Esoccer - punters turning the attention to Esoccer competitions?

Esoccer - punters turning the attention to Esoccer competitions?

I remember the moment when the Esports started to gain popularity in the world. League of Legends, DOTA, CS:GO, Overwatch, Esoccer, Call of Duty and later Fortnite. There was a lot of hassle in the office about trading the games, creating events and how to do it. Some thought that it's temporary, smarter ones were sure this would be the next big thing rather sooner than later. Ten something years later when I'm opening my computer for the next betting session, basically all I see is Esports and Esoccer! Yes, the situation helps it a lot, but I'll show you some numbers also.



As most of the bookies currently have moved the Esoccer events under the football category, I'm going to explain to them a little bit and share the information I have gathered.
The main idea is easy, play FIFA20 on PS or Xbox. I assume most of us are doing this, to be honest. I don't know personally a punter who has not been watching football from TV or haven't played a FIFA against friends. Not going to lie, Statistic Sports office has PS and latest FIFA in the restroom! As we lack real football, let's make the most out of the current situation and see what we can do here! Current Esoccer events running for in-play betting in most of the bookies are two different formats and competitions. From time to time I have noticed a third competition also, but Esoccer Battle offers around 200 games per day at the moment, over 300 on some days!

Esoccer Liga Pro

Esoccer Liga Pro has two different tournaments during the day. Basically evening, day and night tournament. Games are 12 minutes long, and there's one game played at the same time.
Five players are playing the tournament in a group system, followed by Semifinals, Third place match and Final. Between the different tournaments during the day, teams and players are changing for the most part.
Some things to keep in mind!
There's a webpage with fixtures and players updated for the tournament and can be used as a source of information!
Also, these games are streamed on Twitch where you dont need a registered account for them!

To keep in mind: 1 game at a certain time, group phase and playoffs, 12 minutes game and players are NOT playing with real teams. This means that when there are teams logos of Arsenal v Barcelona, there can also be players like Icon Ballack and Gullit in the same team. There can be also Ronaldo and Messi in the same team playing. That's why it's important to use Statistic Sports.To check how the players have performed against each other in the previous days.
An example of the GAME PAGE and comparison of the recent matches and goals scored:

Esports Battle

Esports Battle is totally different competition. There are four games played basically at the same time. Several different tournaments played during the day, and there can be easily around 300 matches per day! Various competitions are usually based on real football leagues. The first tournament is between Premier League clubs, a second tournament between Bundesliga teams etc. Players get the teams almost randomly, so it's essential also to note the player playing against a player, not the team playing against the team.
For example: Dortmund (Skromnuy) v Leverkusen (Lomik). When comparing the results in order to make the tip out from this game, we need to check how Skromnuy has played against Lomik. All the games are 8 minutes plays, so we need to consider it while betting on goal lines. The information about the tournament can be found from this Facebook page!

For the streams we have 2 different sources. Streams are from Twitch or from Youtube.
There are 4 different Twitch channels: 
Stream 1Stream 2,  Stream 3Stream 4.

Esoccer Live Arena

This is the latest added competition.
Played 2 games at the same time and in 10 minutes. For every competition, they are doing the draws for the teams and playing round-robin schedule. The winner of the match is determined during the regular time, and the game can end with a draw. 
Each participant plays 8 matches in each tournament. Each tournament consists of 20 matches in which 5 participants take part. 
Important: Victory gives 3 points, draw a 1 point and defeat 0 points. This is important in the latter stages of the tournament when you know the table standings.
In the case of equal points, the goal difference will be taken into account.
Games are all offered for live betting and, of course, also streamed
in Twitch and on Youtube.
The official Facebook page and competitions schedule is available here.

In conclusion, let's take the maximum out of this current situation and also enjoy some Esports! The things are soon coming back to normal, and Premier League have announced that they plan to continue already in May. Some leagues will probably cancel and start in August. Euros postponed also, but a lot of friendly and leagues will continue during the summer behind closed doors!


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