Football Schedule Can Be A Powerful Tool When Properly Used.

Football Schedule Can Be A Powerful Tool When Properly Used.

If properly used, a football schedule is a guide towards victory. You can use the football schedule in order to plan for the following week, month or even a whole year. I know it seems funny but think about it. Most of us work 40 hours per week, and all we have left are weekends and some in-between time during weekdays. And yes, most of us have families, friends, hobbies, or we simply want to lie down, relax and not think about anything.
But then, such behaviour often leads to forgetfulness and we often forget a lot of important things like close people’s birthdays, anniversaries and such. That is bad. But we also forget which football matches are playing at the moment. And as we think about all of these, we lose track of everything. This is why a football schedule can help us. We can plan it for the future and have more time for our families, friends and of course, ourselves.

Football Schedule – The Time Saver

Using a football schedule helped me a lot. Well, not just using the schedule, I actually organized my time but a football schedule is a part of the story and although may not be a central role, it serves to show how a bit of organization can actively change anyone’s life.
I remember a period of my life when I was working non-stop. And I mean really non-stop, I was even brainstorming during my sleep. I still remember the headaches, wouldn’t recommend that much work to anyone, but it was such a moment, I just needed to push it for a couple of months till the big promotion. And yes, I did manage. But that is a different story, now in the past.
I’m also a betting enthusiast like you guys so I tried following up on football stats, schedules and such. But it all kind of slipped away from me. And yeah, I had no free time at all. So I started to lose a lot. Because I often missed the matches which I wanted to bet on, I placed my bets on other matches whom were irrelevant to me and I had no idea how they were going to end. I just wanted to place some bets and not leave without a ticket. Friendly advice, never behave like that.

All is good

When I read it now, it really feels like I had a gambling problem. And I really didn’t. It was a hobby for me at the time. So I tried to follow the football schedule more closely which led to forgetfulness. I forgot the anniversary. Do you know how that looks? I hope you never find out. It became clear to me that I simply have to shape up and organise my time.
I mean, yeah, I was working a lot. But c’mon, that is just an excuse. I was tired and depressed. So I stopped exercising, ate a lot of sugar. I neglected my body and so my body neglected my brain and vice versa. After a while, I decided that it was time to shape up, organise my time and pay more attention to my lovely wife. So I sat down one day, took a pen and paper and started writing. Okay, so Monday, after work I will go running. And I really did. I will eat more meat and less sugar.
Tuesday, dinner with my wife, and so on. I took out a football schedule for the following two months and gave myself three hours to go through it. I used the league table too. And I noted the games that I want to bet on for sure, the ones that I may consider and the ones that I am certainly going to avoid. One day a week, I took 1 to 2 hours to go over the football schedule and check some stats to understand the changes, like injured players, form, a new manager (look at Manchester United right) and so on. So, that was all it took and it helped a lot.

Who’ll Win the League – Looking at the League Table and Football Schedule

If you are a bettor, you ought to know what a football schedule is. But, you may not use it as much as before in your analysis and interpretations. It can be truly helpful from time to time to put things in perspective and take a good, long look at the football schedule. You’ll notice some patterns and ideas will start to gradually build up in your head. Write them down and check whether you were successful. If yes, start carefully following them or learn from your mistakes.
You know, we have already discussed on the league winners in one of the previous articles where we talked about “the invincibles” and the unbeaten teams of the season. There were Liverpool, Manchester City, Dortmund, PSG and Juventus. Manchester City lost 3 games and then beaten the undefeated Liverpool. Dortmund also lost and now, only Juventus and PSG are still undefeated and heading towards becoming “the invincibles”. I also wrote on the numerous comebacks in the Premier League over the years. And we are looking at one at the moment. Manchester United has 6 wins in a row in Premier League.

Can Manchester United Pull It Off?

