Football Tips Today - And What About Tomorrow?

Football Tips Today - And What About Tomorrow?

If you are keen on following football leagues and playing football accumulators, you should follow the best football tips today in order to remain in the game. Football predictions are a funny thing. Sometimes it feels as if some animals such as a koala in Australia or a squid may have better prediction possibilities and football tips today than experienced gamblers or even professionals. Just kidding! But we can all agree that Paul the Octopus who had a success rate of 85% at the World Cup in Germany and Nelly the Elephant with a success rate of 90% was quite lucky with their guesses.
However, here at Statistic Sports, we have a lot of experience in football predictions and we leave nothing to luck and guesses. You see, it takes two teams and a set of referees for a football game to take place and it takes two teams to score goals, there are twenty-two players in the game with potential six going in during the match. Plus the weather, the home or away, family issues, managers, and so on. So, the next time that you see an odd, just try to understand how many thoughts and energy have been invested in the creation of the same. It’s astonishing.

Superstitious Bettors, Be Aware

As we mentioned Nelly the Elephant and Paul the Octopus, I wanted to touch some sensitive topic present in both betting and other parts of our lives. That is superstition. Superstition is a dangerous trait and you should always avoid such thoughts and behaviours.

The Paul Story

I knew a guy in elementary school. His name was Paul. Well, Paul had a lucky shirt that he always wore to football matches. In his lucky shirt, Paul was Superman. And so, Paul went through his life with his lucky shirt, lucky lighter, lucky pillow, and so on. It was never something that anybody regarded as potentially dangerous. One day, Paul invested everything that he had on one bet because he found positive omens all around him at that particular moment. You see, Paul nurtured his way of thinking throughout his entire life. And finally, it got to him. Paul is living with his parents now. He is better and coping with superstition. He avoided several job opportunities because of bad omens.
The reason why I said this story is the fact that life is short and there is no time for superstition. There are predictions, football statistics, professional who analyse the game, and so many factors that we can objectively rely on. We shouldn’t let emotions govern our lives. Especially not our work life. Emotions are for our time. For our friends and family. For a Sunday afternoon in the park, drinking beer and playing football with our kids and friends. Now that is a time to let our guards down and relax. I practice having at least one day a week only for my family, friend and me. I don’t bet on that day nor do I do anything else besides having a great time with my family. So relax if the situation allows it. In betting and business, keep it sharp!

football tips today

Best Football Tips Today – What Kind of Bets can I Play?

The most basic division is to pre-game and in-game bets. Pre-game best require analysis, statistic, whilst in-game best are more instinct based. But there are some changes to pre-game and in-game bets that you should be aware of. Let’s take Asian Handicap for example. In Asian Handicap, the draw is eliminated. The only possibility is a win on either of sides with a potential increase in increments. In in-play Asian Handicap, when you place the bet, the score immediately resets to 0:0. Remember that.
There is also a similar bet as Asian Handicap. It’s called Draw no Bet. In this bet type, in case of a draw, you get your stakes back. You can also bet on halftime or fulltime, or even a double result. A double result bet is a bet where you bet on both halftimes. For example, if you bet 1-2 double result, you are essentially saying that at the end of the first halftime, the home team will be in the lead whilst the guest will win the match at the end.

The Barcelona Double Result Legendary Chase

You know, there is a funny story regarding the double result betting. It involves one of my close friends, Andrej. It was season 2005/2006 or similar and Barcelona was playing phenomenal football. They scored a lot of goals and conceded a lot too. It was energetic and true joy and privilege to watch their atomic football. Anyway, he noticed a pattern in their gameplay. Most of their games, especially against stronger teams, Barcelona started poorly. They were usually behind at halftime and in the second halftime, an amazing comeback resulted in their win. So he started chasing this idea.
One time, he placed a single bet on I think that it was Chelsea vs. Barcelona. His bet was on Barcelona fulltime with Chelsea beating them in the first halftime. The end result was 2:1 for Barcelona. And Chelsea scored the first goal. However, Chelsea scored the first goal in 46th minute at the very start of the second halftime. His winnings were enormous. Sadly, he didn’t win. But he did catch how the game is going to be played. The odds were around 1:40. You can imagine the winnings.

Football Tips Today – Playing Football Accumulators

Whenever winnings are mentioned, accumulators come to my mind. I love football accumulators. I loved them when I was younger too. However, one must learn how to play them and avoid various traps and mistakes. Football accumulators are great when you bet on several games and not too many. What I do is take the Premier League fixture and select several matches to play. Of course, you can mix football leagues too. There really aren’t any rules to which games you want to play. It’s your decision. But be realistic. That is the biggest problem with football accumulators and betting in general, people tend to stop being realistic and start chasing that big win. That never ends well. If you come across football tips today saying otherwise, turn around.
Let me give you some accumulator tips. Try betting on teams to score 3+ goals and bet on smaller odds. Try doing this a couple of times. Play only 4 games in an accumulator to see how it goes.  When playing accumulators, do avoid to play on the correct score. These bets are risky ones. You shouldn’t chase the big win. Try accumulating your winnings over a longer period of time. You’ll gain more that way. Trust me. If you opt for chasing the big wins, you’ll chase the windmills throughout your life just like Don Quixote did. And that seems quite frustrating.

Avoid Greed- Best Football Tips Today

I am speaking out of the experience. Some time ago, I was chasing a big win through a football accumulator. I managed to get a medium to large winning and I got a bit greedy. Over time, thankfully, I realized how wrong I was in my ideation process. I immediately stopped and searched for some guidance and counselling. After that, when I became aware of reality, it was easy to get up and going.

How’s Time Treating You?

