Betfair Leagues
Luis Alves
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Registered: 17.07.2022
Hi guys,
my name is Luis, I am learning how to trade on Betfair. I am having an issue because I don't know specifically all the leagues that Betfair runs so I get notifications that I don't need. Currently everytime a League that I don't have comes up, I just go to my notification and  exclude the League on filters so it's basically taking me a very long time to do it. Does anybody know how can I speed up the process, I couldn't find a list of Leagues on Betfair because if there are no games on the market from a league, Betfair simply doesn't show that League on the main Menu. I hope anybody can help me or tell me where to go so I can find the list of Leagues Betfair has. Thank you very much.