Soccer Statistics: Understand and Know How to Use.

Soccer Statistics: Understand and Know How to Use.

The sports betting industry has seen an important evolution through time and reached to a phase that can impact on the economy. It has conquered more disciplines and making progress as time passes. Among these disciplines, Soccer has a respectable rank. Soccer betting covers all global and local events. However, it is vital to make accurate predictions to win betting sessions. To do so, bettors have to know how to use betting factors properly. Soccer statistics seem to have the most critical impacts.

What are soccer statistics?

Soccer statistics come in the form of percentages. They describe the occurrence of particular games, considering the circumstances. For example, how often:

  • Team A was the first to score;
  • Player P of team A was the scorer;
  • Player P lead attacks that ended with corners or ended with goals.

They serve to calculate the betting factors, especially the Odds, the Expected Goals, and the Handicaps. The soccer statistics traduce the records of the considered selections. In opposition, the fixtures don't rely on the teams' records as a whole. The football fixtures consider the planning of the previous encounters, as well as the suggestions of the involved parties.

Types of soccer statistics:

Soccer statistics measure the occurrence of particular events during the match. In other words, the statistics take the player or the group of players, categorize and count the occurrence of the game. For example:

  • Shots on targets.
  • Passes (accuracy, success, etc.)
  • Ball possession.
  • Goalkeeper saves.
  • Won duels.
  • Free-kicks.
  • Cards.

These elements are organized in categories and have their definite nomenclature. The most famous for knowing are :

  • Head to Head: the records of encounters the teams had played, the outcomes and the details.
  • Home and away: the records of the matches played home, and the games played at away ground.
  • Injuries and suspensions: the records regarding the players' state and mentality.
  • Top scorers: the records regarding the players' performance


Understanding Soccer statistics:

Getting soccer statistics is counting the occurrence of the considered events. The process can also be described as follow: it is counting how often the recognized group has produced the considered events. The number of inputs can be huge. Usually, counting considers each player, each selection, and each fixture for the whole season.

Indeed, the number of events to consider is not the direct cause behind the amount of collected data. In essence, the number of repetitions is the principal cause. After each match, new records added considering the current conditions. However, the circumstances can witness some changes. For instance, playing without supporters, like nowadays due to Coronavirus outbreaks, is a highly impactful bias to consider.

On the other side, realizing soccer statistics can be easy when it comes to global soccer events. For instance, Olympics games, World cup, American league, European league, and African league update every respective campaign. 

The statistics tell about the history of the playing teams, knowing them may impact the betting sessions. Besides, they are the primary material that serves to prepare the betting factors.

Soccer statistics and the betting parameters:

The betting parameters help bettors to predict the outcome of the upcoming encounters as well as the running matches. The Odds and the other parameters design the tendencies of the game. By definition, these parameters confront the values of the respective "performances" of the teams. Eventually, the performance of the team or the group of players obtained by applying formulas on the right soccer statistics. However, each betting parameter obtained by a different computing process. 

Besides, bettors can use the statistics in two ways. First, they can compare the betting parameters to the statistics and decide whether to keep the predictions or change them. Second, they can calculate their parameters.

Soccer Statistics and the fixtures:

The fixtures calculation considers the statistics. However, the outcome of the encounters and the performances don't matter during the primary calculation. The statistics are considered by the involved selections, especially when they file their objections and suggestion. 

On the other hand, soccer statistics help the teams to make their predictions. They will analyze the records regarding the fixtures. They may propose other schemes upon their calculations. Of course, this supposes that the team direction has its database and tools that help to perform the calculation. Teams usually consider the profit, the players' performances. They may opt for a formation that to another and may prefer a strategy to another.

Soccer statistics and live soccer betting:

Live soccer betting is a new type of betting. Bettors can predict the outcomes of particular events while the game is running. The soccer statistics will include the records of the current encounter. Indeed, the players may show new talents, high readiness, or solely under the lights. The example of global competitions like the World Cup is interesting. Some new players want to reveal themselves, and some old players want to keep their place in the game.

To handle the situation, live soccer statistics are the solution. Bookmakers and sportsbooks managers make their efforts to provide bettors with the actualized records. Considering the play by proposing live betting parameters and live soccer statistics.

Things to keep about soccer statistics:

Soccer statistics are the raw material for almost all the betting parameters. Using the appropriate formulas, bettors, bookmakers, and the sportsbooks managers deduct the desired factors. Undoubtedly, the records of the previous encounters help to:

  • Determine team performance.
  • Determine the game tendencies.
  • Calculate the betting factors.

Besides, teams can make their objections and suggestions about the fixtures by using the statistics. The calculation is made using different tools. They investigate their profits and their readiness regarding the calculation results.

Finally, the number of factors in Soccer leads to considering the tiny details. The impact is a more accurate calculation and more effective participation in the game.

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