GAMES are LIVE again! German football leagues are BACK this weekend!

GAMES are LIVE again! German football leagues are BACK this weekend!

Step by step, the football leagues are starting again. Four football leagues around the world continued playing despite the virus. One of them was Belarus league, and there's now some concerning news. 
The federation said that the top-flight game between FC Minsk and Neman Grodno, scheduled to take place on May 15, has been called off due to suspected COVID-19 cases among the home team's players. 
Also, one second league game cancelled for the same reason.
The Belarus league could postpone more games, but luckily we have some other leagues coming in, including one of the big boys!

Countries where leagues expected to start in May:

  • GERMAN BUNDESLIGA and also 2nd league - THIS WEEKEND!

  • Austria and Armenia

  • Burundi

  • Croatia

  • Czech Republic

  • Denmark

  • Estonia

  • Faroe Islands

  • Guatemala

  • Hungary

  • Israel

  • Japan

  • Lithuania

  • Poland and Portugal

  • Serbia

German Bundesliga

As I wrote earlier, the title challenge is wide open, and I have a cut feeling that we see some seriously exciting and open games with a lot of goals. Players have had long breaks, bookies have adjusted almost all the games lines to higher already.
Today we have a final game of this round:  
Werder Bremen v Bayer Leverkusen.
Odds on Leverkusen dropped already quite heavily, and I believe rightly so. They were much better before the break and keep in mind that these games are played infront of empty stands. This means less home ground advantage as you could imagine. Werder have also some bigger injury worries. Klaassen (cards) and Augustinsson are ruled out, both key figures in the team. Legend Pizarro and Fullkrug are not yet ready and fit for the game.

For this weekend, we have games from GermanyBelarus, Faroe Islands, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkmenistan! Due to different timezones, this means that we have football games basically for the whole day. Some confirmed leagues will start next week, which means EVEN MORE FOOTBALL!


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