The Story Behind StatisticSports

The Story Behind StatisticSports

One Saturday evening at the end of November

Behind this influential tool are three guys with immense experience in the i-gaming industry and a love for sports.

These three had personally worked in this field for over 10 years. They saw the vast caps between options of the data and top tools between traders, odds compilers and regular or more advanced punters.

As sports enthusiasts and betting lovers, they fused these passions with their love for all things data-driven when they watched a final Premier League game of the day. Soon they realise that there's no option to compare the team's in-play statistics, mutual opponents’ final results, or a superior-enough tool for betting models.

Would it be too big of a fantasy to have something like this?


A week later, they created a beta version, ready to change the football statistics game to be in the top 25 used data sites during the coming year.

Building a tech miracle instead of playing golf

Feedback on the beta version was well-received, with the team understanding immediately that they were onto something big.

Approximately four years ago, the first version of StatisticSports as it is now launched, discussing with field experts to share their final analysis. Together with their ideas and feedback from newer beta users, we could already see that this project was destined for great things for both punters and traders' lives.

Football score - ready to change the game

The team built the project around in-play data to witness further the potential. The logical moves were to add more in-play data and different markets on the dashboard.

From there, some big, game-changing ideas brought to the table, with the leading one offering the ability to create a notification system/betting models for our users.

A top idea: users can split the game and create them on in-play statistics, odds, and lines. Plus, add options for pre-game and share function for the users. Of course, the final piece was the Spreadsheet with as many options for filtering and modifying the results as possible.

The Spreadsheet is the final piece of the puzzle

We wanted to see how far we can push the limits with the Spreadsheet function. It was able to collect all the alerts/notifications for further analysis.

You could filter the Spreadsheet by countries and leagues, scored goals and game clock, odds, and lines. Of course, there are automated functions for setting the stakes, calculating the total stakes and Yield.

The final implementations were the auto resulting for the matches and export option. The export option helps users to make further investigation and download the Spreadsheet with all the data. Luckily, many of our users share their idea of the perfect tool and give us essential daily feedback.

The Backtesting was born

Backtesting was the perfect tool for betting and traders with some never seen influential features that soon found their way onto the top 25 data sites.

That's because our professional clientele wanted to see more innovation, more top tools implemented into StatisticSports.

So, we continued to push the limits.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic derailing nearly all sport during this period, we reached out to our users. We asked them to share their ideas about new potential developments.

With this input, the backtesting feature was born.

What's all the fuss about Backtesting?

That's a fair question!

To break into the top 25 used tools, we needed to beat some of the best innovations in the market.

We didn't want to copy existing tools on the market. We wanted to bring something new and extraordinary to it.

And with this, we conceived the Backtesting function to let the users run their notification systems/betting models through our excessive database for immediate results.

Rough development period due to Covid!

We built a system where you don't need to test your models and notifications for months to get a significant enough sample to analyse them during the pandemic.

You see, the users can now use the database to let the systems run through the finished matches to get instant results for these systems.

The whole process takes minutes and hours instead of months.

We made this fantasy become a reality.

The final verdict? The first statistics tool to offer this on the market, a game-changer, all rights reserved!

No, we are not done yet!

We are always looking ahead as a new year and new season dawns at the end of the year. We have so many ideas and developments for offering exclusive tools that we are not even halfway through with our pipeline of ideas.

Once again, we turn to our professional users who share the same vision, ideas, and values about which features to develop in the coming years. The team is looking to improve the pre-game data and combine it with additional team data.

Naturally, we'll be upgrading both the Notifications and Backtesting features.

The focus of StatisticSports

Our primary focus has been to change the way people are betting and trading.

To provide the most amazing product on the market and never stop moving with the times and adding more features. There is still more to come, and some of the ideas we are building will change the betting and trading world once again.

As mentioned earlier, we are not even halfway through our journey.

How to be up to date with the news?

We will share some of the core development ideas with our email list.

Don't miss out on our updates, tips, and offers and join our community to share your input with us.

As our valued customer, your feedback is critical to us, and together we can build something extraordinary.

Also, feel free to follow us in our Telegram group and social media channels. The development announcements are explained on the site under the Useful - System Updates section.

Paid users can access our Facebook Group – it is exclusively for them for VIP treatment. We also have the latest sporting and betting trends in our News section.

Who can use the StatisticSports tool?

Honestly, it doesn't matter if you are just a beginner or already an established punter. The whole site is full of tutorials, blogs about betting and trading, YouTube videos, and excellent material in our Help Centre.

Our tool was built to move beginners into power users and thus professionals in a very short time. Through chat or emails, you can always reach out to us, ask for opinions, and help from the forum or Telegram group.

There are already many well-known names in the industry using the site daily for their betting and trading. There is no other site that could offer all that we are capable of inside one tool.

The vision of StatisticSports

Imagine a world where you need to use just one tool for everything you need, only one site?

Pre-game data, in-play data, odds and lines data, line-ups, tables, form, head-to-head matches, mutual opponents matches, streams?

Sounds fantastic and maybe even impossible, but we aim high.

Add in the most advanced betting model system with custom Spreadsheet and Backtesting options. It's already on its way!

Imagine a tool like described here now and add an opportunity to invest in successful betting models. Everything from calculating the results to staking would be fully automated.

That would be something unique and memorable, and we will ask you to join us for this ride.

Be a part of this journey, and don't be left behind!

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