Coronavirus: Soccer betting is no longer the same.

Coronavirus: Soccer betting is no longer the same.

Soccer betting during Coronavirus outbreaks knows profound changes. The occurrence of events, as well as the context of the encounters, affects the betting industry at several levels. Soccer betting is an essential source of income. It rules a considerable cash flow all over the world. As important as it is, the soccer betting industry undergoes the influence of many factors. The industry knows highs and lows during the world crisis, like any other economic fields. Currently, the appearance of the corona disease has made huge impacts on all sports games and notably Soccer game. As the game is affected, how will be the schemes of soccer betting during Coronavirus outbreaks?

Soccer betting in brief:

Soccer betting is predicting the result of a particular soccer or football match. This action is placing a bet on the outcome you choose. The bettor may win or lose if he predicts right or misses the prediction. The importance of the cash flow generated has diversified the betting types. For instance, there are the “1-X-2” betting type, the “Total score” betting type”, and the “Half-time, full-time” betting type.

Soccer betting involves a set of parameters that help to make the predictions. By using exact formulas, bettors can calculate their eventual profits. These parameters include the Odds, the Handicaps, and the Expected goals. The football fixtures are the trigger of all these calculations.

Coronavirus in brief:

Covid-19 or Coronavirus is the new epidemic agent. This virus spreads at a considerable speed and introduces profound changes to the human lifestyle. First discovered in China, the Covid-19 has marked its presence worldwide in a few weeks. The danger of this virus is the speed of spreading.

Soccer betting

Soccer game during Coronavirus outbreaks:

Soccer game and the associated aspects, notably soccer betting, face a new challenge. The Coronavirus outbreaks and the spreading speed of the Covid-19 are spectacular. In just a few weeks, Corona disease has conquered the whole world. Every day, competent departments confirm new positive subjects and new deaths.

Many football federations took preventive measures. To prevent the spreading of covid-19, soccer events are:

  • Cancelled: The encounters won’t take place at all.
  • Postponed: The encounters won’t take place as the football fixtures say. They are reported to an undefined date.
  • Scheduled to occur behind doors: The federations decide to maintain the fixtures, but the matches are without supporters.

Impacts of the decisions:

These three decisions affect the betting industry. In other words, changing the fixtures or changing the context of the encounters introduces vast modifications to the betting parameters. In the worst case, the betting sessions can’t happen.

The example of the United Arab Emirates and Morocco is interesting. It shows how to preserve, as much as possible, the economic interests while preventing the virus from spreading. The matches will happen without supporters. The Premier League won’t have the same path. Like the Italian league, the sporting events postponed until the authorities manage to handle the outbreaks. On the contrary, and in another context, the Tokyo Olympics committee declared no significant modifications to the Olympic game to come in the next July. 

Soccer betting during Coronavirus outbreaks:

Sports betting is in serious struggles. Most federations all over the world have cancelled or postponed sporting events. There are not so many events to bet on, which is why virtual sports betting has increased.  Soccer betting is not an exception. Soccer betting during Coronavirus outbreaks takes place on events behind the doors. The encounters without supporters, introduce an essential change into the betting factors. The Odds, the Expected Goals will obey a new bias.

On the other hand, the playing teams are also interested. They won’t have their regular revenues from selling tickets. In the worst cases, they will refund the tickets they sold to their supporters. This is an economic strike that will have huge effects on the game.

Moreover, The Coronavirus test can be positive for some players. Therefore they won’t be playing for a while. This situation was disturbing for three players of Leicester City. The betting parameters are again modified, and the betting sessions disturbed.

In other words, soccer betting during Coronavirus outbreaks reveals that calculating profits from the betting sessions is more complicated. The biases are that strong so that they can doom the whole session. Besides, it is also probable that the considered fixtures don’t go as planned. There is still the risk of cancellation.

Solving the issues of soccer betting during Coronavirus outbreaks:

Live soccer betting is a good option during the Coronavirus crisis. Also known as the in-play betting, it is the action of placing the bets after the matches start. This betting model offers a high number of betting opportunities. The events that you can consider include “next team to score” and “next player to score”. Of course, the list of events includes classical betting events.

This type has the potential to save soccer betting during Coronavirus outbreaks. By definition, this type is possible only when the game is on. Then, betting parameters are calculated for each event as time goes. The betting parameters are usually calculated upon fresh and actual parameters.

Besides, Bettors and bookmakers can still profit betting experiences. Virtual sports is but one example where punters can bet on. In live soccer betting, one sole match can generate a respectable cash flow regarding the number of betting events. Moreover, it is possible to recover a loss while the same play is on. Bettors don’t usually need another match to win the bets. They go for another event in the same game instead.

Is soccer betting during Coronavirus outbreaks safe?

To answer this question, it's necessary to look for a number of cancelled leagues. Also the weights, in the soccer environment. The covid-19 is covering the globe at a high speed. This may cause more leagues to suffer playing behind doors, postponing or worst cancelling. At this rate, sportsbooks will have no data to display and the betting business ruined.

At the moment, traditional soccer betting will consider maintained fixtures. The encounters without supporters will have different betting parameters, and bettors have to be very careful. But, while it is possible, live soccer betting remains the best alternative. This betting type stands as a separate environment by itself. It offers many additional betting choices with live betting parameters.


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