League table - what is it and what I can learn from it?

League table - what is it and what I can learn from it?

A League Table is a table showing the current standings of the league teams from first to the last team. Usually, it starts with the team with the most points and goes to the last team which is in the relegation zone. However, you can switch a league table to show you what you want to see. Maybe you want to first check the last teams so you sort the table from the worst to the best. You can also watch it by form, both home and away. A league table can show you a lot of stats which are quite useful in betting. First of all, you can see the total number of wins, draws and losses of each team and their corresponding number of points and current standing in the league table.

Now, take a look at their form. Almost every league table shows you the last five games that all teams have played. If they had 5 wins in a row, they are on an amazing streak. You can also see last 10 games, sometimes even last 15. As we all know, some teams play better at home field than away. Every league table has an option on which you can click to see how the team is playing at home and how it is playing at away terrains. Of course, you can see the total number and their current form at home or away games. This can help you to paint a picture of the team. Maybe their home field and supporters are giving them a special boost that they can’t seem to accomplish when playing away.

Home and away

Most teams play better at home field but it is not always the case. At the moment, Tottenham has played a total of 14 matches. Nine of those they played at away and won 7 and lost 2. The remaining 5 matches, they have played at home field and won only 3 whilst they lost 2 times. However, if you are following football, you would know that the Spurs are currently playing their home matches at Wembley stadium which is not their stadium. They are waiting for the opening of their stadium which is set in 2018/2019.
Bayern is also playing better away than at home field. At home, they have 2/3/1 (win/draw/loss) and their away is 5/0/2. Bayern is having a bad start of a season. They don’t approve of their new manager, Niko Kovac, and the team has a lot of turmoil. It will be interesting to see how this season goes for them. The current situation at Bundesliga League Table is not what we are accustomed to. Dortmund is leading with 33 points from 13 matches. They have 10 wins and 3 draws and are still undefeated. Bayern is occupying position number four with 24 points, 9 less than Dortmund.

Let’s take a look at another example, Everton currently has 1/3/3 (w/d/l) at away and 5/1/1 when playing home. This is a huge difference which is keeping Everton away from Europe at the moment. And it is certainly something you want to take a look at when you want to place your bets. It is clear that Everton is not playing as good at away as they do at home field.

League Table – Who Scored the Goals

When you observe the League Table, take a look at the total number of goals scored and conceived too. Manchester City has scored 43 goals on 14 matches in the Premier League 2018/2019 season so far. They conceived only 6 goals, however. Still, they are averaging more than 3 goals per game at the moment. They are also undefeated just like Liverpool but Liverpool scored “only” 27 goals so far. This can tell you that the Citizens play fast and furious and that you can expect a lot of goals on their matches. That is a nice betting statistic if you ask me. You can also check how many goals teams score home and away. Most teams score less on away fields and more on average when they play at their home field. This is not always the case but it is in most cases. But it provides a lot of info to check the League Table and see all of these numbers. You will get a better understanding of how different teams play in different situations.
If you ever followed qualifications for the world cup in South America, you could notice that some outsider national teams won over Brazil and Argentina at their home fields. Why do you think that is so? Well, because their stadiums are at high altitudes. This makes it a lot harder for players which are not accustomed to high altitudes to go and play their game. Certainly, an interesting thing to observe stats related. And it could give you the ability to catch a high odd.

League table

Five Major Leagues – Strange Turbulences

The current situation of league tables of five major European football leagues is quite interesting. Major surprises are present mostly in the LaLiga and Bundesliga though. LaLiga league table is really equalized, something that we are not accustomed to. To this moment, it is usually Barcelona and Real Madrid taking the lead with Atl. Madrid meddling. Currently, Barcelona is in the lead after 14 matches played. They have 1 point more than Sevilla, a team who was on the position number one prior to their draw with Alaves this week. Alaves is another big surprise. They are currently on position number 4 with only 4 points less than the leading team.
Real Madrid has a terrible start of the season. It seems that the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus was truly harsh for their game. Recently, they lost 5:1 to Barcelona and 3:0 to Eibar. Surprisingly, even though they are not themselves, they are in position number 5 with only 5 points less than the leading team, Barcelona. It seems that the LaLiga is having a truly mystical season. We’ll see how things unravel.   
We have already mentioned the strange positioning of Bayern in the Bundesliga but what about Schalke and B. Leverkusen? These teams were at the top in the last season and currently occupy the middle of the league table. Hertha is making a good comeback with 1 point separating the team from the Europe qualification zone. Bor. Dortmund seems to be running towards a perfect season too, just like Manchester City and Liverpool, they are still undefeated.

PSG and Juventus

Ligue 1 also has an unbeatable team, PSG. They have scored the most goals so far with 48 goals on 15 games. PSG has 13 points more and a game less than the second team, Lille. It is pretty clear that one of the most expensive teams that ever existed is running towards the new league title. However, positions that lead to Champions League and Europa League are completely open. From second to the seventh position on the league table, the difference is 5 points.  
The Serie A also has Juventus in the lead, running towards their 8th consecutive Serie A title. They have 40 points from 14 matches which are two less than the maximum. Yes, they are undefeated with one draw and 13 wins. Juventus has been dominating Serie A for some time now but this year, with Cristiano Ronaldo within their team, seems as if they are preparing a march on all three fronts: Serie A, Champions League, and the Coppa Italia. Napoli is occupying position number 2, just like the past seasons. Inter and AC Milan are finally back in the top of the league table with Lazio constantly trying to impose its presence. It feels like Lazio simply doesn’t have that something to push to the Champions League.

