Spanish La Liga resumes! Messi and Hazard are back in action!

Spanish La Liga resumes! Messi and Hazard are back in action!

As mentioned in the previous email, we have already three big competitions returned, and Spanish La Liga kicks off today!
This weekend will be the busiest in terms of REAL football games offered since the start of March!
We are going to hit to our usual numbers soon, and
 for Friday already we have around 100 football games coming to in-play.
During both weekend days, we are going to surpass the three-figure amount of in-play games per day easily! Last weekend our tool sent out a four-figure number of notification alerts already, and we are looking forward to this weekend and Spanish La Liga battles!

Leagues and competitions returning/starting this weekend:

It's like early Christmas feeling, during the middle of the summer! Today is the day when we can finally enjoy the England Premier League once again! This means that from today, all the major leagues have restarted who plan to do it during the summer and finish their local leagues. There's a lot of smaller leagues who returned this week or will return. Some of them from the countries who already offer us some much-needed football and also some new countries resuming.

English Premier League and Spanish La Liga

For the Fantasy football fans, I have to remind you that there are four doubleheader clubs: Arsenal, Man City, Sheffield and Aston Villa. The tension in terms of future league champion is 'modest'. Liverpool is on 82 points, followed by Man City with 57 points. That's a hell of a run from them this season and well-deserved title for the Liverpool.
The fight for three CL spots remains wide open. To stop Man City from this is rather a mission impossible 
(IF the ban will be removed), but clubs like Leicester, Chelsea, Man United, Wolves, Sheffield, Tottenham and Arsenal are playing all the games like these are finals for them. One of them have to settle with Europa League spot, and most of them would take it as a consolation prize.
The key battles this week are
 Man City v Arsenal and Tottenham v Man United.As the Man City is fighting against the ban from the next season's CL, the battle for the places is even tenser and gives an option for the fifth-place team to play on the biggest stage. That's why im happy to go with over 2 goal alternative asian line combo on these!

Spanish La Liga

Serie A is returning on the weekend, and this completes the cycle of all the major leagues. Except for French league, as they will not restart this season and PSG is crowned as Champions.
Other smaller leagues turning this week:


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