Football Prediction Sites – It all Starts with Stats

Football Prediction Sites – It all Starts with Stats

Maybe the most common trend in betting is soccer betting. There are a lot of football prediction sites on the web but few who truly deserve the hassle. Betting can be a lot of fun. But it gets even better when you hold that winning ticket in your hand. And when you get to hold that winning ticket in your hand each week, now that’s due to getting the best tips and predictions in sports betting, or maybe you’re simply a genius. In that case, you really don’t need the help of our powerful Artificial Intelligence fuelled prognosis tool. Even though over 400+ tipsters are currently using it.

Football betting tips – Double chance or correct score?

Sports betting, just like any other betting; carries its risks. The odds are never at your favour. So, the questions that a person needs to ask themselves: am I doing it for fun or professionally? Some people like to bet as amateurs and they don’t really need to be aware of the existence of football prediction sites, bet markets, and different tips and predictions for today. A football match may go either way; it may be an exciting match, a predictable one or a complete surprise. Most people bet on the major leagues such as the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, French League, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, World Cup and a couple of more leagues. For these leagues and cups, there are a lot of tips and predictions but to predict football matches correctly is not an easy task.

Some punters find themselves in the midst of a question: play safe or go for the big winnings?

Even if you have the expertise and experience, you should opt for playing it safe. Big winnings come rarely, even to experienced bettors. Simply put, experienced bettors like to wage their odds and keep it safe. Make a constant flow of income rather than a periodic outburst of cash that may or may not arrive. It is a business decision. And business is based on stats and numbers. Just like football and betting. Therefore, as a better, I can give you advice, play it according to stats and not according to your “gut”. Or play according to your “gut” if that is based on stats, experience and knowledge. You just got to figure that out. Just be careful. Gambling can become an addiction in which cases, it gets dangerous.

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So should you play double chance to keep your odds higher or play on the correct score?

This is entirely your decision. However, the answer can be found somewhere in-between. Moderation is the key to success and a key to a healthy life as well. From your eating habits to your living habits, moderation is and will stay the most important trait that a person can obtain. Therefore, I say rather play for double chance than on correct score. However, the double chance will give you low winnings and if you manage to miss, your loss may be substantial. In this case, it would be better for you to play Asian Handicap.
Saying this, feel free to read about football betting tips and different soccer betting systems such as the Fibonacci or the Martingale systems, commonly used in all types of sports betting. Both of these systems and a number of other ones are all based on a branch of mathematics, called statistics. This is the unseen part of soccer and betting, the world of stats. You can read all about soccer statistics in our different articles covering the topic. It is something that we are discussing frequently since stats are our world.
Learning about stats and how to use them could really help you improve your betting. Sure, you can always use tipsters and football prediction sites but it helps if you know it on your own. You’ll make better decisions and if you plan on betting for a living, you just got to know the math behind it. So, I highly suggest that you go through some of our articles, do your own research and let us know should you want us to cover a specific topic for you.

Double Chance

Double chance is available on all football prediction sites. It is a common strategy amongst the safe playing punters. Some use this strategy in conjunction with the Martingale system. A Martingale is a type of betting system that is based on doubling your bet stakes. In order to play the Martingale system, you need to have a lot of money to back this kind of betting because it can take several or even more losses for you to win a ticket sometimes. You should opt for a double chance with teams of similar strength because if you combine double chance and playing on absolute winners, and you will get silly low odds. It’s just not worth it!
However, if played wisely, double chance can also be a great option. If you opt for teams of similar strength and play double odds carefully, you may end up with some nice and frequent winnings. You just have to learn about the different soccer betting systems and follow the stats. Observing a league table may be helpful but try focusing on form and head-to-head mostly. Check whether the team endured some recent changes or similar. A lot of things may influence the end result. Maybe a goalkeeper had a child and he is full of positive energy and saves that goal like a puma. You never know! So start reading and do some research prior to betting.

Correct Score

Betting on the correct score is not something easily accomplished. If you come across football prediction sites that assure you about a 90% success in guessing the correct score, don’t believe them. To guess the correct score, you need a lot of experience and some luck. And luck is not something we commonly deal with in predictions. This is why we tend to analyse the fixture intensively when it comes to correct score predictions. We start with stats, as always. So, how are the teams playing lately? Do the teams have former teammates? Why? Well, if a goal scorer from one team played with a defensive player from the other team, they know each other’s secret moves. They may be able to use that to advantage. It comes down to the smallest of details that you can possibly imagine ever being analysed. And yes, we do that.
That is how you must approach a correct score bet if you plan on increasing your chances of success. You can also opt for the 0:0, 1:1, and 2:2 scores. Play them along and you can even use the betting system such as the Martingale betting system or any other alongside them. Pick the opponents of similar strength. Try it for a while with smaller bets and experiment a bit with it. Draws are the most common results in football and there are a lot of studies about soccer betting and draws.

Football Bets – Playing Major Leagues or any Football Match?

