When can we expect the football fixtures to continue?

When can we expect the football fixtures to continue?

When can we expect the football fixtures to continue? Some leagues have announced the return dates. Which leagues are expected to return during the summer and which leagues confirmed pulling the plug for the summer?First the UEFA have set out a plan for domestic leagues across Europe to be completed by August 2, to allow the Champions League and Europa League to continue between August 7 and 29. UEFA playoffs and Europa League playoffs should finish during the August. At least these are dates set up at the moment, but you will never know! Although they have been warning the local leagues that the seasons should finish qualifying for the next season's games, some of the bigger leagues have been confirming that there will be no football before September. 

There will probably be one significant change already agreed.

Teams may have five substitutions instead of the original 3. While teams would be allowed to make two more changes than usual they would still only have three windows each in which to do so during a game.
The change is related to the risk of injuries. There have been long breaks between games and proper training. This leads to much higher risk of serious injuries during the next set of football fixtures. The world will not be the same for a long time, and this also applies to sports events and football. There are some daily updates on when the leagues are going to continue, if at all. Let's see what I managed to gather!

The big leagues football fixtures who will finish the season.

The most anticipated return is probably English Premier League. There are probably only a few people who think that Liverpool will not lift the trophy this season. But, the competition for Champions League and Europa League places is wide open and big money on the stake.
The Premier League are hoping to restart the campaign on June 8, allowing for a suitable time for teams to return to training and regain match fitness, with the season concluding before the end of July. This would require full training to begin by 18 May.
Like all the other leagues, games will be played in front of empty stadiums. Or at least with a limited amount of fans in the stands.
The Serie A, as it stands, plans to finish the current season football fixtures. The prime minister announced that players could resume to individual training on 4 May. Team training can continue on 18 May. This way the season can be finished just in time for Champions League games for the teams involved. There are 12 full rounds and four outstanding fixtures still to play, with Juventus top, a point ahead of Lazio.

Initially, just a few days ago, German Bundesliga return date was set on around 9th May. 

Most of the clubs are back in training and also the lockdown rules loosened by the government. Just maybe too early! Too early because the cases of new positive test results for the virus in Germany peaked once again. There is a meeting tomorrow from the day I wrote this article, and after this, the official date should be announced "There is a meeting on Thursday between the government of the states and Angela Merkel. They have worked out a concept that was approved by the politicians, so it is looking more like 16 May or 23 May. The federation is planning to test the players before every game getting results within a few hours. Stadiums will be, of course, almost empty.

Spanish La Liga is between continuing or cancelling.

 According to today's news, it's not so sure anymore if and when they will continue. Spain's health minister sounded a note of caution over La Liga plans to test players for the virus before returning to training and resuming a season suspended on March 12, saying giving priority to footballers might breach government policy. Its also understandable, as Spain got hit rough and they want to be cautious in order not to get the numbers up once again. The time announced for starting the training already pushed forward. Individual training could be allowed in the middle of May. 2 bigger leagues have previously announced the cancellation, and this also made Spanish football federation more cautious. President of the league want's to finish the league and is sending out strong signals.
The league must continue, as it's also a big part of the economy. "I do not understand why there would be more danger in playing football behind closed doors, with all precautionary measures, than working on an assembly line, being on a fishing boat on the high seas, etc.," 
Tebas said in a statement.

French and Nehterlands leagues cancelled, no football fixtures this season.

Ligue 1 season ended after French Prime Minister cancels all sporting events until September due to coronavirus. These were the headlines yesterday on most of the sports-related websites. PSG crowned as champions and final standings calculated according to points per game average. PSG, Marseilles and Rennes gained the spots for Champions League. Lille, Reims and Nice are playing in Europa League. Lyon is the first team to miss European football next season. This situation will but PSG in a bad position. It's because they still need to play in Champions League playoffs. The president told that PSG could play the 'home games' on neutral venue somewhere outside of France. This means no real home game advantage also.
Dutch Eredivisie league were the first one to announce cancellation and no football before September. Ajax and Alkmaar are both on 56 points and Ajax ahead with goal difference, so announced as champions.
Ajax denied the title tough, and I'm sure that there will be some news from the Netherlands. Lower league clubs are also very unhappy due to no option to raise to Eredevisie for next season.

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Leagues cancelled for this season

From what I managed to find, there are some more leagues cancelled already for sure. France and the Netherlands are covered. Scotland if I'm not wrong was the first one to pull the plug. Celtic will be the champions and Hearts relegated from the top tier. Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers announced as champions in their leagues. Belgium Pro league called off also. Latest news are moving the opposite direction as the leagues and clubs made it clear that they don't agree with the decision. As it stands at the moment, all 24 teams will now decide the league's fate on May 4, utilising the delay to seek more clarity from the Belgian government as to a possible easing of the current lockdown measures.
Argentine Football Association declared that the leagues do not continue. Boca Juniors are once again the winners of the Primera Division.



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