3 hot tips from Southamerica - 08.03.2020
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Hi everybody,

my name is Pablo, I come from Ecuador and I´m new in StatisticSports.

I was reading the Forum and I found this topic, so I will share with you 3 interesting tips from Southamerica (where I come from) for this weekend. I have never posted in forums, probably because good tips are rare, but this weekend is speciall. Just in case: this are only tips, everything can happen...

1. 08.03.2020 - Liga de Quito vs. Barcelona (Ecuador). Both teams are the biggest teams in Ecuador, but Liga de Quito has been much more succesfull the last decades. Barcelona has never won in Liga de Quito´s stadium. Now, Barcelona has a very important game on wednesday in Brasil, so they will play with a mixed team against Liga on saturday. Liga doesnt want to lose the historical superiority against Barcelona at home, so they will take te game very seriously. Liga would be favourite to win, even if Barcelona would play with its A-Team, which they wont do. The quote for Liga de Quito is 2,0 in Bwin! Double Chance is 1,30.
2. + 3. 08.03.2020 - This weekend the argentinian league will be playing its last games. River Plate and Boca Juniors, two of the biggest teams in America and worldwide are playing for the title. Boca Juniors is on the second place and will play on its stadium against an easy rival, so they will win (quote 1,35 Bwin) - THEY NEED TO WIN AND THEY WILL WIN. River Plate, who is in the first position with only one point more that Boca Juniors, will play away against a relatively weak team, so normaly they would win this game (quote 1,45 Bwin). Now, River Plate knows that Boca Juniors will win its game, so they will have to win theirs in order to win the title, otherwise they will lose the championship to Boca Juniors, the end of the world for River Plate. Both teams had to play very important Copa Libertadores (Southamerican Champions League) games during the weak, but both played with reserves keeping their best players for this important games on sunday. It is highly probable, that both teams win their respective games. Boca Juniors will win for sure, no doubt about it. River Plate needs to win away, it is a little more complicated, but they will do it anyway.

So, all of the three teams winning their games would make a quote of 3,78 (Bwin)...