How to improve your live betting skills?

How to improve your live betting skills?

Live betting combines two popular hobbies:football and betting. These two hobbies, which are related to sport, occupy a high proportion of the community worldwide. Indeed, FIFA indicates that 3.4 billion fans have watched the World cup 2010, and there are 2.2 billion that watch football on the regular days. On the other hand, Sports betting creates an important cash stream and some people have secured their living just by sports betting. Subsequently, live football betting may generate a huge cash stream considering the factors already cited.

Actually, live betting requires having an in-depth knowledge of football play and the overall tendencies of the match. It also requires a consistent follow-up of the playing teams as well as their news and updates. In fact, live football betting requires an extensive knowledge of the history of the involved teams and their encounters all over the years.
Considering the circumstances, live footballbetting is a strategic field. Therefore, you need to proceed carefully and with a preset plan, in order to maximize your chances of winning the highest rates.
This is what you need to ensure recovering the invested budget, the invested time and the invested efforts.

From where to start?

Suffice to say, considering live football betting is choosing a wide field that requires you to be well-prepared to invest time and money. It requires a rigorous as well as the prompted mind that will decide fast and make the most reliable decisions. A flair of fast analytics is critical for the decision-making and bearing the consequences.
With technological development, live football betting has known a real shift. In fact, live betting requires being up to date about all the events that may occur before and during the match. This feature helps to determine the odds and make the most accurate decisions. In this context, bettors will proceed by combining the collected data about the involved teams and the events that occur moments before making the bets.
Of course, live football betting isn't just waging money and hope for the best outcomes; it is more than that. It is based on strategies and tips that one should know in order to perform better. Fortunately, many websites explain and share these strategies and tips online. Anyone who has interests in live football betting can explore and use them.
The sports’ betting, in general, has known a certain evolution through history and so has football betting. From classical betting to live betting, there should be some interesting shifts that have modelled the schemes of the current live football betting.

What is live football betting?

Live football betting is still betting on the football game. Thus, bettors stake their money on the game and predict that the picked team will win the match. This definition is not that different from classical betting. Yet, there is a little difference which, indeed, makes all the difference: classical betting is based on waging the money on an upcoming event; whereas the live football betting deals with an actually started event. In other words, the first model of betting is based on collected data, way before the event takes place. The reality is that the events do not influence the betting decision directly. The bettors will research the history of the teams and then, they bet on the outcomes. The specialized staff will investigate the whole event, and they describe the chances that an event has to take place. They are, by definition, futile and change very often. The model of live football betting is chronologically different since it occurs while the match is on. Live football betting is one way of benefiting from technological innovations. In fact, mobile technology has made possible being at home and play football betting while the matches are on. The use of real-time modules and the streaming techniques have definitely eased following plays and be up-to-date about the game. Moreover, the use of mobile technology has revolutionized the field and made it available for everyone and everywhere.

How does live betting work?

The live betting system works according to the overall sports betting and betting rules in general. Somehow, it has some additional particularities induced by the live property. It is basically a game of odds and subsequently a probability game. In fact, the odds change rapidly in response to whatever event that may occur during the match. The most noticeable events are scoring goals, getting cards, penalty loss...Apparently, it is betting on "what comes next" since the situation may shift from one state to another with the changing odds. The process offers the bettors the unique chance to make their bets even after the match starts, which is not possible in classical betting. This property will definitely attract more people and the generated cash stream tends to be more important. The bettors are therefore urged to take into consideration the diagnosis. The diagnosis is commonly offered by the algorithms run by the bookmakers when they are about to place the bets. It is important to explain "odds" and how they are considered as the core concept of live betting. It is important to signal that there are some strategies that may ensure a high chance of winning the placed bets. Moreover, the same bettor can place bets several times during the same match. This possibility is a double-sided weapon. It allows the bettors to recover a loss and increase the win. On the other hand, it increases the loss risks since the game deals with hardly predicted evolution of the whole game.

Introducing the odds in betting:

The odds are those expressions that are usually associated with the events that may happen. They are commonly written as follow: the event: n/1 (5/1; 9/1). This is called the fractal form of the odds. They represent the probability that has the event to occur. Mathematically, it is the ratio of the event regarding the pool of all the possible events. The odds 9/1, for example, are read “nine for one”. These odds can be used to perform two calculations:

  • The first calculation is the calculation of the probability of occurrence of the considered event. The calculation is performed as follow:  The odds of the event are 9/1, it means the probability of the event is 1/ (9 + 1) = 1/10 = 0.1. Actually, this form refers to the second form of odds which is the decimal form.
  • The odds of the event are 4/1, it means the probability of the event is 1/ (1 + 4) = 1/5 = 0.2.
  • The second calculation is the estimation of the profit if the bet is won. Obviously, the previous odds can be read as follow: you get nine stakes and the bookmaker keeps one. The second is you get four stakes and the bookmaker keeps one. The stakes here represent, or determine, the budget you invest in your bet.


Importance of the odds:

Understanding the odds and knowing how to read them is important, yet mastering them is not the only ability you need to bet well. In live betting, adopting a strategy is critical. Definitely, bookmakers can suggest you some steps to follow in order to maximize the win and reduce the loss. These bookmakers are constantly streaming news and updates about teams and matches. They supply the bettors with the latest and the most up-to-date data in order to make the most accurate odds calculations. Since live betting takes place during the match, bookmakers have to keep their information fresh and supported with comments that help to guide the bettors.

