Best Football Bets - The Road to Success!

Best Football Bets - The Road to Success!

All punters want to know what are the best football bets a person can make? There is no exact answer to that question due to the complicated nature of sports but still, there are a lot of guidelines that will lead you to make the best football predictions which will, in turn, lead you to put those best football bets possible. You know, some people prefer betting on horse races, some chase the casino bonus whilst some like to track Champions league or various football leagues such as Premier League, La Liga and so on. But we will be discussing the best football betting tips and bet types that you, as an amateur or a professional bettor can undertake to either build up your betting game or simply refresh it with old or new ideas. We all tend to forget some basics that can provide us with nice winnings.

How to get the best out of sign up offers and qualifying bets

Every new sign upoffer will lead to the same process and that is the qualifying bet. As the name says it, a qualifying bet is usually the first bet that we place in order to qualify for the bonus or a free bet. It is important to remember to place the qualifying bet on the lowest odd in order to have the smallest qualifying loss. Be careful though, every offer has those small written words that go along with it. Let’s say that you get a 50 units bonus on a 50 unit min deposit. Furthermore, you need to place the qualifying bet before you are able to withdraw.
Also, the offer states that we must place our bet on odds of 1.50 or higher. If you see min odds 1/2, know that this is the same thing and that a free bet is valid only at stakes 1.5 and up.

Check the small letters

Also, pay attention to what is written. You might see something like returns exclude bet credits stake which means that if you bet 10 units and win a total of 40 units (odds are 4.0), your winnings will be 40 units but your credit stake is 10 units and can’t be withdrawn. Thus, your net return will be 30 units and your credit stake not returned to you for withdrawal but only for betting. Also, pay attention if the bonus expires anytime soon. Sometimes, a qualifying bet expires in 7 days but mostly, it expires in 30 days or so.
Some offers may state 1x settled bet requirement in order to release bet credits which mean that you need to deposit money prior to getting the bet credits. These offers usually imply that the higher the deposit, the higher the bet credit bonus that you get is. Don’t worry, if it is a legit site, it is not a fraud but carefully read between the lines and think about all ends.

Best football bets

Matched Betting – How to convert a bookmaker’s free bonus to real money

So, it is time for our favourite thing, selecting a match to bet on with our qualifying bet. But bear in mind that even though we have a “free bet”, we should still try to place the best football bets as always. Why bet if not to win right?
So, the first step is to pick the
bet. When doing this, always stick with the popular matches that have a lot of interest. Simply put, you are placing a qualifying bet, so you should do it in terms you are familiar with. Once you locate your bet, it is time to back and lay bet. A qualifying bet is a back and lay bet and that is called matched betting or betting exchanges. Why? Well, because people are exchanging bets which is why they are the best football bets out there.
Anyway, a back bet is usually placed at a bookmaker and this is when we bet for
something to occur, for example, we are backing some team to win their football league or a match.
A lay bet is not placed at a bookmaker but at a betting exchange. This is a bet that says that something won’t happen. The general rule is to try and keep the qualifying loss under 5% of the qualifying bet. The catch is to keep the losses down in order to open up the bonuses which
is how we’ll make profits.

Important and simple

Basically, upon sign up, you’ll receive a bonus from your bookmaker and you must place your bet back with him. After that, lay the same bet on Smarkets betting exchange in order to cover all potential outcomes. This removes any risk involved in the game and provides you with winning no matter how the game plays. So, matched bets are completed in two stages. One is qualifying bet and second is Free Bet SNR (stake not returned) and Free Bet SR (stake returned).

Football Accumulators

A football accumulator bet or “acca” is when you play several matches all on the same bet in order to up the odds and increase the potential winnings. There are several types of football accumulators. However, in a regular accumulator bet, all of the matches that you played need to be victorious in order so that you can get your winnings. I honestly don’t know if there is a limit to how many matches you can play in an accumulator bet but still, if you play too much, the possibility of success shall proportionally decrease with the number of matches played.
Football accumulators are often played by backing small odds. If you play let’s say 5 games with smaller odds, you could get nice winnings out of it. The way to calculate your winnings is quite simple, you simply multiply all of your odds and your stake. That is it. So let’s say that you decide to play on big favourites and you want to increase your profits. You play a football accumulator bet that includes 5 matches with the following odds: 1,3; 1,2; 1,1; 1,15; and 1,4.

Calculating the odds

Your betting odd = 1,3*1,2*1,1*1,15*1,4 = 2,76276. Let’s say that your bet is 20 units, so your winnings would be around 55 units which means that you almost tripled your wager and all you did was play it safe and cool. Think about it.
There are also other football accumulator bets such as playing several matches but with the potential to lose one or more of the matches. In these cases, let’s say that you play 7 matches in a 5 out of 7 system. This means that 5 matches need to be correct in order for you to get any money back. The higher the odds you guess correctly and the higher the number of matches correctly guessed, the higher your profits shall be. But you still get to at least get your stake back in case that you guess only 5 out of the 7 matches. That is still pretty good.
But be careful. These systems can easily trick people and they get greedy and start playing some crazy odds. I have seen it too many times. Don’t be like that. Play smart and be precise. If you bet carefully, you’ll almost always get some winnings by playing these systems.

