How to get better at live soccer betting?

How to get better at live soccer betting?

Live soccer betting, what it is and how to get better with it?

We are lucky to born in an era where we can place bets on anything we want. NFL? Yes. NBA? For sure. NHL? HELL YES!!! Today sports betting is multi-million dollar business. Every year billions of dollars are spent on sports gambling. The annual Super Bowl Championship is the busiest period for the sportsbooks around the world. Industry analysts forecast the total worth of bets placed between Seahawks and Patriots on Super Bowl XLIX will be approximately $4 billion. And yeah, there has never been a better time to be in the sports betting and take part in the wide offer or live soccer betting.

Why is soccer loved, played and watched

Soccer is a popular game in the United States for the past 30 years. It is also the longtime favourite sport in other places of the world too. During ancient Egyptian times, people used to play soccer which involves kicking a ball.
There are millions of passionate soccer fans worldwide. Watching their favourite team playing and winning is the most pleasant feeling. Playing soccer make them feel them lively.
People love live soccer betting as much as they love playing soccer. Play in betting, or live betting, is the ability to bet on sporting events. The concept of live soccer b
etting is very simple.  It’s the same as betting in a conventional way. You choose your favourite team, put your money down and then get paid out if you win.

Conventional betting 

Conventional betting involves placing bets before the games start. However, live soccer betting is a little different. New technology has allowed bookmakers to offer new betting tactics like live betting. Today betters can continue to place bets online and receive their payment for their wins, while the game takes place. Live betting provides a greater number of upshots to consider with constantly changing odds provided by the bookmakers. This not only makes the experience of watching and betting on sports much more exciting, but it also benefits the betters with the greatest understanding of the game.

Did you know live soccer has the highest bet volume?

When it comes to betting, soccer has the highest bet volume. Every week hundreds of people are involved in soccer betting. Despite all this, there are many people out there who are not familiar with how betting actually works.
Whether you are planning to have a conversation about your friend who has saved his hard earned money to for the live betting or want to bet big over the weekend we suggest you to keep reading this article.
Even a single goal in soccer betting means a lot. This is because of the low scoring nature of soccer. Once you are able to score the first goal, it is pretty easier to predict the match outcome. Some of the bettors can widely benefit through professional guidance.

Live soccer betting

Live soccer betting strategy

Live soccer betting is rapidly increasing over the years. While the soccer matches are in progress, potential bettors look for lucrative opportunities. A simple rule of speculation works in live soccer. Bettors make their profits from market inefficiencies. They need to focus on several things in order to master the market inefficiencies.
Know that the goals during live soccer are random and rare. So how do you forecast something that is rare and random? Bettors with the proven professional knowledge use complex statistical models in order to predict the chances of goals.

Analyze Data

At a practical level, they all are human beings who possess unique tendencies to predict the game results. Abettor needs to understand their distinctive abilities at the times when he fails to estimate the market outcomes. Remember that live soccer is the game of two halves. There is a lot of data available during the game in full flow that can help you identify intensity. If you are able to analyze the data, you will be in a better position to see which team is actually leading.
Once you are able to get familiar with some concepts for the live soccer betting, you will be a professional bettor.


How does the live soccer betting work?

Were you a top scorer in statistics during your college days? If yes, chances are you will earn a hell lot of money during the live soccer betting. Good for you, yeah? Better if you have previous knowledge about the betting. A goal is the most important event in soccer. By analyzing the previous data, you can easily estimate the probability of winning the match.
Now let’s walk you through around how can you actually develop a live soccer betting. The first thing you need to understand is the basic types of betting. Once you have proven knowledge about the odds you will prefer using advance markets.

The first goal during live soccer is important

Once the team scores the first goal, chances are it will win the match. Data shows that during the Premier League, a team that won the first goal has 69% chances of winning the match, 19% of the matches were drawn and the team who failed to score the first goal has a mere 12% chance of winning the game. For sure, all the teams are never the same, the percentage of defeats draws and the wins vary as you classify the league into various bands.
The first goal is not the only factor to consider with live soccer betting. The other important factors include the teams’ strength, at what point the first goal was scored, goal scoring tends, the current score, and the time remaining.
You cannot predict the exact results with every bet. To every rule, there are always exceptions. There will be some unpredictable random expectations. Make sure you consider when the teams tend to score and give up goals. 

Live soccer betting tips

Whether you are new to the live soccer betting or a professional bettor, following tips will help you get to the next level.

  • Do your homework

In live betting, everything takes place at a faster level and there are a lot more factors to analyze betting.
Live betting supports those with the best understanding of the game. The most successful live betters don’t wait for the whistle blows at the start of the game. They do their analysis and research first.

