Spreadsheet tutorial - the ultimate betting tool!

Spreadsheet tutorial - the ultimate betting tool!

Hi fellow punters and traders! 
In this tutorial, we are going over the Spreadsheet features in our betting tool. The Spreadsheet can be very powerful if you are aware of how to maximize it. It can also be just a nice to have feature if you are not using it to the fullest. There will be a lot of excellent additions for the Spreadsheet during the coming year. But, in the right hands its able to deliver already some good results and become unreplaceable for you.
The first feedback from the users has been good, and there's also some improvement ideas already coming to us. We will develop the Spreadsheet further of course, and some key areas are more markets, downloadable, copy and share options and some automated forwarding option for the alerts. This will become the most influential betting tool on the market with the developments soon!

Ultimate betting tool named as Spreadsheet

To make the maximum out from the Spreadsheet, we need to start from the beginning and creating a notification. For this, we need to click Manage Notifications from the left side menu or click on the bell icon on top of the Dashboard.
Next step is to click on Create New Notification. Now, I'm not going to advice any notifications in this tutorial, but there are some essential things to keep in mind.

The first thing is to set up if you prefer to get the alerts on the desktop and mobile APP right away OR get the games into Spreadsheet





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