Football accumulators and double chance

Every game can go in three directions: win, draw, and loss. If you’re placing a regular back bet, your probability of success is around 33% (without the external factors such as team strength, form, etc. but Blanco). When you play double chance, you are increasing your probability of success to 66-67% and that is quite a thing. Of course, the higher the probability of success, the lower the winnings but still, the winnings will accumulate over time if you play it safe and smart.
However, there is a second path through which you can approach the double chance. We talked about football accumulators and how they increase the winnings but lower your probability of success. What if you increase your probability and retain nice winnings by playing a football accumulator? Furthermore, we have all been in such positions of horror when we look at a match for an hour and it’s constantly ticking win, draw, win, draw, etc. You get the idea. It is hard to make up your mind when something just feels strange and when our gut wants to speak to us. In these situations, I always play double chance.
Anyway, you can always play double chance on big favourites and completely play risk-free (almost completely am I right?) but it is better to find teams of similar strength and play double chance on them. Best football bets are the ones which are green on the slip!

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap certainly qualifies as one of the best football bets. It is quite fun and provides great possibilities for success. With the Asian Handicap, you can’t bet on a draw. Only possibilities are a win and there is a goal handicap involved in the play. If that goal handicap is a +, a draw means that your bet has been successful. How? If the team that you betted on had a plus handicap, you add that value to the number of goals that they scored. So, if the end result has been a draw 1:1 and your team had even a +0,5,full time score is 1,5:1. You win. If the team had a minus handicap, after the match has ended, we deduct the handicap from the fulltime score.
The catch to how to remember the Asian Handicap is: if your team leads once you deduct or add the handicap (depending on the – or +), you win. So, as you can see, Asian Handicap provides a lot of possibilities. And the handicap can be higher than 0,5, it might be 2 for example. Imagine you are watching a game and your team wins by 3:0 and the other team score a goal and it is 3:1 now. You just lost right?

Don't lose, have fun

Asian handicap is a lot of fun, I honestly enjoy it quite a lot but you need to know when and how to play it. As always, chase the ones with a better probability of success and not with higher profits. That is the catch, just as always. Moderation is a choice and life philosophy. Some prefer to live fast and furious, who am I to judge or even say that moderation is better. It might not be, it all depends on the perception and that is a tricky thing. Just be yourself and enjoy life. Stay good.

Catch Up on Football Betting Statistics

If you want to excel as a manager, you need to learn about people and what drives them. Maybe you’ll read Yung or Freud or even Nietzsche in order to understand more about the human psyche and learn how to emphasize and connect with people. This will allow you to understand more about yourself and you’ll grow to love your job and your life. Similarly, a football player will need to train every day and work with his teammates. Why? Well in order to be at the right place at the right time and score, assist or stop a goal.
The point is that everything needs work. You can’t be an amazing bettor without engaging in sports on an everyday basis. Furthermore, it is quite helpful to develop your understanding and your skills each and every day which is why I recommend that you catch up on football betting statistics. It is as simple as that.
You see, betting statistics can provide a lot of insights into the game and you’ll be able to notice some things that hide behind the curtains. Maybe you’ll be able to notice the new Leicester or a surprising Cup winner. You never know. The best place to start with is always a form of a team and head-to-head. Still, there is so much more to statistics. Even a league table and a football schedule are a mighty adviser if properly used within the best football bets.

Locate your field of interest and don’t wander away

Another useful tip is to locate your field of interest and don’t wander away. What do I mean by this? Well, don’t play the Norwegian league if you don’t know anything about it. Try to locate the leagues you are familiar with and track changes within these leagues. The best football bets are knowledgeable bets.
It is hard to keep up with everything since players get injured, teams replace their managers, new players arrive, old players, go away, and some teams enter great form whilst some have turbulences due to internal reasons even though they are packed with great players and so on. It can get quite frustrating.
There are so many factors and it is hard to keep up with one league. Imagine doing that for several leagues. It is bloody impossible and I don’t advise it. It’s better to focus on one to three leagues and become a master within them. This will, in turn, lead to higher profits and a better understanding of the game. Give it time though, nothing happens overnight.
We have discussed the best football bets and some pretty good football tips and strategies to implement. There is so much more to this game than the jibber jabber, stats and so on but still, stats provide us with some amazing insights. It is on us to try to understand the human factor in the game and to learn to capitalize and enjoy through betting, watching and following sports.

Best football bets Out There

You know, if you sign up for a free trial here, you can get a look at our prediction tools and services for free. We have the best football bets. More than 400+ tipsters use our services. That doesn’t happen overnight. It means that we provide value. During your free trial, you can determine whether you feel that our service truly is valuable and worth mutual cooperation in the future. We don’t work for free but we take our job seriously, just as you do yours. I believe you’ll stay with us. I am confident in it. The odds are at 1,03, but you never know.
We provide you with a lot of possibilities, stats, and in-play and pre-game odds. Within our platform, you can find numerous football betting tips and best football bets out there. If you want to learn more about anything football or betting related or you simply want to share something with us, just comment below. We’ll do our best to quickly return the favour. Or click here for a 7 days free trial and enjoy the best service out there. See you soon!

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