Football statistics from England Premier League

Football statistics from England Premier League

Betting on football statistics and data overall is becoming more and more popular. There are several reasons for that. One of them is the growing accessibility to high-end football statistics for regular punters like you and me.
One of the top football statistics sites is, of course, Statistic Sports! 
I have gone through a lot of football statistics and discovered some important trends in the England Premier League. I was aware of some of them, and some of them were also a big surprise for me.

Goal times football statistics

While betting and following the big games with friends, we love to see the goals and drama. So, let's start with the goals football statistics.
There's a big tendency towards more goals in the second half in the England Premier League. 57.3% of goals are scored in the second half, and this includes added time.
A whopping 22.8% of goals are scored from the 76th minute in the England Premier League. During the first 15 minutes, only 12.9% of goals have been scored.

100% of Liverpool and Newcastle games have finished with over 1.5 goals - both numbers are from 11 games.
Based on the first 11 rounds, the best teams in the England Premier League for over 3.5 goals are Liverpool with 55% and West Ham with 45%

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Most high scoring games in the first half involve teams like Leicester City (17 goals in the first half) and Liverpool (19 goals scored in the first half).
Most goals during the second half? West Ham games have had 22 goals during the second half and 23 goals scored during the second half in Liverpool games. Twenty-two goals were scored during the second half in the Everton games. 

Both teams to score and win to nil

When we look into both teams to score market, there is one team standing above all others, and it's Newcastle United. 9 games out of 11 have finished with both teams on the scoresheet, 82%.
Other teams to consider for both teams to score markets based on the first 11 games stats are West Ham with 73% and Leicester with Leeds with the same %.

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When looking at the football statistics for the opposite, we have four strong candidates for the market for both teams not to score.
Manchester City has only two games from eleven with both teams to score, so by the statistics, it's wise to go to the opposite bet.
Three teams are on 27%. Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham are all on 27%. This means that only three games out of eleven have ended with both teams on the scoresheet.

The main candidates for the win to nil market are, of course, the strongest teams in the England Premier League at the moment.
Liverpool with 55% and six games out of eleven, Chelsea with 64% and seven games out of eleven, which is close to Manchester City numbers. There are two standout teams with loss to nil football statistics category.
Watford has lost seven games out of eleven without a goal scored. Second best is Norwich with five games out of eleven and 45%.


Corners are very tricky to bet on as the game evolves. You have to follow the substitution, the pressing team, current score and so on. By the substitutions, it's crucial to follow the strikers.
Let's say Lukaku for Chelsea is subbed off and Havertz brought in, or Werner brought in. Of course, due to player nature, there will be more long balls to the box when Lukaku is on the pitch.

I immediately notice that when the team gets a lot of corners, this doesn't mean that the over line will also be covered as the opponent might not get many corners.
The best teams for getting the corners are Manchester City with 8.3 and Liverpool with 7.7. These two teams are also the ones who concede the less amount of corners; City 2.9 and Liverpool 3.2.
The most corners 'shy' teams are Crystal Palace with 3.5 and Brentford and Watford with 3.82. The teams who concede the most corners so far are Norwich with 6.55, Watford with 6.2 and Leicester with 6 per game.

When betting on over 8.5 total corner line, you should check for Leeds, Leicester, Manu and Southampton. All these teams games have covered the line at least with 82%. The top teams are Leeds and Manu with 91%.
When we add only one more corner for the total line and check the 9.5 total line, we have Burnley, Leeds and Manu covering the line with 73% accuracy. Over 10.5 line top teams are Arsenal and Leicester with 64% accuracy.

I found an interesting trend while checking some certain teams while they play at home. Important note - when they play at home.
Tottenham has a 100% record while playing at home, covering the total corner line of 10.5. It's only with 5 games, but still a strong tendency so far. One important thing here is that they changed a coach recently, and the new coach might use a totally different approach to the game.


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