Football betting lines.

Football betting lines.

Football betting lines offer a greater chance to win the bet if you know the basic tips and tricks of the wager. Every year a sport betting becomes too familiar to new people and new markets. This literally means a huge inflow of the new bettors that constantly stepping into the market for the foreseeable future. In this article today, let’s dig deeper into what are football betting lines and how they really work.


Football betting lines offer a greater chance to win the bet if you know the basic tips and tricks of the wager. Every year a sport betting becomes too familiar to new people and new markets. This literally means a huge inflow of the new bettors that constantly stepping into the market for the foreseeable future. In this article today, let’s dig deeper into what are footbalstatl betting lines and how they really work.

Football betting lines

Line betting is a wager in which the sportsbooks operator handicaps the team by setting a specific margin which makes it more interesting. The specific margin that the bookmarker sets is known as the line and the football betting lines come from the same idea. Line betting involves betting in which only two outcomes are possible. In simple words, a line bet follows the rule, “pick your own line in order to win.”
Football betting lines are various kinds of wagers, in which the outcome of an event depends upon the accuracy of the bettor and thus his pay-off. Better understanding of the football betting lines is just the first step in making money out of the wagering. And the journey ahead is super exciting, yet risky. So hold your breath!

football betting lines

What is moneyline betting?

Even though people do not know about the moneyline betting works, they make moneyline bets even if they are non-wagers. Perhaps betting the moneyline is one of the simplest betting in sports. Wagers need to choose a team or a player to win the bet. In case the bettor chooses the winning side, he will be paid by the sportsbook operator. It is that simple.
With a moneyline bet, there is no point spread associated. While placing a bet, the bettors just choose the winning side. Knowing how the moneyline pay might be a little difficult to understand. Both the sides are paid on a different schedule therefore it could be somehow difficult to understand.
For those who are really new to the sports betting, it sounds quite a strange task. Even though people do not know about the moneyline bets, they do bet randomly. Astonishingly, the non-gamblers sometimes make money line bets and make a huge amount of money. The process is really simple. Non-gamblers choose any of the team right away and if he or she chooses the team that wins, the sportsbook will have to pay the due amount.

Allocating signs to the teams

The team which is expected to win on the money line is the favorite team on the moneyline. The team which is often expected to win often listed with a negative sing (-) however, the other team which is not expected to win is listed with a positive sign (+). This helps to know how much will the wager pay in total. Often the one with negative sign pays less than the original wager and the one with the positive sign will have to pay more than the original wager.
A moneyline is usually used to bet on sports that usually score very less, the sports include soccer, baseball and hockey. Let’s use an actual example to define how the moneyline bets really work.
One of the greatest betting options available in the North America is Football with the college football and NFL drawing bigger handles which is far more than any of the other sports.

Betting moneyline example

Let’s assume two teams of football as, A and B. First of all you have to choose a single team, whom you are confident about that it will win. You have to make a moneyline bet on either of the football team. The moneyline is the price which will determine how much will you win at. For example, Team A is the favorite team with -360 points and team B is the underdog team with +300 points. It reveals that, for every single point you want to win on team A moneyline, you should be able to bet 3.6$. However, on a specific bet on B team moneyline, for every 1$ wagered it will win 3$.

Moneyline Odds

Moneylines is not limited to football but people also wager on moneylines in hockey and baseball. Based on the probability oddmakers set a price and determine which team is likely to win the game.
The bigger the advantage on team A has over the team B, the bigger the moneyline odds will be which enforces the wager to pay a huge amount for wagering on the best players or the best team.  Wagers can either bet on the underdog team or the favorite team. For those of you who are not quite familiar with betting, an underdog is the team or a person in sports who is expected to lose the game. However, the team who is expected to win is called the top dog or the favorite. If the underdogs wins the game, the overall outcome of the game is considered upset since it is against the expectations.

Football betting lines-Point spread and how it works?

In the pro football, one of the best ways to wager is the spread point no matter how many forms of the wagering appear on stream. Different team set different margins of the spread points. If you are entirely new to the sports betting, it must a daunting task for you to bet on any team whether the team you bet wins or loses the game. Such a betting is called a fixed-odd bet and a moneyline bet. This is one of the basic sorts of betting. This is just the beginning and you will be surprised to see how long you can take the sports betting.
Often the pointspread is known as the “handicap.” It is actually the number of the points given to the underdog and taken away from the favorite. This is done in order to open up the chances for each of the team to bet evenly. Based on the statistical factors, there is always the one team which is more likely to win. The main reason behind the point spread is to make the wager more interesting. It allows you to win some bucks of money on the loosing team.

