UEFA Euro 2020 [2021] Odds Guide

UEFA Euro 2020 [2021] Odds Guide

During this summer, the football fans will get compensated for the previous summer. Due to the pandemic, the spring and summer offered us only e-soccer and badminton.
But not this summer, this time we are happy to be locked behind TV-s, at least from 11th of June to 11th of July.
The UEFA Euro 2020 final tournament is finally here.

Before I dug myself into odds already offered in some bookies, I checked my odds guide for the last World Cup final tournament.
You see, to check what I suggested and if I'm in a position to talk about my vision and ideas ahead of these big tournaments.

For the World Cup, I offered seven tips with suggested current odds and hit 4 of them.
Four wins and three losses. At first, nothing to brag about but one of the winning odds were around 17, and the second-best was above 3.
Portugal finished second in their group with odds over 2.5. Denmark qualified with odds around 1.75, and Mexico gained 2nd place in their group with odds over 3.
The jackpot came with Harry Kane as top scorer with odds 17. Two lost value opinions were Isco and Lukaku as top scorers, but Kane the man delivered.

I'm fully convinced it's much harder to find some awesome value in UEFA Euro 2020 odds than World Cup because we have fewer teams and less room for some 'unknown' quantities to hit in.

UEFA Euro 2020 outright and top scorer odds

I would split the outright winner candidates for UEFA euro 2020 into 3 groups.

The first group has England, France and Belgium with odds around 6 and 7.
The second group has Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Netherlands with odds between 8 to 12.
The third group has Denmark, Croatia, Turkey and Switzerland with odds around 26 to 70.

UEFA Euro 2020

Don't get me wrong, please. All three in the first group are strong, yes, but I'm going to check for some value odds in my opinion based on the last games, the possible squads they have been using, and the route to finals.
I think we all agree that England wasn't impressive in their most recent games despite all the hype and names in the squad.
A narrow win against Poland without their talisman and wins against San Marino and Albania. A lot of impressive young talent going into the UEFA Euro 2020 final tournament is one of the main favourites.

Rice, Foden, Mount, Bellingham, Saka, Phillips, Lingard, Prowse: Ages between 17 to 22 for most of them. Phillips and Prowse played themselves into the picture basically during the ongoing season.
Hendo will be in, I believe. He has more international caps than the rest of the midfield altogether.
The odds don't have value in my eyes.

I don't buy France with these odds, Portugal needs Felix and Bruno to start clicking and fast, and both are in the same group as Germany.

I see much more balance in Belgium in group one and would take Denmark with odds over 34 with a hope to sell some of it during the tournament.

The next games are friendlies just before the main tournament starts. Then we have the squads available and I doubt that there's a lot of odds changes in the main 2 groups before June.

Top scorer

Kane was odds around 17 in the World Cup, now only on odds 6. Value? No. Mbappe and Ronaldo in a group against Germany and each other with odds between 10-11? No, thank you.
Instead, I would go with Lukaku (odds 12), Depay (odds 17), Sterling (odds 26), Lewandowski (odds 34) and Ferran Torres (odds around 100).

UEFA Euro 2020

Depay plays in the same group with Ukraine, Austria and North Macedonia. Lukaku plays in the same group as Russia, Finland and Denmark. Lewa is in the same group as Spain, Sweden and Slovakia.
I like either Torres or Olmo from Spain because, without Ramos penalties, there's only Alvaro Morata with more than eight international goals in the whole team.

The last tournament winner had six goals. The average has had less than this, around 4-5 goals can be already enough for this title. Lukaku and Depay have easier groups compared with Ronaldo and Mbappe. Lewa could get 3-4 goals in the group stage much easily compared with them. Kane odds are simply too short considering the quality around him.

If you really want to bet on Kane as top scorer, much better value to bet on a combo France/ Belgium to win and Kane as top scorer. Odds around 40 and 50.

Best young player

Next up, young player of the tournament. At first, this award winner doesn't need to play in the final or not even the semifinals. This fact is historically proven.

Sancho, de Ligt and Foden as the three main candidates with the shortest odds. Two of them playing in the same team, which obviously cuts the value a lot on these odds in my eyes.
For the defender to get this 'price'? Not so sure. The Netherlands is in the weak group, and de Ligt should shine in the semifinals and final at least to be considered a worthy winner.

For some reasons, some obvious reasons, Joao Felix's name has not been around the news as much as you would expect from someone on so short odds.
I see more praise on players like Diogo Jota and Pedro Neto. Add Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes, Joao Felix seems quite lost in recent international games.
Kulusevski hasn't had even an assist in his recent 10 games for Ukraine.

UEFA Euro 2020

Zaniolo has been good for the club level, but I'm not sure he has a guaranteed starting spot in the Euros. Locatelli has had 3 assists and 1 goal in the last 7 games for Italy but not priced yet.

Havertz or Greenwood are starters? I doubt once again. Mount has 2 competitors ahead of him, but he has odds 21 and much more value already. Ferran Torres with odds 17 is tempting also. Either one of them, Barella or Tonali, are guaranteed to start. Locatelli started in the last 2 games and came in against Bulgaria to score a goal. Barella started against the Netherlands in September and October. Odds over 35 and once Locatelli is prised up, will go for him also.

Maybe where the games are played will impact the odds, read our full stadium guide here. 



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