During Premier League Season 2002/2003, Manchester United pulled off 18 wins in a row. So what would happen if they accomplish the same thing now? It would mean that Man. United would need to win at least 12 more games in a row and there are 15 left till the end of the Premier League 2018/2019 season. What a comeback that would be?
They’ll hardly win the league title (although you never know) but they are currently 3 points away from Champions League qualification. Still, if they win all 12 following matches, they will have 80 points with three games left. Among their league title competitors, they would have beaten Liverpool, Arsenal, Man. City, and Chelsea. Still, even in such a miraculous case, they still depend a lot on how Liverpool and Man. City play their games. Since Liverpool and Man. City are, at the moment, without a doubt, the most probable Premier League Winners. But it is fun to theorise on what could and might occur. So, let’s take a look at the football schedule of the Premier League and the matches that the six most known and currently in the top teams play in the following 4 matches:

Arsenal vs. Cardiff
Man. United vs. Burnley
Newcastle vs. Manchester City
Bournemouth vs. Chelsea
Liverpool vs. Leicester
Tottenham vs. Watford
Tottenham vs. Newcastle
Chelsea vs. Huddersfield
Leicester vs. Man. United
Man. City vs. Arsenal 
West Ham vs. Liverpool
Fulham vs. Man. United
Huddersfield vs. Arsenal
Liverpool vs. Bournemouth
Tottenham vs. Leicester
Man. City vs. Chelsea
Burnley vs. Tottenham
Everton vs. Man. City
Chelsea vs. Brighton
Arsenal vs. Southampton
Man. United vs. Liverpool

We can see that three derbies will be played in the next four fixtures. So, these derbies may define the league title winner and also who gets to play the Champions League. Now, I am not a Manchester United fan, but I do cheer for them at the moment because I simply love amazing comebacks and that is more important to me than anything else. The red devils have 3 easier games in front of them until they cross sides with Liverpool in what might be a truly important game for Liverpool if they plan on winning the Premier League title.
Arsenal has a tough schedule for the next four matches as they play against Man. City away. The game between Arsenal and Chelsea where Arsenal won 2:0 has definitely opened the Europe qualifications but there are still a lot of matches to be played and a total of 45 points is in the game.

Relegation time

Now, instead of always looking at the title winners and Europa Qualifiers, let’s take a look at relegation and near relegation zone in LaLiga. The 19th team is currently Villarreal with 18 points, 8 less than the 8th team, Real Sociedad. This means that 13 teams are quite near with 18 games left till the end. All it takes is for one team to have a three winning strike and one a three-loss strike and the situation can completely change.
Look at Rayo Vallecano. They are in amazing form with 10 points in the last four games. Next game,  Rayo plays against Alaves, a team currently on the 5th position but in poor form. However, Alaves plays home and they are still undefeated at home with a 5-4-0 score. On the other hand, Rayo Vallecano plays really poorly at away with 2-1-6. Still, a form is a form, anything can happen in this game.
Let’s take a look at the football schedule for the following weeks in LaLiga:


     26.01. 13:00    Sevilla    Levante          
     26.01. 16:15    Atl. Madrid    Getafe          
     26.01. 18:30    Leganes    Eibar          
     26.01. 20:45    Valencia    Villarreal          
     27.01. 12:00    Valladolid    Celta Vigo          
     27.01. 16:15    Girona    Barcelona          
     27.01. 18:30    Ath. Bilbao    Betis          
     27.01. 18:30    Real Sociedad    Huesca          
     27.01. 20:45    Espanyol    Real Madrid          
     28.01. 21:00    Alaves    Rayo Vallecano          
     01.02. 21:00    Huesca    Valladolid         
     02.02. 13:00    Levante    Getafe         
     02.02. 16:15    Real Sociedad    Ath. Bilbao         
     02.02. 18:30    Barcelona    Valencia          
     02.02. 20:45    Eibar    Girona         
     03.02. 12:00    Villarreal    Espanyol         
     03.02. 16:15    Betis    Atl. Madrid         
     03.02. 18:30    Celta Vigo    Sevilla         
     03.02. 20:45    Real Madrid    Alaves         
     04.02. 21:00    Rayo Vallecano    Leganes         
So, the following two fixtures give us a lot of excitement. Seems like Rayo Vallecano is probably going to leave relegation zone if they win over Leganes on the fourth of February. Celta Vigo and Valladolid are going to play an important match next week with Celta 1 point away from Valladolid and 1 point away from relegation zone. This year’s LaLiga is quite interesting so I implode you to take a football schedule, league table, look at some stats and start entering this league. It is well worth it. Plenty of unexpected results and plenty of draws. There is a lot of potential for bettors in this league at the moment.