  • Control your speed

It’s always a good idea for punter/betters to bet keeping in track the money they can spend on betting.  This is especially important for live betting as it takes place very fast and the options for placing bets are almost limitless.
The most experienced punters manage their money on rules that vary between 3-5% that is the percentage of bankroll that you should regard as betting at any one time. For example, if you are having a bankroll of €100, you should not bet more than €3 to €5 on per game.
Whatever rules you choose for betting make sure you bet sensibly and never bet more than you can lose. It’s also good to start with a little low amount, as live betting can feel overwhelming at first, mainly when odds change rapidly.

Be responsible

There are several issues related to betting. These issues often lead to family relationship problems, financial setback, job problems and a range of other issues.
If you are a frequent better managing your money is the key responsibility. Here are some tips on playing responsibly:

  • Play within your limits. Limit yourself and get stick to it. Stop playing if you go beyond that limit.
  • Do not borrow money from anyone to bet.
  • Never spend more to win than back losses.
  • Treat any loss as part of your activity/leisure cost.
  • Balance gambling with other spare time activities
  • Do not put pressure on yourself to bet. Bet when you feel easy.
  • Stop playing if you think you are spending more money and playing more frequently.
  • Do not chase losses.


Understand momentum swings

Momentum swings is a key determinant of betting odds. A team that is already leading will have more confidence and ultimately they benefit from encouraging and applause. In contrast, a team which is already losing will have an emotional turndown. The momentum swings affect an entire season.
Live betting is feasible and momentum takes place on a much faster level within a single game, such as an early goal or a star player getting knocked down at an early stage.
The intelligent betters use proven knowledge and attention to detail to spotless obvious pointers of momentum swings. You can make a safe live betting just by understanding the momentum swing at the earliest stage.

Study each team

It is very important to study every team before choosing it for betting to chase the money. Know the fact that your favourite team does not always win. Based on some sound logic backing the favourite team is one of the common practices among bettors. This is a pretty straightforward approach. Can you actually expect to make a hell lot of money from using such an obvious approach? Wish it was that easier!
Dig into the data to find which team is actually leading. Study previous data, get your hands dirty with forecasting and follow practices the professional bettors implement.  Specifically, if you want to look for any trends or patterns that might be worth exploring further about the teams' history.

Trade positions

Before a game begins, it’s common to bet on the outcome of the game, the score and the players who might score. Besides, there’s not much a reason to place bets on live soccer for such things as the number of corner kicks approved or the number of cards that will be shown.
If you have understood these dynamics, it can give you and frame over the bookies, so take advantage of these exceptional bets in any way you can.
This is part of what makes live betting this much exciting! With live betting, there are a vast number of additional factors that can be predicted and gambled on.

Live soccer betting

How to plan your bets ahead of time and be the champion

It was almost 20 years ago; oddsmakers didn’t have data about the team. However, they could collect the statistics based on box scores. Today, you can evaluate and compare teams in the blink of an eye, and we mean it.
Whether you are planning to bet for tonight, tomorrow or the weekend matches, planning abet ahead of a match can be helpful. If you have appropriate data and information about teams, you will be on the safe side.
Conduct a research on betting expert website and get the professional advice. You will get a huge range of 
tipsters predictions for each match.

Live soccer betting vs pre-game bettors

The outcomes of live betting are way too different then pre-game betting. Several betting options are available in soccer betting.
There are two main betting methods in sports betting, one is pre-match bets. The bookmakers present their odds and a live bet is for ongoing matches.
Understanding the different betting methods is vital to get the best possible results
Carefully read the next items mentioned below whether it is best to wait for a match to start or to bet on 

  • How strong favourite team will begin the match or perform in the first half?
  • Are there several outside events able to make the market odds quickly vary?
  • How strong and competitive is the rival and how does that can bias the live bets?

These are the questions and most appropriate scenarios to keep in mind when betting. The more you try to understand a match from different points of view, the more you will get profit.
The difference between using a live bet strategy versus a pre-match bet solely depends upon you and your analysis. Also, don’t forget that no betting expert can be 100% sure about all match features before it begins. The most appropriate fact is to learn from mistakes and tuning up the match analysis process.

Why is the live soccer growing all the time?

Live soccer betting is not for everyone. That’s totally understandable. If you are new to the live soccer trying it for the first time can be intimidating. I am pretty confident that you will like it. The live soccer betting is growing all the time due to the following advantages. Let’s explore them in a little detail.
The first one is pretty straightforward! Being able to bet while the games are being played gives you additional chances to bet. This is great if you looking forward to availing as many opportunities as you want.
It also provides a wider selection of betting options. As a result, you have additional chances to bet. They include time of next goal, the next player to score, or the next team to score.
Most importantly, live soccer betting allows you to have a greater chance of finding value.


Betting is all about staying calm especially after a big win or loss. If you have suffered a big loss don't chase it by betting bigger one next time and add up to your losses. Again a big win must not attract you to bet more frequently and infrequently, ultimately resulting in a loss.
Sit back, relax and enjoy live soccer betting! How often do you bet live soccer? Let us know in the comments section below.


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