Football betting mistakes and how the punters can avoid them.

Football betting mistakes and how the punters can avoid them.

General football betting mistakes

If you are an avid sports bettor, you must know the major football betting mistakes people make. Just like Football being watched and loved throughout the world, football betting is also enormously popular throughout the world. Most of the bettors place bets on their favorite teams, which decreases the chances of winning.
Football betting is a popular hobby practiced among people. It seems like a hard task. However, once you are able to understand how it works, you will surely avoid football betting mistakes. Mark my words! With a little bit of betting knowledge, anyone can start placing bets on games.
There are several reasons why most football bettors lose money; sometimes they lose a heavy amount of money. The reason is they never go beyond little knowledge they have about the game. They betting decisions are based on the meager knowledge they have.
Know that no one can become a successful bettor overnight. It always takes time and efforts to become a successful sports bettor.  You are going to learn how you can actually avoid football betting mistakes and be unbeaten bettor.

What are the top football betting mistakes?

Your attitude matters! Just like rest of all other areas of life, your attitude will define whether you will be a successful bettor or not. Most people consider football betting as an easy way to make a huge amount of money. They believe that they will win the bet by picking a random guess in a certain game based on their gut feeling.
Practically, it requires much more than just a gut feeling to be the perfect sports bettor. Learn how to avoid football betting mistakes. Betting on football requires proper research and knowledge. The correct assessment of football games and the team members is essential. Constantly dig into the knowledge about how the industry works; it will help you implement your knowledge in the long run.
To be the winner it is recommended that you use a good bookmaker. Always use recommended websites, the industry leader to be the winner. 
The list below contains football betting mistakes you should avoid.

Football betting mistake no 1: Carelessly following experts and websites

One of the major football betting mistakes is following an expert, who does not have an authority. Following an expert blindly will always put you in trouble and it will never benefit you in the long run.
Nowadays, everyone calls himself/herself an expert but only a few know the proven knowledge about football betting. You have to choose and follow an expert carefully. Do not randomly try your luck and put your faith and money in someone without really knowing what his expertise is.

How to avoid football betting mistakes

If you are a naïve sports bettor consider watching shows where experts share their proven knowledge. ESPN and the NFL Network bring you numerous football shows where industry experts share their years of experience and their knowledge about the betting. Carefully follow the instructions they give you and learn to implement them. Always make sure to start small, and try implementing little tips before you start taking huge decisions.
Choose an expert who actually cares about your time and wealth. The experts bring you the best information and also talk about the odds and lines of the betting. Take their insight and use it as one of many factors before making your betting strategy.

Football betting mistake no 2: Overreacting and betting based on emotions and trying to win back what you just lost

You must have seen so many people being emotional when watching sports. Similarly, getting excited during betting is not an exception. Often, it is always an emotional roller coaster to be a dedicated sports fan. Being emotional is fair, but taking a decision based on your emotions is risky – a major football betting mistake.  
It is a very common practice among bettors that make decisions based on emotions. The excitement that we feel when risking everything in order to win gambling is very thrilling. Know that overreacting and betting based on emotions can cost you a huge amount of money.

How to avoid it 

When betting on football you will experience so many ups and downs. Do not get serious about making money out of sports betting, because it will cost you further. Never chase losses. When you get very emotional, you will not be able to make logical and sound decisions. As a result, it is nearly impossible to become a successful bettor.
Sports bettors never take decisions based on their emotions. Put your emotions aside if you want to be a successful bettor. Know the importance of emotional control, and learn how you can actually bet in a very profitable way. Always build your flexibility to emotions that includes physical resilience, psychological resilience, and financial flexibility.

Football betting mistake no. 3: Bankroll Mismanagement and betting on credit

Your bankroll management matters. Mismanagement is the fastest way to lose your bankroll. Unfortunately, it is the most common mistakes made by football bettors. If you have a poor bankroll management, it can be one of the most catastrophic and disastrous mistakes. It can ruin all your bankroll and future in the business. Organizing your bankroll can help you avoid other football betting mistakes as well.

How to avoid it 

Get familiar with bankroll management and know that it can save you from being bankrupt. Before you place your first bet, you should make a plan. Make a proper strategy and discover some tips to build your bankroll. The money of your bankroll has come from extra funds and not from the cash needed to pay your bills. You must prepare yourself to accept the risk of losing this money because this game is all about losing and winning money. So prepare yourself for that ahead of time.
Your next step for becoming a bettor is to set rules for betting and staking. This is the step where you can follow rules to keep you disciplined during football betting. These rules must be defined before the game starts. These rules are to be based on your betting goals, wagers, and strategies. Follow the rules and prevent the improper management of the bankroll.
This management approach is not easy to implement but it makes perfect sense if you want to avoid betting calamity. You can survive a long streak of losing bets by just using a small proportion of your bankroll.  
To keep your funds intact you have to reduce the risk while trying to generate profits. This sounds like it is an impossible balancing act but in fact, it is not. You are relatively safe from losing the bank if you wagers are low and closely related to the bankroll.

Football betting mistake No. 4: Betting on your favorite team or the most popular team

We all have our favorite teams and we want them to win every time. We never know this is one of the major football betting mistakes you can make. When we favor our favorite team, we set unrealistic expectations. It does not matter if we favor our favorite team once in a while.
However, if you favor your favorite team or the most popular team persistently, this will create a lot of trouble. Often casual bettors and beginners consider that they know everything about their favorite team – which is another football betting mistakes. They set unrealistic expectations and are blinded by favoritism.
Never ever fall into the trap of the favoritism, because betting on football has no room for it.