Betting pointspread

One of the commonly wags to bet on football is betting against the pointspread. Oddmakers are the people who can actually handicap a football game by determining how many points team A should beat the team B by. People wager against the side bet, which is usually known as the pointspread (ATS). You have to bet either on the underdog or the favorite team. Due to its characteristics, a pointspread is often known as an equalizer among the bettors.
Given the fact that all of the teams are not created equally, therefore sportsbooks create a point spread so that every team will have an equal chance of winning the game. Pointspread gives a great reason for wagers to risk their money on their favorite teams. The team which has a higher probability of winning is considered as the favorite team. The wagers have to win by the pointspread provided by the official sportsbook. The favorite team is often listed as being minus (-).


Although this is a very popular betting way among avid wagers, however, it takes quite a while to understand how it works. So here is a simple example that explains it better:
The favorite team is A with 7 point favorite (-7) against the B team with 7 points underdog (+7). If you bet on A team in order to win, then it must win by more than 7 points. On the other hand, if you are betting on team B, then it should lose the game by less than 7 points for you to win the bet. This makes pretty common sense if the B team wins outright, then you win the bet as well. On the other hand, if the A team exactly wins by 7 points, then the wagered amount is reimbursed to you and the bet pushes.
This is how the general betting works, but if you want to know the betting money line, here is what it happens.

Pointspread betting odds

Although the pricing often fluctuates at the sportsbooks however point spreads at often set with -110 odds. Often the odds make sure that over the time sportsbooks operator will see a meager amount of money. So for example, if the odd are fixed at a -110, then the wager should bet $110 in order to win $100.
On a point spread, the odds are commonly known as “vig” or “vigorish” for the sportsbooks. Interestingly, this small margin of the profit for the sportsbook is often known as “juice” by many of the sports bettors.

Odds movement and point spread

Sportsbook operators do their best so that the money is divided equally on the both sides of the point spread. If the money is exactly divided the operators will find their exact profit margins. Over the time if a similar trend remains the same, the sportsbook operators often make more money.
Due to the fact that everyone wants to win the bet and make more money during the bet, in order to make sure the sportsbook operators make more money for themselves, they move the pointspread towards the side where people do not bet on. So what happens is, before the actual point spreads the odds for a point spread change. Interestingly, the sportsbook operators avoid moving from certain numbers because the final margin score often falls on these two numbers. These numbers are 7 and 3 in football, and the operators often make more money on these points. The numbers vary in different sports.

Total under/over football betting lines

Instead of betting on each team, you can also bet on the overall match. You can wager on the cumulative number of the points total, under or over scored. For example, if the total score of two teams. i.e team A and team B is 50. A bettor on over wins the bet if the total score is more than 50, and on the other hand, a bettor on under wins if the total score is less than 50. If the total score remains 50, the wager is refunded and it is a push.

Several other footfall betting lines

Apart from the two which are mentioned above, there are several other football betting lines. Some of them include total spreads, first and second half spreads. However, few others include individual quarter spreads and totals, team props and player props.

Tips for football betting lines

Nothing is more enjoyable than watching football and making money out of it. However, make sure you know the critical statistics. Football betting is attracting so many of the people. Whether you are new to the football betting or a professional better, keep in mind the following key things.
•    Always use odds convertor.
•    Use the payout calculator this will help you measure the potential winnings
•    In case there are many games tying together, use the parlay calculator to know how much your parlay will payout.
•    Whether you are looking forward to bet for a single game or a serious of long subscription, avoid the random guess and ask experts for the help. Consult with experts to understand the better analysis and seek advice that will help you win NCAAF, AFL, and NFL.

Future Betting Lines

Watching football and making money is epic, however, there are certain cases in which you can bet in the future as well. So for example, who will be the winner in the Super Bowl? The future betting lines have grown popular. It is not just football where you will get the future wagers, however, it is offered in the rest of all other sports as well. In fact, in all the major sports leagues you will find future wagers, from NHL, NBA, MLB and NLF to the college basketball and college football. Everyone else wants to be smarter than the other, therefore many people love betting on the future. In some cases, it will also have a nice payoff for the bettors who usually risk their money on that.



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