For a good better, time is of the essence. Why? Well, you can’t be a pro without the efforts and sacrifices. An engineer becomes an engineer after acquiring a diploma (after attending at least four years of study at the University) and only after several years of work, can he or she actually work on their own. A doctor doesn’t become a doctor overnight. It takes a whole life full of training and sacrifices and luck and talent to become a top class football player and it also takes time to be a cook or anything else. Every profession requires sacrifice and a lot of time and effort.
Therefore, if you have a job outside of betting, I presume you hardly manage both. Furthermore, if you have a family then you are really stretched to limits. And that isn’t good. So pay attention to what I’m telling you, your health is the most important thing. And rest.

Get a Chinese Player in Your Team

So, creating a football schedule might be good for you. You can follow up on the League Tables of different football leagues or just the Premier League which is predominantly the most followed league in the world. That is if you exclude the game between Barcelona and Espanyol. You see, this derby is one of the most watched games in the world. Why? Well, not because of Messi actually. It’s because of Wu Lei, a Chinese forward. Wu Lei gets so much traction because he is the only Chinese player that is currently playing in one of the five strongest European Leagues. So, if I was the owner of a club and I wanted to increase the number of TV viewers, I know what I would do.
Anyway, if you don’t have the time for running the football schedule, take a look at what we offer and check our free trial. Get some betting previews and best football tips today.

Tips, Tips, all I want are Football Tips

I’ve been there, done that. It gets hard from time to time to think on our own. At least for me. Some periods in life arrive at the exact timing. My energy drops down. I feel like a big sloth. I am so cranky that I sit around in my home hungry because I am too lazy to go and buy some food. Have you experienced such moments in life? They aren’t peachy. But they have some upsides. After all, a good thing is when you realize that it’s normal. Other people have them too. They are just too afraid to admit.
Anyway, in these moments, I can’t really sit down and properly analyse the data in front of me. I am prone to mistakes. And it’s those moments when I really need something that is organized, has all the data needed and great football predictions and football tips today. And our tool never fails to deliver and amaze me.
You see, before I came here, I had my own systems with the best football tips today. But all of these systems fall apart when I am not entirely my own. And at those moments in my life, I really couldn’t afford my systems to fail for long periods of time. It was my game, my life, and my work. So I brainstormed and created various spreadsheets, documents, schedules, predictions, tools, etc. I had websites that I followed and a lot of other help spread on all sides. But that was the issue. Dispersion! And that is never good. Dispersion is chaos and chaos results in more chaos. Just try to live in a messy apartment for a week and tidy up the place. You’ll feel reborn. Feng Shui works.

What About sign up offers?

Sign up offers will lead you to a qualifying bet. That is the first bet you place to qualify for the bonus or a free bet. You’ll most likely get 100 in bet credits which you can invest in betting markets such as bet365 and others. For qualifying bets, there is a min odds 1/2 which means that if your odds are less than 1.5 in decimals, you won’t qualify for a free bet.
Pay attention to the small letters. You’ll most likely see something like returns exclude bet credits stake. This means that if you bet 20 units and win a total of 60 (odds are 3.0), your winnings will be 40 and not 60 because 20 units are your bet credits stake. And your bet credits stake can’t be withdrawn. Capisce! Sometimes you’ll get 30 in free bets and sometimes you’ll get more credits. It all depends on the policy of the betting market.

Options, Options, Options

Nowadays, there are so many websites and offers out there. Everybody provides the best football tips today. I tend to get lost in the sea of information which is why I tend to keep everything to one website if I can. It’s the same in my life. If I’m spread on several sides, I can’t focus on any of them and I lose everything and feel bad and anxious. Maybe that is just me. But I don’t think so. I believe that most people are getting tired with the amount of information that we are bombarded with. It’s simply uncanny. The articles are in a rat race and the price is stupidity and so is the news. What has happened to journalism? Did SEO kill it? But that is a whole different story.
If you feel overwhelmed as I do, StatisticSports offers the one-in-all tool that just might solve your problems. And there is a free trial to assess its quality and whether it suits you.

Wait, What? How Can I have everything at one Place?

Imagine a tool that provides you with a schedule, the best football tips today, in-live and pre-game stats and prediction and many more. Using a football schedule can save you a lot of time. You can follow the odds and lines moving cycles and access 5 games of the historical database. You’ll be able to know which players are injured, which ones are out due to red cards and so much more. Such info is highly valuable in betting predictions.
You can also add your own notes. Follow the game actions timeline in-game and after the game also. Watch the changes in possession throughout the whole game. Watch corners, fouls, and all the rest of the stats. Now imagine having all of that and more in one dashboard waiting for the in-game or pre-game bets. Makes it a lot easier to focus on what is important: earning some nice bucks. And having some fun! Let’s face it, winning is always fun and losing is not fun at all.

Live In-Play Customizable Dashboard with the Best Football Tips Today

By signing up for a 7-day free trial here, you’ll get access to the best football tips today – live in-play customizable dashboard, advanced sorting and the loupe information among others. When you click on loupe, you’ll get:
•    The position of a team in the league table.
•    Last 5 games results.
•    Win-draw-loss information.
•    Games played.
•    Scored and conceded goals.
•    Home-away comparison football statistics.
Under the loupe, there are also further options such as corners averages, and other vital quick-decision making stats and best football tips today. This is just a small portion of what we offer and provide for our users, it’s not strange that 400+ tipsters use our services after all. We give value.
Do you have betting credits?
No, credits are offered on betting markets. We are a football live scores and statistics tool where you can acquire all football-related data analysed by Artificial Intelligence. StatisticSports covers all of your in-play and pre-game football stats.

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