Football Statistics Database - Differentiate and Be a Winner

Football Statistics Database - Differentiate and Be a Winner

Betting without stats is not betting. It is a disaster at the start. So, if you want to be a good or just a proper bettor, or just a guy who doesn’t lose all of his belongings, you need a powerful football statistics database.
You see, using a football statistics database provide numerous benefits that allow you to analyse, compare and use several stats in the pre-match analysis.
For most people, creating and running their own football statistics database is too much and it truly is.

In order to run a football statistics database, you have to:

  • Have a large database server.
  • Have a proper feed with accurate data coming in.
  • Have a powerful tool that can analyse large amounts of data.

So, you need to find a proper company that provides you with the best football statistics database that you can use to improve your betting statistics. At StatisticSports, our database is AI ran and has over 5 years of data, 96% of all matches covered daily!

Why do I need a Football Statistics Database?

Because betting without knowing the stats is highly recommended! For those who like to throw their money in the gutter!!

For those who want to keep the odds in their favour, a football statistics database is a best friend.


Well, think about it.

Let’s say that John was an amateur bettor and a football enthusiast for his entire life.
In the last year, he had a daughter and he needed to take extra shifts to provide for his family whilst all of the time, he had to spend time with his daughter and wake up when needed.

So, it is safe to say that John simply didn’t have time for betting. And that is normal. It shouldn’t be otherwise. So, a couple of months passed, and John got promoted on his work and his daughter is a bit grown up.

Finally, John has some time to relax and watch and perform some football betting.

So, John enthusiastically opens some random website to check which matches are due next weekend. John is a European bloke, so he starts looking at European leagues such as the Premier League and other league tables.  But John notices that UEFA Europa League is playing prior to the weekend, on Thursday.

“That is today!” John thought to himself.
Finally, he thought. He started to rub his hands in happiness and anticipation. It was time to have some fun and maybe get some nice winnings. And plus, he is going to call his friends to watch the game in the pub. Could life get any sweeter?
“Yes”, John thought and smiled. “I might win the bet.”
So, he sat down and compiled a ticket. John believed in his skills as a bettor so he didn’t check the stats of the teams nor their current form.

Failure should be cherished as it is a part of a learning curve

This is what we all tell ourselves when we fail, am I right? Anyway, it is actually true but we should also learn from our mistakes.
In the above example, let’s say that John’s bet was a winning bet. Does that make his approach correct? No, it doesn’t. You see, John rushed the entire thing without even checking the football statistics.

Not checking the stats was not his first mistake. John’s first mistake was rushing a bet. He was outside of the game for several months up to a year. And he really wanted to bet. That is okay if you are an amateur though, and you are betting out of the fun. However, if you are a semi-pro or pro bettor, never rush your bets.

During the time of his absence, a lot could have and probably did change. Of course, Juventus was still the champion of Italy, Bayern didn’t drop out of the Bundesliga and Real Madrid didn’t end up in the relegation zone.
PSG didn’t fall apart nor did Burnley win the Premier League. Speaking of Burnley F.C., they have won the English league twice: in 1920/21 and 1959/60.
They also won the FA cup in 1914 and the Community Shield twice, in 1960 and 1973. The Clarets, as they are also known due to the colours that they wear, even reached the 1961 quarter-finals of the European Cup.
They lost 5:4 to Hamburg in total. Hamburg went on to a 2:2 total score against Barcelona who went to the finals due to more goals scored as guests. Benfica won 4:3 against Barcelona in the finals.

Time Matters

To show how much time matters, let’s say this: Burnley F.C., founded on 18th May 1882 was also one of the 12 founding clubs of the 1888/89 Football League.
The Football League is the first-ever time that a league-like competition that lasted from autumn to spring occurred. Each club played the other twice, once at home and once away, just like nowadays.

The last four teams needed to seek re-election and they had to retire from the competition. The point system differed a bit.
It was two points for a win and one for a draw. As for the teams: Accrington, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers,  Burnley, Derby County, Everton, Notts County, Preston North End, Stoke, West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

I know, right? It is strange to see that no current major Premier League teams were actually one of the founders of the Football League. Well, Everton is there but Everton is not at the top of the English football, it is the silver plate. Don’t get me wrong, I love Everton. They are just not crème de la crème.

As for some interesting facts, Burnley F.C. is one of the five teams that have won the top four professional divisions of English football. The other four are Wolverhampton Wanderers, Portsmouth, Preston North End and Sheffield United.

How do I approach betting properly?

Just like anything else in your life, approach it through reason and by understanding it. You won’t eat fruit if you are unsure if it has been washed properly?
Or meat that looks a bit on the raw side, and in a bad way. So, equip yourself with knowledge and the rest will follow. Think of it as if you are learning a new thing in your life.
A couple of years ago, I started learning a programming language. I felt like learning one, you never know when may it become a necessity or contribute and I love to learn new things.

So, I thought to myself, how hard could it be, everyone is doing it. Plus, I was always a quick learner. Give me a book and two days, and I’ll remember most of its content. But, I was younger back in the days. And I had more time. And fewer worries.
Avast, such were the days of the past. But the present is here. And it knocked on my door without a warning. So, there I was, enthusiastically sitting down to learn Python in my free time.
And, I don’t have that much free time but I thought that one hour a day would make me a decent programmer in two months or so. Plus, I went all on free learning and doing it by myself.

So, to sum up: no lessons, practical examples, and everyday occurrences of Python. And that was what I needed. Would be best for me if I took an internship. But I didn’t. And it felt horrible. Terrible. Scary. And after two to three months, I thought that I know some stuff now.

