Soccer Betting System – Increase Your Chance of Winning

Soccer Betting System – Increase Your Chance of Winning

Soccer Betting System

There is no secret soccer betting system that will make you rich overnight. Don’t trust those slogans and especially don’t listen to people who give you such promises. That is a folly. But you can profit from football betting by learning about different betting strategies and betting systems. Of course, if you simply want to bet out of fun, then have fun. But if you plan to earn some long term profit, you need to understand and learn about sports betting systems more. I really have to say, if you are up and chasing a strategy for that big winning, don’t. Big winnings are rear in the real world and bookmakers, both online and offline, love to brag with the big winners because when regular people see that someone earned a lot of money on a small bet, well, there is no better marketing strategy.
What happens next is a lot of people losing their money and online bookmakers only need to sit back and collect. But don’t worry, at least you’ll send someone’s kid to a good college, that is not too bad, right? Just kidding, always look at the bright side of life. You ought to be careful never to let emotion drives your bets. Enthusiasm has no place in the betting world. It’s all about being objective and following the stats and your own soccer betting system. If you can, I highly recommend learning some basic mathematics in order to further strengthen your betting game.
Anyways, let’s go over some known soccer betting systems. You probably heard about the Fibonacci betting system?

The Fibonacci Soccer Betting System – Betting on Draws

The Fibonacci soccer betting system has been created by two scholars, Fragiskos Archontakis and Evan Osborne. The article (study) has been published on the 1st of June, 2007 in the Journal of Sports Economics. The authors imply that the best of all the betting strategies is to focus on the draws because they are hard to predict for the bookmakers. The betting system is based on an occurring mathematical sequence. The sequence is hard to remember so if you choose to try it out, don’t forget a pen and some paper. The Fibonacci sequence is cumulative meaning that the next number in the sequence equals to the sum of the prior two numbers:
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 56, 90, 144 …

Betting units

These numbers represent the betting units so whatever your betting unit is, multiple it with the number. So, as you can see, using Fibonacci betting system, the bettor gradually increases the stakes and eventually, profits. How the sequence works is that you progress with losses and when you win, you go two steps back in the sequence. So, let’s say you wage 10 units (euro, pounds, dollars, etc.). You lost 4 initial games and 70 units. If you win the 5th game, you get 50 units*your_odd and are taken back to step 3 from where you continue your streak.
So, the authors imply to bet on draws but not all draws, only draws with an odd above 2,618. Let’s take a look at an example and how Fibonacci works in the Premier League. In Premier League 2017/2018, there were 99 draws out of 380 matches played. That is a total of 26,05 % of draws. This means that every fourth match ended in a draw. That is a number 3 in the Fibonacci sequence. Let’s say the bet is £10. So, the first three bets, you would lose £ 40 and gain £30*odds (let’s say the average odd for a draw is 3 so you’ll earn 90 pounds). So far, you invested £ 70 and earned £ 90 so after 4 games, you are at an earning of £ 20.

Issues with Fibonacci

First of all, I would advise to avoid teams like Manchester City, PSG, Juventus and Dortmund at the moment. These teams have played a total of 61 games in their leagues in the season 2018/2019 (not counting Champions League matches). Out of those 61 games, only 8 were draws which is around 13% of the games. 
This means that every 8th game ends in a draw which would mean that you need to do a lot more investing in order to capitalize on this soccer betting system. The eight number in the sequence is 21. So, let’s say that we start with 10 units. We would need to invest 10 + 10 + 20 + 30 + 50 + 80 + 130 +210 = 540 units (dollars, euros, pounds, etc.). And the gain would be a minimum of 210 * 2,68 = 562,8. We have taken 2,68 as the minimum since it is the Fibonacci minimum odd as specified but it is likely that the odd would be around 3,5 which would equal to winnings of 735 units.
In both cases, you are in a plus but imagine that you are putting your money on a team that hasn’t drawn in 20 or even more games. Yes, it happens. So, as with all soccer betting systems, you need to carefully approach the problematic prior to placing your bets. I would say, stick with the teams in the middle and lower part of the table and try this football system.
Remember to go two steps back when you win. The Fibonacci football betting system is different than the Martingale system for example because it doesn’t chase for the big win that will cancel all loses, just the last two.

The Martingale Betting System

The Martingale betting system is mostly associated with casinos and bankruptcy. It is fairly simple, you just double your wager each time until you win and start again. It is neither exciting for punters, and it carries a lot of risk. I remember a guy who found a team that hasn’t drawn in 15 matches or so. So he started chasing that draw like roulette players chase red or black. After 5 games, I lost contact with him so I don’t know what really happened at the end but it is a really risky game to play. It is hard to keep up the pace and sanity in a situation where you have put so much at stake. Plus, not every online bookkeeper accepts such high stakes at the end. People tend to get lost playing the Martingale game.
I played it once when I was a kid playing roulette. Never again. I lost 20 bets in a row. The 21st could have been the winner, but I didn’t stick that long. My wallet was empty, I was just a kid. But I don’t believe I’ll play that game again, too many bad memories. Of course, that is my opinion but if you have a decent bankroll, patience and skill, you can profit quite nicely playing with the Martingale betting system. You just need to find a team that is either low or high with some odds and chase that. My honest opinion goes against Martingale as you can never leave out the human psyche but the system does provide a possibility of good earnings. Objectively, it is a good system. But somehow, I feel at unease with it.