How to avoid it 

Even if you want to support your favorite team, follow a strategy. To bet on your favorite team is full of fun and thrill because if your team wins you will be twice happy. Contrarily, what if the team you support loses the game?
As a true fan, betting your favorite team is always desirable but it does not always give you the best results. Know that having diversity adds more colors to your life, and it is true for sports betting.
Betting on your favorite team will always excite you and the bond will be strengthened. After all, you are making a huge profit by doing what you love and caring for the team you love the most.


football betting mistakes

Football betting mistake No. 5: Failure to learn basic strategies and having unrealistic expectations

It is always easier to earn money out of football betting if you follow proper strategies. Know that it is a game of chances. You can either win or lose the bet depending upon your resilience.
However, winning a bet is not easy either. It is extremely challenging and it requires a lot of knowledge about the sport and a strong betting strategy. The fact is, even the most extensive knowledge alone is not enough to win a bet, and it requires a proper betting strategy.

How to avoid it 

You should be strong enough to have realistic expectations. If you keep on thinking that betting on football is easy, you are going to end up very disappointed. Beginners get lucky sometimes and win a bet out of luck, but it does not work in the long run.
Your betting decisions should be based on proven knowledge. Professional football bettors are usually the experts in their industry. Chances of winning increase proportional to the knowledge you have. Put all your efforts into making a strong strategy for betting.

Football betting mistake No. 6: Using the wrong betting sites and using complex betting systems

Betting is overflowing with fraud. Today, it is a common practice that various websites can mislead and deceive people. Randomly following websites can cost of a huge amount of money. You must bet with the popular and well recognized online bookmakers. Whatever you do, it should never fall for any illegal betting markets and bookmakers.

How to avoid it 

Always choose recommended and authority websites in sports betting. Several websites provide you the free betting tips. They provide you with a great opportunity to learn the basics of betting. Make sure the websites are recommended by other experts. Use the knowledge and implement it if and only if they are proven to be accurate. Avoid browsing random website and links because they can cost you money and time.
Few of the recommended websites include ESPN and NFL networks that have numerous information and proven knowledge. These websites will provide you with valuable advice on betting before you choose a team. Mix your knowledge with your own intellect to get the most out of your first ever football betting.

Football betting mistake no 7: Placing too many wagers and being too impatient

One of the most important aspects of sports betting is being patient. Your success depends upon how resilient you are. If you are a firm believer that betting is all about chances of winning based on luck, then you have already lost.
Sports bettors are often impatient and bet on each and every opportunity they get. As a result, they lose a huge amount of money. It has been noticed that most of the beginners place far too many wagers in beginning. For example, they bet on a wide range of different sports. Others focus on just a single sport but bet on almost every single match. This approach is not ideal.

How to avoid it 

A successful betting on football depends upon patience, research, and discipline. Do not get fooled by the tricks and the advertisements of a person who wins a million. Even if he is the winner, he is just a one person out of millions. Have some patience, conduct some thorough research and base your betting decisions on proven knowledge.  
It is better to be selective when it comes to betting. Rather than betting on lots of different matches, just focus on just one or two. Try to look for other opportunities where it is possible to make good judgments about what’s likely to happen. Remember that your goal is not to place as many bets as possible, but to place a bet that can provide you will much profit.
This is an advice for those who bet mainly just for fun rather than those who bet mainly for profit. If you really enjoy placing lots of wagers and are betting responsibly, then it won’t essentially turn out to be a disaster. You should avoid betting just for the sake of fun.

Football betting mistake no 8: Constantly looking for 100% guaranteed returns

Whoever claims that there is anything like an absolute 100% guaranteed returns in the football betting, either he is simply lying or he has no idea how it works.
Know that a 100% risk is involved in betting. Even the guaranteed games in the world have a certain ratio of risk. Having said this, you can either do your best or focus on the strategies and specifications so that you can win the bet. This will allow you to have a higher probability of winning the bet.

How to avoid it 

Rinse and repeat the strategies for the proper betting.  Even this does not guarantee the win. Of course, it involves losses; sometimes even the bettors face losses 3 to 4 times consecutively.  Focusing on hard work and following betting strategies to score more reliable football betting returns.

Football betting mistake no 9: Sticking to one bookmaker

We always have a variety of websites available. As a human, we just stick to what we love the most or trust the most. Know the fact that the only bookmaker you love the most is not going to give the best betting every time.

How to avoid it

Realize that the odds offered to you by your favorite bookmaker may not be always in your favor. Shop around. Conduct a little research and find out which ones are the other bookmakers that can provide you the best services. Do a comparative analysis of the bookies, as if you are checking the players and teams for them.


Football betting is complex and it requires a lot of effort in order to get success. Addressing the football betting mistakes will not make you a winner instantly. But, it will provide you the vital guidelines which are required to become one. It will help you build a successful strategy that will bring you a nice side income. It will take some time to get used to most of the things listed, but it will get much easier when you once gain enough experience.
If you avoid football betting mistakes, chances are you will win the bet. Some of the instructions mentioned are, particularly for the beginners. Start small and see what different do these tips make in your betting journey.
What was the major mistake you made in the football betting? Let us know in the comments below.


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