It’s hard to follow all of the league tables of different country leagues without using a prediction website. You see, football prediction sites provide you with a synthesis of all the needed tables and fixtures to be played. The best football prediction sites, such as our football prediction website, provide you with a lot more. At StatisticSports, you can get all football-related data analysed by Artificial Intelligence from one source. Our tool covers all the in-play and pre-game football stats with 5 years of historical data, 7 days of scheduled games data, 95% of live games covered, 2,100 football games a week and over 400 tipsters using our tool. And you can get that for free for 7-days.
So, some punters opt to bet on only major leagues. However, there are those who dare to bet on other leagues too. They don’t do this without the knowledge of these leagues though. So, what is your angle? Not sure?
It’s hard for a newbie better to avoid that moment of drifting away and betting on all matches without a strong understanding of the matter. This is a common thing that occurs to all new bettors. And even the more experienced ones. Sometimes, you just feel so tired and lack focus. But you really want to put that bet. Let me tell you something. Don’t! Avoid betting when you don’t feel clear and energetic. It will mostly lead to failure and loss of revenue. And who wants that? My advice is to never operate when you feel tired. Would you drive if you felt truly tired and sleepy? A lot of people do and that is how car accidents occur. So, help yourself and do the opposite of NIKE’s commercial. Don’t do it!

Premier League – Simply the Best

What a Premier League Season have we seen. It has been a great run. Manchester City and Liverpool both almost reached 100 points with City winning the League with 98 points and Liverpool being a runner-up with 97 points. In the last 10 games, Manchester City had 10 wins and Liverpool had 9 wins and one draw. The draw was with Everton at away and it could be said that Everton took their title. But still, amazing form by both teams. Liverpool went on and won the UEFA Champions League against Tottenham in what as well may be one of the most boring UEFA Champions League final that this writer has seen in a long time.
This year has been a year of Premier League teams. Both UEFA Champions League final as well as Europa League final has been played by Premier League teams. Chelsea won 4:1 against Arsenal in the Europa League this season. Premier League truly ruled the European cups this season. We’ll see how it turns out next year since we can see that Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain are all investing a lot into reinforcements. It will be interesting to see how the following season is going to unfold in front of our eyes. It is always thrilling.
This year, we had Tottenham and Ajax as two surprises in UEFA Champions League and Eintracht Frankfurt as a surprise in the Europa League. One of the main players of Eintracht Frankfurt, Jovic, is officially a member of Real Madrid now. Just like Hazard and several others. Ajax’s best players are also about to leave the club so it will be interesting to see how these two clubs are going to perform next season.

Football Prediction Sites – Can they predict the UEFA Champions League Winner

It is hard to predict a UEFA Champions League Winner. There are always favourites and their corresponding odds. Frankly put, the odds on Ajax were high last season. After all, Ajax did perform amazingly well as they sent Real Madrid as well as Juventus away from the Champions League but at the end, they didn’t win the title. Maybe they could have? But they tripped in a match where they dominated. Honestly, last season, I thought Juventus or Barcelona are going to be the winners. Why? Honestly, Barcelona had an amazing last season which turned bad due to one game. Yes, that one in Liverpool. The rest of their season was played at a high level.
As for Juventus, I expected more. They are dominating the Serie A for several years now with no significant progress in Europe. Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain were also seen as potential winners. I believe that these four were the most likely to win. However, occurrences had different outcomes on the mind with all four teams not even making it to the final. Instead of it, we have seen the last season’s finalist and Tottenham. I would never expect Tottenham to reach the finals this season. I am glad they did, even though I was cheering for Ajax. And Liverpool, playing in two consecutive finals. The Reds are truly back. It’s nice to see that happening.
Next season, again, I say Manchester City, Juventus F.C., Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona or Liverpool. As for the surprises, can’t wait to see how that goes. The good thing with football prediction sites is the possibility to see the odds wherever you are so you can opt to bet on the UEFA Champions League Winner even now. And wait for just one year. I am not that patient.

Football Prediction Sites – Be Vary of the Free Ones

Honestly, how can a football prediction sites be accurate and free at the same time? In order to become accurate, a football prediction website needs a powerful tool to gather and analyse the numerous data and constant coverage. On top of that, a good football prediction site must have great tipsters. None of those comes for free. Expertise comes with investment. Here, at StatisticSports, we have 5 years of constant coverage. That doesn’t come easily. Our team works constantly on gathering, analysing, and improving our services.  
If you come across great football tips that are given out for free, I can tell you that they most likely aren’t that good at all. Just think about it logically. Why would anyone provide you with amazing football predictions for free?
Valuable tools and tips require some investments. When you want fast Internet, you need to pay for it right? If you want an Apple device, you don’t buy a Chinese copy. And if you want to eat properly and healthy, it costs a bit more, right? But it is completely worth it! Well, at least according to me.

The Best Football Prediction Site

There are a lot of football prediction sites on the web but few who truly deserve the hassle. Of course, we are among the proven ones. We shall not discuss the competition, the good nor the fishy football prediction sites, but we will give you something to think about and some knowledge on what to avoid and how to find the most suitable pick according to your needs. We do hope that you’ll see that here, at StatisticSports, we provide high-quality value through our AI tool since a lot of tipsters are using our tool due to the sheer amount of the data processed within it. And data is stats. Stats lead to knowledge. Knowledge to success!
Feel free to ask anything that may interest you in the comments below. We are here to help you out. In addition, you can always use our 7-day free trial to test our value. What is stopping you from getting a free trial? Nothing! Why not do it? Do something for yourself and harvest some winnings in the first week. If you feel like getting some more winnings, stay with us!  



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