soccer betting system

Over and Under 2.5 Goals

You never can beat the bookie truly but betting on a number of goals scored does bring the odds a bit closer to you. There is a 50/50 % probability of success if you bet over or under 2.5 goals. That is better than betting on win, draw and loss, which gives you 33.33 % probability of success. So, what you need to do is find the soccer games you feel confident about and start compiling data. It is always good to go through some soccer betting statistics. Try searching for teams that score or conceive more or less goals on average. You can try the Fibonacci soccer betting system playing on over or under 2.5 goals too.
For example, teams like Manchester City and Barcelona score more goals on average than some other teams. If you observe the Premier League Table in season 2018/2019, you may come to the conclusion that the matches in which the Citizens play almost always have over 2.5 goals. After all, on 16 matches, the total number of goals is 54. That is more than 3 goals per match. However, 5 out of the 16 matches had under 2.5 goals. Now that is not the same thing, right? It means around 32 % of success. That is even less than betting on win/draw/loss.
So remember to always check the stats and be careful. Don’t be hasty and always write everything down. Every idea that you get, every thought, every loss and every success. Write it all down. Learning is the best way to success and wisdom. And knowledge is what drives the profit back to your wallet.

Double Chance

There is no risk free betting system but double chance is pretty good if you ask me. Some people only play double chance when they can’t decide if the match is going to be a win or a draw but playing win draw does bring the odds a bit lower, but it also increase the probability of success, and that is what all punters are searching for, right? When playing double chance you should avoid one-sided games as the odds on Liverpool against a team that is really bad will be truly low. When playing double chance, you need to find teams of similar strength, just like when you are chasing odds. Here, you can use the double chance system with the Fibonacci or Martingale soccer betting system to capitalize on the earnings.

You can also create your own soccer betting strategy. For example, start with double chance. If you lose the bet, place the next wager on draw until you win. After that, start the cycle all over again. And remember, only bet on opponents of similar strength. Double chance is often overlooked as being for beginner and not providing big winnings. But if you ask me, the system can be bulletproof if executed correctly. It is one of the safest betting types. Your chances are at 66,6 %. I know, the number is just wrong but it does come often in betting. The sum of all the numbers on roulette is 666. Yup. Let’s not worry about that know, right? Just kidding, soccer betting is nothing like roulette.

Betting on Big Favourites

Another safe soccer betting system is betting on big favourites. The logic behind this system is pretty sound but it does carry its risks. This soccer betting system is a popular one due to lower risks and long term profits. Out of all the systems, this one requires the least possible efforts to understand and play it. However, the payouts are quite low and there is always a risk involved. It is mostly used by the beginners too. But no matter how big a favourite a team is, always remember, it is 22 players running around in the mud and kicking ball. Well, 20 players running around. Two are sitting in the mud.
Anyway, you simply never truly can predict if two shots from a weaker team will crush your dreams. Because two accidentally scored goals and some luck, and the big favourite lost. No money for you.
So, the goal is to identify teams that are usually among the top 4 teams in their league and win most of the games. After that, you bet on these teams. But odds can be as low as 1,01. They are mostly around 1,1 to 1,3. It is a known statistical fact that big favourites win more than they lose. That is what takes them to the top of the league, right? So, this system will lead to a lot more payouts. But will it lead to profit? The catch with this soccer betting system is that a bit of bad fortune can wipe your profits out in a matter of seconds. It takes only a couple of bad results and your whole system is jeopardised.

Moderate system

But, this system is a good one and overall, provides safety and good chances of getting some long term profit. But, there are no big winnings and big stakes are not recommended. This is truly a moderate system in every possible way.
The best way to optimize this soccer betting system is to learn more about head-to-head and avoid some matches. Don’t bet on the team only because it is a big favourite, check what the stats say. And slowly, you can master this soccer betting system and start getting some long term profits.

The Accumulators Game

Accumulators are bets that include more than one match. Parlays are quite popular with punters because they provide higher profits more quickly. So, the odds in an accumulator are multiplied to each other to get the final odd that is multiplied with the amount of money that you stake. Sounds pretty cool, right? So let’s say that you opt to play on big favourites but you want slightly higher profits. You bet on 4 games with the following odds: 1,18; 1,30; 1,09; and 1,40.
Your betting odd is: 1,18*1,30*1,09*1,40=2,340884. If your bet is 10 units, your winning would be 23,40884. This means that you doubled your wager. And you played safe.
But you have to understand that all of the four games need to be correct. If only one is wrong, you’ll lose your money. That is the catch with accumulators. There are small and big accumulators. Small ones include 2 to 4 matches and big ones include more. But there are also tricky and safe accumulators. Maybe you opt to play all safe games, or maybe you want to try to catch 4 crazy high odds and be the ultimate winner. Don’t. This is a rarity and leads quite often to serious loss of money.
The safest way of playing accumulators is betting on big favourites using small accumulators. So, three games and you’ll earn some nice profits. Pick them carefully though.

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