The steps to do live betting

The parties that manage the live betting are the bookmaker's companies. They are responsible for keeping bettors up-to-date about the matches. They will also collect the waged money and store them along with the identity of the bettors. Bettors have access to the list of matches worldwide and they can pick whatever match or matches they want to bet on. Commonly, bettors choose the popular leagues and the popular teams to bet on. It is a natural practice since this reduces the risks and increases the winning chances. Indeed, the popular leagues are easier to search, and the tendencies are easier to track down. Publishing the list of matches is the duty of bookmakers. Actually, there is a wide list of companies that present themselves as bookmakers and there is, indeed, a tough competition among them.


live betting


Placing the bets

Before placing the bets, the bettors should read carefully the odds and try to comprehend the tendencies. You have to effectively perform the follow-up to ensure the best data reception. Indeed, it is possible that a single unimaginable incident, that occurs, creates unimaginable havoc. In this context, a sudden yellow/red card, for example, affects dramatically the mentality of the players and therefore disturbs the whole game. A first goal scored may also encourage the scoring team as well as the opposite one to do their best whether to draw the match or to score more goals.

Pick the best bookmaker:

You should conduct this process with patience and consistency. The bettors should consider the following factors, notably those who are not already committed to a particular bookmaker:

  • The winning withdrawals: If you can withdraw your winning on an easy way, the bookmaker is probably trustworthy. The more difficult is the process and the bookmaker will have a bad score. That means it is likely to be a scam.
  • The betting options: a bookmaker that offers a few betting options will have fewer bettors. This is because bettors like to feel comfortable with their betting experience. They do not want to feel forced to proceed with a few betting options. If they do not have the suitable they will leave for another bookmaker. There are some more aspects that you may consider when choosing the bookmakers. Nowadays, bookmakers who publish their mobile applications are more appreciated since they ease the follow-up of the matches. The diagnosis will be in the palm of the hand, and then you are not going to miss anything.
  • The deposit and withdrawal options: In fact, these are solutions for the business. To handle the transactions, the bookmakers use the most secure applications. The more options you propose, the more clients you will have.


Research the bookmakers

Bettors have to check online data in order to have the most complete overview of the betting websites. There are reviews that deal with the desired bookmaker and see if it has a good score. It is important to know that the greatest bettors advice the beginner to not stick to a one and single bookmaker. It is preferable that you visit the most trusted one and thus, you can magnify your experience.

There are some more aspects that you may consider when choosing bookmakers. Nowadays, bookmakers who publish their mobile applications are more appreciated since they ease the follow-up of the matches. The diagnosis will be in the palm of the hand, and then you are not going to miss anything.

Live betting strategies

Live bettors may have definite strategies when investing their wages. The questions are: How much invest and when place the beets? Actually, there is not a magic formula, but there are several effective techniques to apply. There is a bunch of practices that the bettors should adopt. The secret is to apply them with perseverance until they become a routine and you won't have to think about them anymore. These practices are based on wisdom and responsibility: wisdom to say that they are applied carefully and responsibility means that you should admit the outcomes especially if they are not positive.
The right match to bet is a game that involves well-known teams. The team history, the members’ histories, and the previous matches are, therefore, available data. This will help in to calculate the most accurate odds and therefore make the most accurate bets. For example, team A has always beaten team B outside, whereas team B has managed to maintain a scoring rate of two goals in the first 30 mn of the match. The goalkeeper of team A has a success score of 90% in stopping penalties, whereas player 3 of the same team usually gets a yellow card during the last 10 minutes of the whole match. Player 10 of the team A gets booked all the time. As long as he is in the game, the referee whistles faults at the edges of the zone.

Proceed by the best strategy:

After choosing the match, comes the strategy choice. In fact, there are many well-defined strategies, and some are even famous. The over 1.5 Goals strategy is a well-known one. It is based on the fact that, commonly matches end on scored goals that the sum exceeds “two”. 

Tips to achieve the best live betting experience:

Be comfortable:

Expert bettors highly recommend that you watch the match for a while before deciding about the bet. These tactics help you comprehend the evolution of the match as well as the mentality of the players, the coaches, and the referees. This demands a non-distracting environment and a well-clear displaying device. The smartphones and small tablets are not suited for watching matches for in-play betting. Yet, mobile applications are helpful and useful. Also, if you can guarantee a calm house during the match, the watching TV at home will be the best option. Then the mobile applications will do the updates regarding the odds.

Placing the bets:

This step is to make it wisely. You can calculate the wins upon the odds, but odds fluctuate during the match. You should invest as much money as you can handle the loss. This precious advice is, indeed, useful wherever there are needs to wage some money. It is important to signal that money can be very addicting and that the loss will urge you to place more risky and bigger bets in order to recover them all. Be wise and don’t play selfishly. It is important to play responsibly and bear in mind that there is a loss as well as a profit.


Regarding the property of the live betting, predicting the outcomes of the match or the outcomes of a particular event require a fast decision. Therefore, the bettors have to prepare their betting session in advance. The fact is, the in-play betting is based on changing odds and the bettors have to watch the game for a while in hopes of getting the patterns. There is no magic formula or ever winning method but there are tips to apply. The idea is to provide the bettors with the most effective tips and tricks to maximize the winning chances. Besides, relying on the odds and the diagnosis that the bookmakers provide would be illogical. In the end, both of you, bettors and bookmakers are after the profit.

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