Live Football Scores & Statistics Tool

Live Football Scores & Statistics Tool

Live football scores and statistics tool

Get all football-related data, football live scores, analysed by A.I. from one source.

StatisticSports covers all your needs for pre-game and in-play football stats.

Try the complete package for 7 days for free. Activate now! *No payment details required*

The hottest Football Prediction Tool for pro's

Fastest and most valuable prediction tool that only pro's use to find value bets in time.

Track Live Football Scores with

Are you trying to make a mark in live betting?

Get the best tools for analysing data and boosting your chances of winning. StatisticSports provides five years of historical data with 95% of live games in our database every day.

StatisticSports keeps track of in-play live football scores and offers a fast and efficient prediction tool for finding winning bets. Over 12,000 professional tipsters are currently utilising our service.

StatisticSports processes 2,100 matches every week and allows our users to continually stay ahead of the game with the latest live football scores.

Our insider tips e-book is entirely free, and you can download it at any point to get insights about the game and learn how to place winning bets.

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Live Football Scores to Stay Ahead

We understand how important it is to always stay on top of the game.

Our mobile app can make your task hassle-free and straightforward.

Here, you can check the score, customise notifications and conveniently place bets. The app delivers messages based on your preferences from all time zones, allowing you to stay up-to-date and on the ball at all times.

In-app live football scores mean you'll never miss a bet.

Our app does even more than display live football scores. Its powerful A.I. tracks live football scores and delivers notifications to either your phone or desktop, giving you real-time live football scores on the go, never missing any in-play bets. has an industry-leading notification system that creates notifications for:

  • specific leagues,
  • pre-game odds,
  • line movements,
  • game time,
  • momentum change,
  • ball possession.

Plus, you get even more in-play stats for corners, shots, and dangerous attacks. And suppose you would like to know the statistics for the favourites or underdogs. In this instance, our notifications will always place the final winning bets.

Live Football Scores & Football Statistics at Your Fingertips

At, you will always find essential statistics in every possible combination.

Use our notifications to start earning an extra income.

Our prediction tool has been tested by hundreds of players and is renowned for increasing their winnings.

The dashboard provides in-play live football scores and final results and helps you check all the essential stats in one place.

Interesting matches are highlighted, and automated notifications make betting extremely easy.

Get started with our free package for 7 days and instantly make a difference in your game.

Prediction Tool Features

Mobile and Desktop Notifications with detailed information

Create your own or use pre-set notifications based on league and country.

  • Manage pre-set notifications. We got your back
  • Boost your winnings already this season
  • Save time week in week out
  • Create and manage your own models

Spreadsheet with easy navigation

Collects your notifications, applies team and league filters.

  • Different sorting options raise your game
  • Advanced filtering options from this season
  • Raise your winning % to the next level

A new kind of In-Play Games dashboard for a new type of professional

Easy to use overview of all the in-play games on one page.

Together with easily followable stats, this will be your most powerful tool.

  • Spot and play the value games
  • Automated notifications, first of a kind tool
  • Highlights interesting matches
  • E-soccer video streams

Schedule with additional information

See upcoming matches and compare teams’ statistics to plan your day and week.

  • Big Pre-game statistics database
  • Pre-game odds movement
  • 5-years historical database
  • Team/game notes and updates

Game page with additional information

An essential tool for analysing the matches. The 5-year database in your hand

  • Live in-play information for almost every game
  • Head-to-Head statistics for teams and leagues
  • Advanced statistics for teams
  • Mutual opponents’ information for teams

Team page with social media channels

Team news and vital game statistics in one place.

  • Team performance with an extensive database
  • See teams' F.B. and Twitter feeds
  • Overall statistics and graphs
  • Team and league notes

Why do I need the first and best statistics tool in this field?

To be ready for the big season, you need every piece of information you can grab about the league and teams, and of course, the mobile APP you can use on the go.

StatisticSports offers week in, week out updated statistics, social media channels and much more.

Think you have missed something? We have your back, and we were the first ones to provide a complete betting and trading related tool for our professional users.

During the current season, StatisticSports made some significant upgrades.

Backtesting was the big one.

The top of the crop tool to raise your professional game. There are already customers who have changed their life and way of managing their weekends. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there are hundreds of matches at the exact moment.

How do you stay on top of this?


Create your own models using our Backtesting and Customisable Notifications tool.

Back only the matches which the tool gives to you whilst enjoying watching your favourite sports.

Who can use the StatisticSports tool?

Honestly, it doesn't matter if you are just a beginner or already an established punter. The whole site is full of tutorials, blogs about betting and trading, YouTube videos, and excellent material in our Help Centre.

Our statistics tool was built to move beginners into power users and thus professionals in a very short time. Through chat or emails, you can always reach out to us, ask for opinions, and help from the forum or Telegram group when looking to profit off live football scores.

There are already many well-known names in the industry using the site daily for their betting and trading. There is no other site that could offer all the live football scores that we are capable of inside one tool.

The vision of StatisticSports

Imagine a world where you need to use just one tool for everything you need, only one site?

Pre-game data, in-play data, odds and lines data, line-ups, tables, form, head-to-head matches, mutual opponents matches, streams? Every piece of data you need to extract from live football scores.

Sounds fantastic and maybe even impossible, but we aim high.

Add in the most advanced betting model system with custom Spreadsheet and Backtesting options.

Imagine a tool like described here now and add an opportunity to invest in successful betting models. Everything from calculating the results to staking would be fully automated.

That would be something unique and memorable, and we will ask you to join us for this ride.

Be a part of this journey, and don't be left behind!

Read more about our story is getting the live football scores and football statistics here.

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