Time to work through it

I sat down to write an algorithm. The horror. The pain. The suffering. Just kidding. But I felt completely incapable of doing anything Pythonic.
So, I started asking questions on different forums and that helped. After several weeks, I managed to finish my algorithm.
As you can see, it took quite some time and yes, everything requires time but you can get there. I did.

That is the true secret to success. Practice. And after that, more practice. Practice leads to the perfection of knowledge. Think of it this way. Let’s say that you graduated to be an economist. So, you have your degree. But truth be told, you know nothing (Jon Snow) about the work. You need an internship and most engineering and similar professions also have internships after graduation or nearing graduation just so that a person can actually see and experience the things that they have been reading about for the past several years. It means a lot.

Therefore, for a football bettor, football data and statistics are the knowledge, the degree, and internship comes with experience. And you’ll get there sooner using a football statistics database to help you keep track of stats and not only solidify your knowledge but extend it by providing you with functionality, ease-of-use and readability. Because if you can see all of the important stats that you need in one display, you’ll easily know what bet to wage and how to proceed.

So, yes, the football statistics database provides a lot of assistance to bettors, from amateurs to the experienced ones. After all, more than 400+ tipsters are using our services. Why? Because our football statistics database has all that they need: years of stats, functionality and ease-of-use.  Plus, we cover 96% of matches daily.

Following Specific Football Leagues?

If you are keen on following specific football leagues, we firmly back that decision. Honestly, it is always better to follow a league or mostly, several leagues but not more.
You can’t possibly know all of the football leagues or keep track of tens of league tables. I mean, sure, if betting is your primary income, you can, but if it is a side income, project, or simply passion, you can’t make it all.

So, what leagues should you follow? We recommend European leagues including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Eredivisie, French Ligue 1 and well, the European Cups.
Also, the Scandinavian leagues can also be interesting and the Balkan ones too. The Turkish Super Lig is also gaining strong momentum with their teams featuring excellent and known players.
The Super League Greece is also a good option.

football statistics database

Football Leagues outside Europe are Gaining Momentum

Furthermore, the Asian leagues are gaining a lot of momentum. In J1, the Japanese league, currently, Lucas Podolski used to play for the Vissel Kobe.
Fernando Torres is a forward of Sagan Tosu and recently, Andres Iniesta became a new player of Vissel Kobe. Actually, David Villa is also a player of Vissel Kobe which means that we got to again witness the magic of the former teammates.

Villa and Iniesta played together both in Barcelona as well as in the Spanish National team. They hold numerous titles. The J1 League is packed with Brazilian players as well as with players of various other nationalities.

The Major League Soccer, known as the MLS, is also home to some amazing players such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic and others.
This league also featured David Beckham and other known players such as Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, Thierry Henry, Kaká, Didier Drogba, Andrea Pirlo, David Villa, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole, Freddie Ljungberg, Sebastian Giovinco, and Carlos Valderrama.

How do I choose which leagues to track and bet on?

Well, you can always keep track of your leagues in excel format. You can also create an excel table to list all of the football leagues of interest to you.

And the ones that are predictable and could prove to be of proper value, money-related. This way, you could gradually remove the unwanted leagues and focus on the ones that are of interest to you.
Eventually, you’ll gain traction and you’ll know exactly which leagues suit you. Some people like to play smaller, unknown leagues.

I had a friend, well; he was more of an acquaintance since a friend is a strong word and shouldn’t be shared so lightly.
So, this acquaintance used to keep track of smaller leagues. He was an expert for Scandinavian leagues. And he was amazing. He knew these leagues to their depths. Every little detail. Every minor injury. Everything!

The Focus

It was great watching his bet. And he was a winner. Over time, he made this into his main income. And he is a family man. He approached it professionally and not as an amateur.
He had a plan. This guy, started by becoming a master of one league. Afterwards, he mastered a second one.
He stopped at the third one because he believed that this way, he gets to be in sync with all of the changes.

Honestly, this type of attitude and perspective leads to success. Dare I say that focus, knowledge, patience and perseverance are the most important traits? I do dare.
Plus, this guy uses a football statistics database to keep track of stats for him, even though that he keeps track of the leagues himself, he can’t possibly remember everything nor should he.

Another, ex-colleague of mine, used to bet on goals scored only. It was his, as he called it, fetish. And he quickly became the master of it.
Well, not quickly, but in a year or two. He followed only one league and that is Eredivisie and bet on goals scored.

Why a Football Statistics Database will help me improve my game

A football statistics database will provide you with statistics, ease-of-use and functionality. You’ll have all that you need to be summed up for you in one database.
A click away, you’ll find every stat that you want to know. Betting without a football statistics database is like driving blindfolded. It can be fun but it is going to hurt.

If you want to succeed, you need to know the statistics behind a game, as we previously discussed throughout the article.
By using a football statistics database you’ll be able to analyse, compare and use various different stats in the pre-match analysis or during live football.

Our football statistics database counts 5 years of historical data, 7 days of scheduled games data, 95% of live games covered daily, 2,100 football matches processed weekly, and 400+ tipsters using our services.  Our Football Prediction tool is the fastest and most efficient prediction tool to find value bets in time. The live football scores and statistics tool is analysed by A.I. You can create your own personal profile and set your notifications and analyze all of the games on one page with easily followable stats. Imagine, getting all of your stats from one source and being able to visualise them on one page.

We offer a 7-day free trial for those who want to try it. Think of it this way, if you don’t like it, close your account and remove yourself from our mailing list. It’s as easy as that. And you will gain a lot. Try it!


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