The Premier League Table Summary

Let’s take a look at the Premier League Table and see what we can get from it. After 14 match fixtures, the game is on. The Premier League Table has some curious points but we are only around one third in the total number of season matches. Numerous options are still on the table. The biggest surprises are the bad start of Arsenal and Manchester United. Arsenal has slowly recovered from their bad start but Manchester United is still dragging. Can Mourinho truly be the quality predecessor of Alex Ferguson or will Manchester United have to continue their search for the right manager? There has already been a lot of talk about his potential dismissal.
Furthermore, we can already notice a title race with Liverpool and Manchester City leading the race both undefeated so far. It will be interesting to see how this season turns out. Can Liverpool get their league title for the first time after 2005? Or will Manchester City continue from where they left off in the 2013/2014 season?  Also, Tottenham is having a good start of the season too; maybe they can get their first Premier League Title? As always, the Premier League is full of excitement and unpredictability.

To Premier League teams

When we observe the league table, we might jump to conclusions that Manchester City and Liverpool are most likely to win the title. Since both Manchester City and Liverpool are still undefeated, maybe we’ll get the new “The Invincibles”. For those not familiar with the term, the first owner of it was Preston North End. They won the title in 1888/89 season without a loss. Arsenal, under the lead of Arsene Wenger, has managed to accomplish the same thing in the season 2003/2004. They finished the season with 26 wins and 12 draws for a total of 90 points. The team featured Thierry Henry, Rood Van Nistelrooy, Pires, Cambell, Lehmann, and others. However, it is important to note that the Premier League has had numerous miraculous comebacks. Some of them were pretty mind-blowing.
In season 1995/96, Newcastle was 12 points ahead of the next rival, Manchester United, in January 1996. At the end of the season, Ferguson’s Red Devils managed to overthrow Keegan’s Newcastle and win the league title. It was an amazing race. Two seasons later, Manchester was involved in yet another title race that turned miraculous. However, it turned out great for Arsenal at that time. Manchester was 11 points ahead of Arsenal with 9 games left to play. One of the crucial games has been the win for the Gunners at Old Trafford. Next story also involves Manchester United during the Ferguson era. During season 2002/2003, Manchester had an amazing comeback. They pulled off 18 wins in a row.

Premier League history

One of the most dramatic moments in recent Premier League history has been seen at the end of season 2011/2012. Aguero scored a goal in a dramatic last game against QPR and brought the title to Manchester City and Roberto Mancini. Mancini himself said that he believed that the title will go to Manchester United as they had 8 points more on the league table with 9 games to go. But it is Premier League and everything is possible. Season 2013/2014 has been an intriguing one too. Manchester City came victorious at the end. However, with 9 games to go, Manchester City found themselves in the fourth place at the league table. After an 11 game unbeaten run, they became the champions once again. Most of us still remember how Gerrard slipped against Chelsea. That game meant bye-bye to the title for Liverpool too.
Manchester City is currently under an amazing agenda. They have set two records in the past season. In 2017/2018, City scored 106 goals, which is the most goals a team managed to score in a season. It is an average of almost three goals per game. During the same season, City also acquired most wins in a season – 32. The Citizens are playing impressive football. They play fast with loads of goals and are offensively oriented. It is true “tika-taka”.

What to Expect in the 2018/2019 Premier League Table

You can expect pretty much everything. When we take a look at the current situation of the league table we can notice that all cards are still open. The relegation will also bring us a thrilling story with 4 points currently separating the last team, Fulham, and Crystal Palace. Crystal Palace is in the 14th position at the moment. So, currently, there are 7 teams which are near the relegation area and two good or two bad games can bring even the higher laddered ones back to the relegation area.
On the other side, in the high end of the league table, Manchester City is rushing towards a perfect premier league season. Their current goal difference is 43:6 after 14 matches played. This means that they score more than 3 goals per game. Liverpool is right next to them, with fewer goals scored but also undefeated.
Let’s take a look at last week’s fixtures:

30.11. 21:00 Cardiff vs. Wolves 2:1
01.12. 16:00 Crystal Palace vs. Burnley 2:0
01.12. 16:00 Huddersfield vs. Brighton 1:2
01.12. 16:00 Leicester vs. Watford 2:0
01.12. 16:00 Manchester City vs. Bournemouth 3:1
01.12. 16:00 Newcastle vs. West Ham 0:3
01.12. 16:00 Southampton vs. Manchester United 2:2
02.12. 13:00 Chelsea vs. Fulham 2:0
02.12. 15:05 Arsenal vs. Tottenham 4:2
02.12. 17:15 Liverpool vs. Everton 1:0  

The Gunners vs. Spurs game saw two turnovers with firstly Arsenal taking the lead. After that, Tottenham scored two goals for 1:2. The second half made the Gunners show their “Guns” as they torpedoed Tottenham with three goals.
On the other hand, Liverpool had a lot of luck with Yirgen Klop apologizing to the Everton’s manager for running to the field when the winning goal was scored at the 95th minute.

Betting on League Table – Winner, Loser

You can bet on who’ll win the league title and who is going to get relegated to Championship by ending up among the last three spots at the league table. If you are confident about the league winner, feel free to bet and wait a whole season for your bet. I have never done that but I can imagine the intensity of that bet. It must be overwhelming.
A league table can give you a broad look at how you can place your bets. You get to check their overall standings, the number of goals scored (home, away, and total), form and a lot more. If you carefully observe the table you can place good bets. And if you need more stats, predictions and amazing insights whom you can’t find elsewhere, take a look at what we can offer to you. You get a free trial to ensure that what we provide truly is of value. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised. After all, more than 400 tipsters are using our services. We are a renowned service with proven references.

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