6 Reasons to Play Virtual Sports Betting this Winter

6 Reasons to Play Virtual Sports Betting this Winter

This winter, there is no need to wait for the pandemic to alter the sporting schedule, why not enter the world of virtual sports to pass the time? 

Granted many governments have permitted live sports to continue, although without fans (or at least reduced the amount allowed to attend).

Yet, with the explosion of online sports games like FIFA, Football Manager (formerly Championship Manager), Fantasy Premier League and sports video games - sports betting platforms are now offering opportunities to punters to not only play but bet on their very own fantasy teams. 

Now you can place wagers on computer-generated leagues and matches from football, baseball, horse racing and even casino games.

Virtual gaming then has evolved into virtual betting. 

What are Virtual Sports and Virtual Betting?

Bookmakers are searching for new ways to offer clients extra betting opportunities. Virtual sports is an additional gaming feature to keep punters interested when real sports games are not on.

Virtual Sports are scheduled games with a fake player and team profiles that use an algorithm to determine the winner in an unbiased way. 

The bettor then, will bet on the outcome of the sports event and chose the team by carefully analysing the odds offered. The bettor will need to examine the 'fake' histories and profiles of the bookmaker players to determine better 'who' to bet on.

Simulated sports betting provide customers with a new user experience and entertainment, with punters able to bet and play games every hour of the day.


History of Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports gaming was developed in 1960 by IBM engineer John Burgeson. An avid baseball fan, he coded a fantasy baseball game using an RNG. It allowed two teams to play one another utilising player statistics to determine a game's outcome. 

With the technology becoming more advanced and improved, combined with the explosion in sports video gaming on consoles; virtual games have become a well-loved pastime for the sports gaming enthusiast. 

Sports playbooks have taken virtual sports one step further - to offer online and offline betting in virtual scenarios. 

Virtual Sports are popular in the United Kingdom, Africa and Asia. They have a long history and availability of virtual gaming. 


6 Reasons to Play Virtual Sports this Winter

#1 Virtual sports betting is easy and ideal for beginners 

Virtual sports are perfect should you want to begin betting. 

Unlike real sports, you'll need to research behind player statistics and form, team histories, sporting event knowledge, and type; with simulated sports betting, you'll only need to take into account the odds and profiles the betting company offers. 

Real sports betting has sudden changes. 

For example, whether a player is dropped from a football team, or picks up an injury, or whether a particular home or away surface will impact a player's ability to win like in tennis. 

It makes it more difficult for the bettor to anticipate changes to their betting strategy. With virtual sports betting, you only have to examine the teams and players offered to you.

#2 Virtual sports are more regulated than real sports betting

Real sports betting has always been open to controversy - match-fixing, bribery and refereeing scandals. 

Furthermore, some illegal bookmakers take advantage of scams and match fixes. With virtual betting, it is impossible to influence the final result of a game or race. 

To avoid unexpected events impacting your wagers - weather changes, injuries affecting a key player or a match-fix, then choose simulated sports betting over real sports to determine better your betting wins!

#3 You can play virtual sports 24/7, 365 days a year

Punters can place bets on virtual sports at any time of the day as they can choose from many events, removing the need to wait for the next big game. 

Plus, you don't even have to wait until the end of the match with virtual sports. 

For instance, with football - you no longer have to wait 90 minutes for the game to end as most virtual games range from 30 seconds to a few minutes in length. 

#4 Virtual sports is vastly entertaining

With innovative graphics and high streaming video content and features, virtual sports offers punters a new kind of experience in sports betting entertainment. 

Improvements in online sports platforms now include commentator commentaries and even have fans singing their favourite team's anthems!

Nothing can replace the real sports arena's electrifying atmosphere and how it can affect individual players and teams. 

However, with virtual sports entertainment, at least you know there is no home or away advantage to impact your betting wins.

#5 Virtual sports offers punters more opportunities to bet on sports

Bookmakers continue to develop and provide more betting opportunities; punters can now bet on sports; they may not know much about. 

Want to have a flutter on baseball but do not understand how the rules or see the player's statistics? 

No problem, try virtual sports betting and examine only the data offered by the sportsbook. 

Popular virtual sports include:


  • Football

  • Horse Racing

  • Greyhound Racing

  • Tennis

  • Baseball

  • Basketball

  • Cycling

  • Casino

#6 It's cold outside! You can play virtual sports on your mobile, desktop or tablet

Whether you are based north or south of the equator, winter can be bitterly cold outside. 

With sports betting you can stay in the comfort of your home and still make betting wins without going to watch the games or go to a high street bookmaker.

Even better with simulated sports betting - you don't have to wait for the next game. You can play several games at once or one after another, handing you a plethora of opportunities to bet on sports that typically take place in the summer, in winter.

The advantages of betting on virtual sports are that there is always a list of sports matches to bet on daily, even throughout the night where sports usually close. Plus, these games do not last as long as real sports matches, meaning punters can bet on more.

Another significant advantage to virtual sports is that you don't need much prior knowledge of sports teams and players or list through statistical data. You can easily get started. 

You can just simply select your type of bet, place your stake and then you only have to wait a short amount of time to find out the outcome.

Another thing you will notice if you are used to betting on real football matches is that there are a lot fewer types of bets available. 

This simplification means that punters can concentrate on just a few markets like win markets, goals margins, correct score, double chance markets and Asian handicaps.

Remember though

Although betting on virtual sports can seem very similar to gambling on the real thing, they are in fact two very different beasts.

A real sports game or event has many variables to factor into a bettor's betting decisions including weather, the psychology of the players, fatigue and injuries. Virtual sports is entirely generated using an RNG (random number generator).

Plus, the teams have no relevance to real-life teams. 

Although their team names are very similar to real ones, due to licencing purposes they cannot use the real names. Meaning that they have no correlation with their related team name. 

For instance, the virtual football team may have a name similar to Real Madrid FC, but it is unlikely to contain any "Galacticos" so will not always win.

As with all betting, bookmakers have an in-built house edge over bettors with virtual betting. So if you bet consistently on virtual sports, you will suffer losses, unless you get lucky or have a proven strategy to defeat the bookmakers' advantage.  


Virtual sports betting provides limitless opportunities for sports enthusiasts to take advantage of betting wins. 

Virtual sports' betting is brilliant for beginners who test their different betting skills - an easy and better way to learn how betting works.

For the more experienced punter, virtual sports betting provides further opportunities to make wins and spice up their betting repertoire. 

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