Football scores in Champions League. Who stumbled, who are desperate for points?

Football scores in Champions League. Who stumbled, who are desperate for points?

The footballs holy grail, Champions League group stage 4th round football scores are here for four groups. Four groups are going to play today, and we have already some very intriguing results and standings. Let's discuss the situations in the groups where we had games played yesterday at first. Then will look into today's games and see if we can get some predictions in. In the groups where we had games yesterday, no big surprises to be honest. I mean, the heavy favourites are basically through with only 4 games, except in one of the groups with PSG and Manchester United.

Today we have games in the most surprising group B, where Real Madrid and Inter Milan find themselves on the Europa League spot and on the last place after 3 rounds! Haaland is the top scorer in the competition at the moment with 6 goals, added 2 goals just yesterday. Yes, he is my captain in the fantasy team! 

Group H yesterdays football scores

After 4 rounds, Manu is leading with 9 points, followed by PSG with 6 points. RB Leipzig is also on 6 points and Turkey club Basaksehir is fourth with 3 points. The clubs fighting for top 3 places are not a surprise. Maybe PSG with their 2 losses and the fact that Manu lost points in Turkey. Everything can still happen, and Leipzig has the next game in Turkey. Manu and PSG lock horns in England. This makes the PSGs situation a little bit tough, but they have the last game at home against the outsider of the group.

Yesterday's football scores: PSG v Leipzig 1-0 and Manu v Basaksehir 4-1. Leipzig needs to win against Turkish club in next round to keep the pressure on PSG and Manu when they play against each other. IF PSG wins next game against Manu and Leipzig wins against Basak, there will be 3 clubs on 9 points before the last round! This would be the dream scenario and Manu and Leipzig would play in the last round in Germany.

Group G

Barcelona and Juventus have done it 4 rounds! Both are through Barcelona on 12 and Juventus on 9 points. Dynamo and Feren are both on 1 point and will decide the Europa League spot. Yesterday's football scores: Dynamo v Barcelona 0-4 and Juventus v Feren 2-1. Barcelona and Juventus are playing each other in the last round and will decide who will win the group. This means that Dynamo and Feren will decide the Europa League spot in the last match between themselves in Ukraine. Nothing surprising here in this group. Barcelona beat Juventus 0-2 in Italy already and despite the problems in their home league seem to take the win in this group.

Nothing surprising here in this group. Barcelona beat Juventus 0-2 in Italy already and despite the problems in their home league seem to take the win in this group. Only strange result is how Barcelona managed to scrape a 2-1 in Camp Nou with better squad against Dynamo compared with the squad with who they played in Ukraine yesterday. A convincing 0-4 and 2 goals from Braithwaite.

Group F

Dortmund is leading the group with 9 points isn't a surprise. Lazio is second with 8 points and the most probable Europa. League team is Brugge from Belgium with 4 points after the four rounds. Zenit is last in the group with only 1 point, earned a draw against Lazio in Russia. If Brugge wins against Zenit in the next round and Dortmund wins against Lazio in Germany, there will be only 1 point difference in the last round between Brugge and Lazio in their last round game against each other in Italy. This scenario would hold the intense until the last round and not impossible scenario also.

Group E

Again, the group where everything seems to settled except the Europa League spot club. Or, well, the first place hunt is also still ongoing. Chelsea and Sevilla are both on 10 points while Krasnodar and Rennes are both on 1 point.
Yesterdays football scores: Krasnodar v Sevilla 1-2 and Rennes v Chelsea 1-2. Both games would have gone either way, and then we would have much more interesting last rounds, would have. Sevilla and Chelsea will play against each other in the next round and will decide the group winner. Krasnodar and Rennes will decide the Europa League spot in the next round as I doubt that neither of them can beat their opponent in the last round.

