect goals. Pre-game goal line has to be 4 or more, so goals expected from the lines and pre-game stats. Game time is between 15 to 35 minutes because I want to catch a first-half goal. The score is still 0-0 and both teams have had more than 15 shots together!

You can have the full package for 7 days for free