Sports betting and tipsters. The good, bad and the ugly sides.

Sports betting and tipsters. The good, bad and the ugly sides.

Today I decided to write briefly about my experience with sports betting and tipsters.

I remember the struggles when I tipped the toe into the water and started to search for some information about sports betting and tipsters.
For every starter, there's a hell of a lot of information, pages, tipsters, review sites, so-called verifying sites, and forums.

The truth is that most of them are misleading.

There's a lot of money involved in the industry and thus most of the information provided is not entirely true and is also misleading.
I'm not going to point the fingers in this article on any particular site, forum or page and also I'm not recommending any but rather focus on the big picture.

So here we go, sports betting and tipsters. The good, bad and the ugly sides.

Sports betting and tipsters.

Just to get an idea of how much information there is, go and write in a google search, Facebook searches or Twitter search some keywords like betting tips, sports betting and tipsters.
You could check the pages for the next 3 months. There's a lot of good sports betting and tipsters related sites, but most of them have 0 quality.

Also, a lot of good sites for paid tipsters have a lot of cons and to write about all the pros and cons, I should probably write a book.
The biggest issues in the industry on the bad and the ugly sides are related of course to money!

Sports betting and tipsters


I would separate this problem into 2 bigger categories - scammers who take money for nonexistent tips or faking their results and bookies affiliate tipsters.

Scammers and fake results:

  • Write into Facebook search box keywords like fixed games, fixed football tips etc. All fake and scam 100%.
    I have worked in the betting industry on this s

    If you try hard enough you can find some good articles or some good videos on youtube about a fixed sport.

    Now, imagine, that someone with this info is selling these games on Facebook with 25-50 euros and is asking the payment after the game?!
    You have something which could make you tens of thousands easily and you are selling this information for 25 euros payment after?

    Fixed games issue is real in sports, true, but this is not something being advertised on Facebook!

    No one is selling you this information for this money! Most common there probably is to pick one game.
    I have also seen some guys `selling` these tips for English Premier League games, German Bundesliga games etc.
    These players are getting paid 5 figure sums PER WEEK.
    Do they really need the money and fix the game, risking their job and getting caught.
    They will never play another game, maybe in Southern Ryman Premier League for 35 pounds per game.

    Very popular is to sell odds like 20 and above, half time-full time bets. Again, totally wrong and 100% scam. Games in asian bookmakers could be fixed.
    Only there you can have enough money in order for the risk to be worth and Asian bookmakers don't offer markets like these.

  • Very common in sports betting and tipsters world is also just fake your results.
    You can easily delete your lost tips from Facebook and Twitter pages. It's also easy to delete lost tips from your own spreadsheets in google documents.
    Very easy to do and to look better than you really are.


Bookies affiliates and tipsters platforms:

  • The sports betting and tipsters community is also full of affiliates for the bookies. Very common for example in Twitter.
    When you spot a tipster there who looks too good to be true to you and is posting bookies links, stay away!

    All tipsters who post bookmakers links with their affiliate links are getting paid when you register to a bookmaker account through their link and lose your money!

    This is last years trend and it's getting out of hand already. Most of them are faking their results easily, stay away!
     Good article about bookies affiliates!

  • There's also a lot of betting tipsters platform sites, which should act as police and keep eyes on tipsters. If the platform is selling tipsters tips, be very cautious.
    If the site gets paid when you buy the tips, be careful.  A lot of them don't care about the results being true or false.

    There are some very big sites with a big amount of likes and followers on social media accounts who are keeping the fake tipsters.
    Also, a lot is fabricating the fake accounts with good results in order to get payments from you.


Positive notes:

A lot of negativity so far, but there's also a lot of good guys, good sites and good information in the market.

I have been lucky enough to meet some really good persons who are working as tipsters.

I have also seen some good sites that are instantly banning all fraudulent activity and tipsters.
The whole sports betting and tipsters world on the internet is big and everything should be tested before paying.
Also, try to search additional sources of information for every page and tipster name. I will write more deeply about sports fixing in the next articles.

Also will write some articles more deeply about the issues covered here.
I'm just not yet sure how I should do this to warn as many of you guys as possible. In future, I also bring more attention to sites and tipsters who are really worth the following and the money.


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