Group D

Now it's getting interesting. Liverpool has 9 points and plays against Atalanta today in England. Atalanta and Ajax are both on 4 points, followed by Midtiylland with 0 points. Ajax beat the Danish club in Denmark, so I'm quite sure they will beat them today at home. This means 7 points for Ajax and Atalanta possibly on 4 points, or both on 7 points and Liverpool on 9? Either way, it's a very interesting group to follow at the moment.Ajax is in very good form at the moment with Traore leading the scoring chart and locked down players back in the business. Remember that they had issues with the health of some players.

Atalanta has a good chance to get away with at least a point or points in England. Liverpool is in a tricky situation due to injuries. At least five players are missing who could be potentially in the starting 11: Alexander- Arnold, Gomez and van Dijk from the defence. Ox, Thiago, Henderson, Keita, Shaqiri are also out for sure. Against Leicester, in the Premier League, they had Fabinho and Milner playing in defence, who are not regular defenders, but rather midfielders. Both have played in defence before, but it's not their regular. Liverpool managed to surprise Atalanta in Italy with 0-5 win while playing with two youth players in the starting lineup. That's why I'm predicting goals also today. More missings for Liverpool and hopefully Atalanta is making the adjustments.

Group C

Manchester City on 9 points, followed by Porto with 6 points. Olympiacos is third with 3 points, and the last team is Marseilles with 0 points. Porto seems to be positioned as the potential second place, but their games against Marseilles and Olympiacos are on the away ground. Marseilles and Porto will play against each other today, and the result of this game can change a lot. Manchester City will escape from this group im sure. Who takes the second and third place is wide open. Marseilles needs to win today's game for sure in order to keep their hopes alive. Keep in mind that Manchester City could clinch their place today and play with the more and more mixed squad in the last rounds. Today's football scores may mean bye-bye to Marseille. Porto hasn't been a goal-shy, so I would go with goals also in this game.

In yesterdays football scores we had only 1 game with 1 goal and all the others had already 3 or more goals, so I can't understand these lines at the moment. After the International break, the players also got a much-needed rest. 
Marseilles is the only club in the tournament without a scored goal at the moment. I expected much more from them. They are on a 6th place in a local league with 12 goals scored in 9 games, so the goals are there. 

Group B

I'm not joking when I say that after this game, one of the coaches can be without a job. Who would have thought that after three rounds in a group with Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Borussia Monchengladbach and Donetsk, the first two mentioned clubs are third and fourth? Borussia is leading the group with 5 points followed by Donetsk with 4 points. Real Madrid also has 4 points, and Inter has 2 points.
Inter and Real are playing today in Italy, and if Inter wins and other game ends with a draw, Real is last in the group after four rounds. Yes, the points difference isn't big enough to be out from the playoffs with only 2 rounds left but still, makes the life much harder than expected.

IF Real and Borussia won today, the situation for Inter to reach into top 2 would classify as Mission Impossible 3, or 4.
Luckily for Inter, the situation for Real got worse after the International break. 2 strikers, Benzema and Jovic are in the injury list. Ramos and Militao in defence are also both vital first-team players and missing the game. Jovic hasn't been a regular, but scored goals for Serbia and is the second option from the bench as a striker. The probable starter in attack is Mariano, who is the third choice in normal circumstances. Neither of the teams has been too goal-shy in recent games. Main defenders issues, but also strikers options are limited. Donetsk lost against Borussia, at home, 0-6! Now back against each other in Germany and I expect a win for the home team.


football scores

Group A

Bayern Munich is rolling their usual way. 9 points and followed by Athletico Madrid who just beat Barcelona in their home league. Athletico has 4 points and Lokomotiv is trailing with 2 points. Salzburg from Austria is last at the moment with 1 point. Both heavy favourites are playing at home today and if not a miracle happening, will seal the places in the playoffs today. Lokomotiv and Salzburg will decide the Europa League spot against each other in the last round.
Lokomotiv and Salzburg will decide the Europa League spot against each other in the last round. Athletico had tough times in Russia and wouldn't expect any discount in today's football scores.


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