Limited by bookmaker? Why they limit you and how to avoid it?

Limited by bookmaker? Why they limit you and how to avoid it?

You opened this article for 2 reasons.

First, you have been also limited by bookmaker already (congratulations and welcome to the club!). Second, you might be on the verge of getting limited by a bookmaker. This problem is big and it's getting worse and worse with every year reading the betting-related forums and sites. There are few reasons why they do this and some tips how to stay under the radar for a longer period.

So, have you been limited by bookmaker? Are you using a lot of soft bookies accounts? Are your bankroll and stakes growing? Then you should read this article.

I have been living in this world for last 10 years. I have worked on the `bad guys` side as a trader, data analyst, integrity operator and risk manager. When you are doing this as your daily job, at some point you will start betting yourself, that's the fact. It was easy and for fun at first, but as your bankroll and stakes are rising you will rather sooner than later stumble on some blocks.
One of them is being limited by bookmaker. At first, it was a mixed emotion for me. Getting limited meant I'm a bad client for them and doing something right.

On the other side, it's getting harder and harder to get my stakes on games and lines I'm interested in.

Limited by bookmaker?

Let's start from the beginning. In order to make money, bookies need clients, but they need losing clients. Bet365 annual profit jumped to 504m pounds in 2017.
Now, when there's so much money involved, they are of course trying to defend their profits and investments. Best way to do this is profiling the clients and cutting off the ones who are taking money out of their accounts.

There are some well-known tricks they are using:

  • For example, they are putting the software called IESNARE to track your behaviour and computer. 

  • They are making a big effort at profiling the clients quickly. Whats your deposit amount, do you use bank transfer or Skrill for deposit, what kind of games you are betting. Either high calibre Premier League games or low calibre Norwegian u19 leagues.

  • They are also following the flow of the bets. For example, when you are using some well-known tipsters you will be marked fast. For example, the tipster sends the same tip to his 600 followers. This means, that in short period of time, there will be a lot of different clients staking the same thing and boom, you are already on the net for them.

  • Also, they are looking your stakes size. If you are constantly using stakes like 75.40, 123.65 etc, you are getting limited pretty fast as you are probably arbing and you will be limited by a bookmaker.

I will cover these tricks more in next article and there are some more options they are using. These are the main alerts how to get limited by bookmaker.

Now to the second part, how to defend ourselves and stay under the radar as much as possible not to be limited by bookmaker:

  • As said above, round your stakes, as otherwise you are quickly profiled as arber and most bookies don't like arbers. Arbing suggests that you are aiming to milk the bookies in a systematic way. About another possible obstacle in arbing I'm going more deeply in another article.

  • Always try to use more than one account and spread the bets and don't do big deposits and stakes. For example, you have a 3k bankroll. Don't deposit it all at once to one bookie, but instead spread it to several bookies. This gives you 2 edges. At first, you can spread the stake - you want to put 200 on some smaller league team to win and now you can stake 100 on one bookie and 100 on another. Also, you can find the best odds when you have more bookies at odds can be different a lot on smaller leagues.

  • ALWAYS avoid palps. Palp is basically a bookie error. For example, you can see that in some Slovenian youth league game home team is 1.3 to win and in another bookmaker odds are reversed..temptation is big to stake on it, but don't do this. Staking on it will put you quickly in naughty boy list and limitation is quick to come. Also when they notice the error, they probably update your betting slip on lower odds and you are without your bet and also limited by bookmaker.

  • Don't do big withdrawals and rest winning accounts. Withdrawing big amounts in a short period of time is bad and flags you quickly. The same thing is when you are winning a lot in short period of time in one account. Throw in some accas on big-league games for some period and give some money back..don't bite the hand which is feeding you!


Some examples of being limited:

For some reason, I was forced to use bookie 1xbet, a terrible decision. Limits were around 100-200 euros for more obscure leagues and games. One week after, max stake amounts were restricted to around 3.5 euros.
Also, I noticed that when I'm not logged in to accounts, the odds offered were better than the odds when I logged in to my account on another browser. I was also quickly limited on Mybet bookie.
Terrible limits anyway, but after 3 days already I could put only 25 euros max stake on Premier league games. Utter joke! I was able to stake only 25 euros on Chelsea to win against Liverpool whereas in SBObet I could put 4 figure sums easily, this was next-level limitation I haven't seen before.

Hope this article was useful for you and in next one ill cover more deeply the tricks how bookies follow and profile you and you can become limited by bookmaker.


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