Save time on preparing for the day or upcoming week.
Use our odds movement and pre-game statistical tools for spotting potential winning bets.
Add teams to your favourites and don't miss them!

Pregame odds movement

Follow the odds and lines moving cycles through our tool.
We have all the football games odds history from opening to closing odds.
Add game notes when there's big drop in odds or asian lines and spot the game instantly when it comes to in-play and into your favourites.
We give you the chance to check the pre-game odds and lines in graph and tables and will make them more comfortable to follow and acquire information from.

Add teams into favourites

When you spot the potentially interesting game, add the game into your favourites.

There are several reasons to add the game into your favourites:

  • Previous games statistics.
  • Missing players.
  • Pre-game odds movement.

Add the game 
to your favourites and it appears on top of your live games page when it starts!

This means that it's easy to start following the game when in-play and not to miss potential value bet.

5 years of historical database

We have by far the biggest in-play statistics database.
Our old project, called rball.db is up and running from 2013 and thus we have the luxury to allow you to use this huge database when comparing teams tendencies and patterns.
Never miss a piece of all important statistics and make the maximum out of our database.
Check the in-play stats for Real Madrid v Chelsea game from 2013 or last seasons Norwegian U19 league games, we have all covered.
We collect 95% of in-play games data daily, which makes over 2000 games weekly!
We have all the data available from ball possession and shots on target to corners, score and dangerous attacks.


Team/game notes

Add additional information to teams and games.
Our tool allows you to add team into your favourites with added notes.
This saves you from hazzle to keep additional spreadsheets with team news like:

  • Missing players because of red card or injury.
  • Added players during the transfer window.

The tool saves all important information you have added and offers you quick access to this information
Also, every team with notes have a mark on the live games page and when the game starts, it comes into your favourites list in order not to miss the game.
You can also add game notes - For example, when the final result didn't reflect the in-play stats or there were for example bad weather, a lot of red cards which influenced the final result of the game.

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