New starting football leagues!

New starting football leagues!

Ernest Hemingway once said, "In every port in the world, at least two Estonians can be found". From today, the Estonian Premier league will restart, and it's one of the few leagues playing at the moment.
Due to this, there's a lot of talking about the significant interest from different companies to buy TV rights. From the next week, we could probably expand what Hemingway said. There's someone in every city watching Estonian Premium Liiga?

Estonian Premier League

There's only 1 round of games played this season, at the start of the March. Five matches played, 18 goals scored and two red cards were pulled out. Usual suspects for the title are Flora, Levadia and Kalju. Some noise around Paide team this season, who could surprise the 'big three' and push them all the way to the end. There has been a very short period for preparation and teams had a chance to play 2x40 minutes games, which weren't official friendlies and final results were announced only after the games. Thus it's tough to expect what to wait. In all the five games there's a big favourite. Levadia odds have raised a little, playing at away ground against Legion. Their first-round game wasn't convincing, won 1-0 against red lantern Kuressaare while being on -2.5 Asian handicap. One starting defender took a red card, and they lost their main goalkeeper in recent days.

From this week we can also enjoy games from Armenia, Czech and Vietnam! From Asia, we get the Cup games action for the morning time, which is perfect as this means more and more games for the whole day! The games are also available in our Schedule for following the pre game odds movements!


Estonian Premier league

Armenia and Czech leagues are returning next!

In Armenia, they are continuing with the placement matches. In the Czech league, there are only six rounds to play and several teams fighting for Championship group.
The most intriguing game is between Shirak and Lori. 3rd and 4th place are locking horns at Shiraks home. According to your Schedule and pregame odds movements, the home team is backed in quite a lot already and this makes every sense. Lori has scored only once in their previous 4 away games.In the Czech league, there are only six rounds to play and several teams fighting for Championship group.
The first game in the Czech league is between Teplice and Liberec. Liberec odds have been backed in a lot already. Let's not forget that the games played in empty stadiums and this drops home advantage a little in leagues where teams don't need to travel so much. Liberec have 36 points and fighting for Championship Group spot. Teplice on 24 points and trying to escape from Relegation Group spot. There's a huge difference in scored goals. Liberec so far on 42 goals whereas Teplice has found the net only 19 times.


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