Multitasking using the Football Schedule

So, let’s say that you want to follow some of the five European leagues and also the Champions League or the Europe League. Alongside that, you may want to check the Cup of the correspondent countries. If you are interested in how a couple of teams will and can play on three fronts, it is best to check the football schedule of the leagues and cups. You will be able to find the spots where some teams simply play a lot more games than usual and maybe tiredness is going to result in an unexpected loss. It is similar to watching Premier League matches on the 1st and 2nd of January.
This year, there weren’t a lot of surprises but there were loads of surprises in the French Cup recently. Marseille, Europa League Runners-up have suffered a truly embarrassing defeat in the French Cup. They were beaten by fourth-division team Andrezieux. The Andrezieux game, of course, is hardly something one can predict. That is just football but still, it is not rare for some teams to sacrifice one competition to best in the other.
Under the lead of Arsene Wenger, Arsenal has managed to accomplish the unbeaten season. It was Premier League season 2003/2004 and they finished the season with 26 wins and 12 draws for a total of 90 points. The team fell out of the Champions League and so they concentrated only on winning the Premier League Title. They simply weren’t stretched on numerous sides. Of course, the team featured Thierry Henry, Rood Van Nistelrooy, Pires, Cambell, Lehmann, and others. That certainly made an impact.

Using the Football Schedule as a sidekick for betting

Batman had Robin, Sponge Bob had Patrick, and so you can also have your own sidekick for betting. Of course, try not to talk with the football schedule as that may be a bit stranger, but hey, people are people, who am I to judge? Anyway, a football schedule can be quite useful. You can print a couple of papers or take a pen and paper and write it down. Similarly, if you are a fan of the digital, having a football schedule shall be even easier to acquire. Above all, using a betting football schedule, you can see the various different types of betting and the corresponding odds.
For a newbie, this can act as a truly powerful tool and for a seasoned veteran, it may come as a brain refresher. On all of the different types of betting systems, you can read here and check the part about soccer betting statistics here. I would advise you to also read our article on football betting mistakes and how to avoid them. If you hate draws, feel free to read this article and the article on Asian Handicap, a great betting type.
As you develop as a punter, you’ll be able to use the football schedule alongside with the statistics and systems to up your game. Likewise, as we know by now, there is no secret winning recipe. Similarly, it is the same as with everything else in your life, you need to invest time and effort if you want results. Furthermore, learning about the statistic in soccer and about possibilities, factors, systems, and such will mean almost nothing to you if you don’t watch football regularly and if you don’t follow the market occurrences, changes of managers, injured players and forms of individual players and teams as a whole.

Check for patterns

Also, one team can have eight amazing defensive players that it rotates. You can notice a pattern of which players play best side-by-side. They don’t have to be the best players individually, but altogether. They are a team. It is like with Sex Pistols, you can love them or not but they made a breakthrough in the musical world nonetheless. It is a known fact that almost none of them knew how to play their instrument, still, they were clearly a team.
That is an important thing to note, individual talent is important but not the most relevant thing. It often happens that teams with less value beat teams whose players value more on the market. After all, they are all people, to begin with. First of all, we have the tendency to idolize sportsmen, actors, and musicians as semi-gods. It is probably strange to be a celebrity and I don’t mean that in a positive way. Above all, I think it is a burden on them. Anyway, I drifted off. 

Give us a try

You can also give us a try since we are well worth it. We have the best prediction tool with 400+ tipsters using our services. The math behind betting statistics is quite substantial. Furthermore, within our platform, you can see missing players due to injury or red card and pretty much every betting statistics in football. You can also add notes and the tool saves them and provides you with quick access to your desired information. We provide you with a lot of possibilities, stats, and in-play and pre-game odds. Click here for a 7 days free trial. As you are well aware by now, you have 7 days to quit and a lot to gain. Give it a try. You got nothing to lose. Feel free to comment below and share some of your thoughts or experiences.

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