Notifications Backtesting [Tutorial 2] - Unique feature that nobody has

Notifications Backtesting [Tutorial 2] - Unique feature that nobody has

The first bigger surprise for our customers is finally here. Notifications Backtesting!
The betting scenes are continually changing, and we are changing it with the out of box thinking!
When Statistic Sports came out, there wasn't anything similar on the market; we were the first ones.
When we launched the Notification system, there wasn't anything so good on the market.
We added the automated Spreadsheet while no one else had this. I am setting the trends on this market, and this is the next step, Notifications Backtesting!
What is the Backtesting, and how it helps? I will explain this in the blog post. Be ready to be shocked!

Notifications Backtesting

After we announced the Notification system, we had already the Spreadsheet and Notifications backtesting in our mind. At this point, adding the Spreadsheet first seemed logical, and so we did. The Notification System and Spreadsheet were excellent additions, and the whole community liked the base ideas. Of course, we got a lot of feedback, and it's always good to get one to improve even further.
At this point, we didn't mention the next step yet, but now it's finally in Beta version, and as expected, you love it:) This is something exceptional and never seen before system. Keep in mind that we are still in Beta version and there will be a lot of improvements, and that's why we also need your feedback here!
So, what's the fuzz all about?
Until now, the users needed to create their notifications. These were compiled into a Spreadsheet. Users needed to test the notifications for a few months to collect the database. After collecting a fair amount of games, only then the users could start analyzing the performance of the notification. With the new feature, Notifications Backtesting, we cut out the time-consuming part. Users don't need to collect the database for a few months from now on. Instead, users can use the backtesting feature and get the results into Spreadsheet while playing a game in FIFA.

The backtesting feature allows to run the notification through the database of finished games and adds all the correct games into Spreadsheet. After this, users can start analyzing the performance of the notification WITHOUT letting it run for a few months to collect the big enough database.

How to start with Notification Backtesting

To start running the Notifications Backtesting, go to Manage notification. You can find this button from the left side menu or by clicking on the Bell Icon on the top right side of the page. Here you have the list of the notifications with the rules and delete, duplicate, modify and disable buttons. Under them, you have a new button named as Start Backtest. Click on the button and site makes a refresh. Search the notification again, and you can see that the Backtesting is in QUEUE. Both the starting of Backtesting and how long it takes depends on many other factors. It can start in a few second to a few minutes. It can take from 10 minutes to 30 minutes to complete it.
Notifications Backtesting

After the process is finished, you can see the information that it's 100% and all the games matched for this notification are already in the Spreadsheet. Go to Spreadsheet, filter the notification out and start analyzing! Easy as that, but there are some catches:)

Notifications Backtesting in spreadsheet

Rules and facts about the Notification Backtesting:

Let's start with the most important part. PLEASE USE IT REASONABLY.
Going through our enormous database takes a lot of resources from our side. That's why it's also capped on the number of games, and there are some other limitations.

Packages and future pricing:

At the moment, the Backtesting is available for DELUXE AND PLATINUM.

Lite package doesn't have the Backtest option as they don't have the notifications feature.

Deluxe package has this feature until we have finished the Beta testing period and more leagues and games resume. This decision is also related to the capacity of the resources the Backtesting needs.

The Platinum package will likely have the Backtesting as an option but in a limited capacity. Possibly there will be a fixed amount of backtestings per month / week included. At some point we'll probably have an option to buy extra backtests 10 or 20 at a time for a fixed price, which would also give the Deluxe package access to backtesting.

Join today and get 7 days Free Trial!

  • Backtesting runs through the last 10k games at the moment. All the Esoccer games are automatically excluded. If you want to test it for these games, create a notification and add only these leagues in.
  • One round on Backtesting can take up to 30 minutes at the moment. This might change once the football leagues are back and/or there are an abnormally big amount of Backtesting requests. 
  • You can Backtest one notification at once.
  • You can delete the backtesting results, and they will also disappear from the Spreadsheet. Only after removing the previous results, you can run another Backtest for this notification.
  • Backtesting can run ONLY on the notifications you have created yourself. This feature can not be used on the notifications generated by us or shared to you.
  • You can cancel the Backtesting only while it is in Queue. Once the testing starts, you need to wait until it is finished.

I hope this blog helps you out and answers to your questions regarding the new impressive feature. As I mentioned at the start of this blog, there will be more surprises coming up during the year. With this feature, you can already start preparing for the future when we have hundreds for football games during the weekends. Until this, stay healthy and prepare!

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